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New DLC from Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack – Game ON!

Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Gaming, Nerd Lovin', Reviews | 1 comment

It is Friday and it is a new month. The month of my blogaversary. Two years ago I started this blog on an iPhone with no internet access just 3G. Now look at me! I’m a big girl now. Make sure you check out the Giveaway page, I will be having contests all summer and since I launched the first one two days ago we have almost hit the first step up to the big one. ANYWAY today I talk games. Geoff is headed to AZ for work and I will be making sure I do more then sit on my ass on the computer, I am going to sit on my ass at in front of the big TV and play video games! One I intend to play and kick some Reaper Ass in is Mass Effect 3.

MASS EFFECT 3 by Bioshock  Cabin Goddess Rating 5 MONSTER DRINKS!!! (ya a crazy rating but you will be needing the drinks so you can play straight through!)

Anyone else a huge fan of the Mass Effect series? I have yet to beat 3, but I have seen it done five times now by Geoff, my fiance. Heck I have not finished or even gotten halfway through Skyrim due to me getting hooked on book blogging. But I love Mass Effect and still watch my man play. Mass Effect is a Bioware title, it is a very PRETTY game to watch and worth every penny. Buy it NEW so you get all the access to all the great DLC.

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Simple CSS for Busy Bloggers – Part 2 – CSS for WordPress

Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Guest Posts, Nerd Lovin' | 1 comment

Actual CSS for WordPress

What are you doing, Dave?

When I see something about a design that bothers me it catches in my brain like a fish hook. The people I work with frequently roll their eyes at my obsession with minutiae, the time it takes for me to be ultimately satisfied with something. The underlying issue is that I’m a helpless geek – if I see something in a web design that can be tweaked on, I know that it’s just a matter of discovering the errant code and fixing it. I’m like a kid with a loose tooth: I just can’t leave it alone.

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Fresh Souls Welcome! Simple CSS for Busy Bloggers – Part 1

Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Cabin Basics, Guest Posts, Nerd Lovin' | 5 comments

Fresh Souls Welcome!

You’ve been meaning to brush up on your CSS. Everyone keeps saying how important it is. You know you ought to understand it, and eventually you’re going to have to just break down, move to Tibet, climb a mountain, and swear an oath to spend fifteen years curled around the base of a Himalayan Pine doing nothing but reading arcane CSS manuals the thickness of unabridged dictionaries and struggling to scratch notes in the scree.

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The Photography of P

Posted by on Apr 18, 2012 in Alaska Living, Fun, Nerd Lovin', Photos, Reading, Writing | 2 comments

P is for Post, the one I share with you in which all my Photos are of things in my life beginning with P

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Ten Ways to Trash an Otherwise Awesome Blog Design

Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 in Guest Posts, Nerd Lovin', Writing | 7 comments

Today I welcome Jonah Sullivan from Cranium Storm .. talking about something a lot of us struggle with daily, I know I do! Last week I had a nightmare and disaster happen with image sizes and design issues that caused major problems. You may have noticed Cabin Goddess was a HORRIFICALLY slow loading page. However now I hope y’all notice just how fast it is now! Thanks to Donna Brown from Books Bags and Catnaps who is someone I consider a GRAND friend and author of Double Take Tales helped me get it squared away, you have her to thank.. but onto this great guest post from Jonah! THANK YOU KIND SIR!

Ten Ways to Trash an Otherwise Awesome Blog Design

The book Design in Theory and Practice by Ernest A. Batchelder

Pretty much any way you look at it, a substantial portion of the struggle of human existence is the ceaseless pursuit of a good return on investment. If you’re a current or aspiring blogger, the return you get on your time investment is going to depend on a number of factors. Fortunately, most of them are well within your ability to control. One of the best ways to engage your site visitors is with an attractive theme. The need for stylish and functional blog templates is well-recognized sufficient to have spawned an industry catering to blog site owners who are strapped for time or short on coding acumen.

On the other hand, maybe you’re blogging strictly for your own enjoyment and you want to warn away trespassers from your online domain. Perhaps you’ve decided that you hate blogging and you’re just waiting for your hosting arrangements to expire. Then again, you might be getting so many visitors that you’re exceeding your bandwidth allotment, and you’re convinced that establishing a visual gauntlet for your audience will help separate the wheat from the chaff.

Whatever the reason, if you absolutely must destroy your blog’s layout, confuse your guests, and befuddle the search crawlers I’ve come to rescue you from the tedium of trial and error. Here are ten sure-fire ways to mangle the visual appeal of your blog:

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Happy Easter – Joyous Osetra (belated) & Chocolate Ritual FOR ALL!

Posted by on Apr 8, 2012 in Cabin Commentary, Dessert, Humor, Nerd Lovin', Writing | 1 comment

This weekend many will be partaking in Easter feasts, celebrations and rituals. I am not Christian and I honor the paths of the Old Ones, however like many of you I also worship the great and mighty Goddess of Chocolate (say it with an accent people) Yesterday I posted about the needless buying of cute things for Easter. Instead of a squirming and fluffy rabbit, buy a chocolate one. I wholeheartedly support this! From the curls of my head to the curl of my toe each time I place a creamy smooth and sexy piece of chocolate past my lips and indulge in the safest sex possible… the eating of sin.. the eating of chocolate.

Almost twenty years ago at DragonFest I witnessed this incredible and festive ritual being done. I do it in some way each year. I used to be part of a clan so it was done during our Osetra celebration, but since moving up here I am a solo practitioner. So this is usually a quietly contemplated ritual involving reading this and muttering, calling the guardians and shoving some form of chocolate in my mouth.. this year it will involved a few large bags of Cadbury Mini-Eggs! *GRIN*

Chocolate Ritual

Materials required: On the altar are brown candles, a Tootsie Roll (the
great big one- as the athame;) a large glass with milk in it (the chalice;)
a small dish of Nestle’s Quick and a spoon; a small dish of chocolate
sprinkles; a plate of cupcakes and some Yoo-Hoo along with a goblet

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Tentacle Love – ‘Future Lovecraft’ an Anthology by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Posted by on Mar 31, 2012 in Books, Nerd Lovin', Reading, Reviews | 8 comments

I have been really sick this week, and have not even had the energy to do much other than click, read, chat a bit.. pout.. I was infected by the evil ManBeast with this Man-Cold. Women do not do well with Man-Colds. JUST when I think I am better WHAM, so here I lay about bed drinking tea and eating soup. Not the wonderful home made soup, just from a package where I can throw in an egg and be done with it, because I have no energy to cook. The ManBeast did bring home WonTon soup ..ONCE, it was lovely and it chased away the fever a bit. Oh and he even fetched me ice tea and lemonade  But I whine and since I cannot eat much cheese without feeling particularly icky at the moment, I need to stop. (giggling.. owww)

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Man-Cold cured by Homemade Szechuan-Style Hot & Sour Soup

Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 in Cabin Cooking, Humor, Nerd Lovin', Poultry | 7 comments

How many of you out there have a man who has been sick? I mean really sick, you know dying?! Well I have one and the ManBeast is dying! Just ask him! At one point in time, he wanted me to bring a cot downstairs because had no energy to go sleep in the bed. His reasoning to not go upstairs? He did not want to get germs on the pillow cases. I wish I could have gotten a recording of it because it truly was horrific! Instead I dug through our cupboards and cookbooks and online and ended up piecing together this recipe.

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Let me count the ways…ROCK ON!

Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Entertainment, Music, Nerd Lovin' | 0 comments

Yes this is a post about love, about my love for my man. It is your choice if you want to, but I posted some of his music online for y’all to listen too. It is obviously not for everyone but it is actually highly complex and technical, and my man’s (GRIN)

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Cool Guys don’t Look at explosions…

Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Alaska Living, Cabin Basics, Indie Projects & Promotions, Nerd Lovin' | 0 comments

And some real men are trying to support their family and finish school! Alan Haverson is one of them! 

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