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Review GuidlinesI am no longer accepting review requests at this time. I am constantly being burned after giving honest reviews which happen to not be 4 or 5 stars and therefore to distance myself from the authors, I will only review books I buy or review for the tours I have signed up for. If I choose to read something by someone I happen to know, it will be my choice but if it is requested know I will probably turn you down. 

Please do not send me any requests. I am sorry to do this, but after being attacked for every review I have written that is not a four or five star, and being told I am a bully because I was honest. I can fully admit, I do not have the skin for it. Sorry guys! Maybe in the future I will take review requests again. But for now, I choose what I read and review and I will pay for my books. No one deserves the attacks, authors don’t and reviewers don’t. I will read indie and self published books but I probably will be very cautious if I review it.  If you still think your book is something I would be interested in reading you can fill out the form, but know that I will be doing a background check on those I choose to read. Serioiusly I will be going through your social media and making sure you are not a douchebag, and I am sorry that is so harsh but I am done being fucked with because your book was reviewed honestly and I did not like it. 

A very wise author said this to me after one such author behaved like an idiot:

“Kriss, ALWAYS break it off honestly…and if they (the author) can’t take it – fuck ’em. Let them spiral out and rant. Be comfortable in your bones and heart that you did right. Because…as an author I know that it is my decision to put a book out there to be reviewed or not. So, any review that a book gets that an author puts out there is the author’s responsibility – solely and completely. It is ALWAYS the Author’s Responsibility. The author writes it and some publish it, or at least they allow it to be published, and then they assist with marketing it, and in so doing seek – actively search for and want – people like yourself to review their work. So, YES, it is the author’s responsibility. Theirs and theirs alone! —Does not matter if you were asked. Once we (authors) release the book, it is out of our hands. We have to accept that we have set something free and unrestricted into the world and what happens with it, especially in lives of other people, is not in our control.”

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