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Ivie gives me a Warning – Suddenly Sorceress by @EricaLuckeDean

Posted by on Aug 16, 2014 in Books, Fun, Guest Posts, Indie Projects & Promotions, Promotions | 2 comments


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Root beer & chocolate solves everything! #FourthWallFriday @ericaluckedean

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in Authors, Books, Fourth-Wall Friday, Guest Posts, Humor | 4 comments

Welcome to day two of the Suddenly Sorceress feature on Cabin Goddess! Oh do I have a treat for you. I have to admit, Vickie gave me a call and let me hide behind the curtain and I did a pretty good job at not laughing out loud. Poor Erica Lucke Dean! She always gets it good from her characters. This time, all of them show up… well most of them. And she gets her greatest wish and all she had to do was say, ‘Root beer and chocolate solves everything.’ OH and since I am piggy backing on the tour, and if you missed yesterdays review, don’t forget to enter the giveaway.  Oh and if you want to ready Erica’s wonderfully wrought first Fourth-Wall Friday, she was smart today and did Rootbeer! Last time she had Margarita Senoritas & Karaoke with Katie.

Breakdown on my Rating
5 Stars
Character Development
4.5 Stars
5 Stars
Overall: 5 Stars
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Suddenly Snorting with “Suddenly Sorceress” by @EricaLuckeDean {review}

Posted by on Feb 12, 2014 in Authors, Books, Giveaways & Contests, Reviews | 2 comments

Welcome to day one of the Suddenly Sorceress feature on Cabin Goddess. First, everyone look around! Today is the first post on my new blog. It has been moved to a fast new server hosted by HOSTINGFORWRITERS.COM and totally hauled over and fixed by the owner and one of my best friends D Kai Wilson who is awesomeness incarnate and made it possible to post today’s review for author Erica Lucke Dean and Red Adept Publishing. Oh and there is a giveaway also, so don’t miss that! Anywho, welcome to the new blog!

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To Katie With Love by @ericaluckedean – #Review @ a #Recipe

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Authors, Bacon, Books, Cabin Cooking, Giveaways & Contests, Review & a Recipe, Reviews | 4 comments

To Katie With Love

Continuing the Katie Week of Glory *giggling* oh heck let’s face it, I have been sucked into this lovely chick-flick world of Katie and Cooper, one amazing page at time. Plus… there is bacon in the book, how can I not like…no love it! Today I give you my review & a recipe, tomorrow she will be here for Fourth-Wall Friday and Saturday for an interview. I have been taken over by Katie! (don’t forget to enter the giveaway!)

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