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THE PRODIGAL by Michael Hurley – Nerd #BookBlast & Trailer

Posted by on Sep 17, 2013 in Books, Giveaways & Contests, Mystery, Nerd Lovin' | 0 comments

Welcome to the Nerd Blast for
THE PRODIGAL by Michael Hurley

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James R. Tuck gives Deacon some “FRESH INK” (Fourth-Wall Friday)

Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Authors, Books, Fourth-Wall Friday, Guest Posts, Nerd Lovin' | 2 comments

For all my new followers, today is Fourth-Wall Friday. Every Friday I host another wonderful author who has granted us a look into their world build and characters. Sit back and enjoy the show. I am trying to figure out what fresh ink I am getting next at James’ shop and I did not expect to have Deacon Chalk walk in. I am glad I am wearing black, because the drool won’t show up as bad if he decides to look my way. Welcome ….


James R. Tuck
used by permission


I walk through the door and all I see is red.

It covers every wall, blaring out at me, screaming at my eyes.

A buzzing fills my ears.

“Hey, how’s it going? What can we do for you today?”

I look down from staring at the art covered walls and see a young, thin teenager with spiked hair standing by the couch. His hair spiked messily over clear horn-rimmed glasses and a Doctor Who shirt.

Before I can say anything a big man stood up from the back of the large open room.

“My Sho-nizzle! C’mon back.”

Stepping through the opening between two four foot high half walls that divide the room from lobby to work area, I walk towards him. The teenager follows. The man, James, moves around the hydraulic chair he’s using as a desk, a tiny red laptop perched on a shiny metal tray. Boots, jeans, and a black t-shirt.

He’s dressed just like me.

Clasping outstretched hand, we both lean in, hugging like brothers.

We pull back and stand eye to eye.

The teenager watches us. “This is just really bizarre.”

The man smiles. “This isn’t weird, son. This, is Deacon Chalk.”

The teen looks at me. His eyes widen. “Oh.” He thinks for a second. “Oh!

James nods. “Yep. The main man himself.”

I shrug.

“Deacon, my son Conor. Conor, Deacon.”

I stick my hand out. “Nice to meet you.”

We shake.

My son would be this old now.

I clamp that down HARD. Fold it, push it aside.


James waves his hand toward the front of the shop. “Alright, back to work. Let us talk.

Conor smiles and walks back to the lobby area.

I indicate the walls. “I like what you’ve done with the place.”

“Really? I was a little worried you’d be pissed. I mean, that didn’t stop me, but it did pass through my mind.”

“It’s your shop now. You can do whatever you want. Besides, this is much better.”

I’m pretty happy with it.

This looks like a tattoo shop now.

Looked like a tattoo shop when I bought it from you.

I shake my head. “Nah. Those walls I built were rubbish. This is much better.”

“You’re knocking your Frankenstein seams on the drywall?”

“Hey! I was a tattoo artist, not a construction worker.”

“That was definitely not construction, more like con-fuck-tion.”

We both nod at the same time.

This feels good. The back and forth, the chit and the chat of two people who know each other pretty damn well.

I nod at the laptop.

“How goes the writing?”

“Working on a Lovecraft urban fantasy.”

“Not book 4?”

“That’s next. Book 3 just came out.”

“Yeah, Tiff picked it up. She liked it.”

“Good.” He picks up a sketchbook. “You wanna see your design?”

“Hell yeah.”

He hands it over to me. The page is filled with thin, red lines. They swirl and squiggle across the recycled paper, making big, loose forms. Over them is a series of darker lines, number 2 pencil lines, that sculpt and define the image, drawing its shape out of the chaos of the sketch.

It’s a Sailor Jerry-style pinup of a girl leaning on a pole. The banner under her feet reads POLECATS in traditional tattoo-style letters.

I look up. “I love it.”

“No changes?”

“Nope, run it.”

He nods. “I’ll get set up. Make yourself at home.”

I wander back to the lobby, grab a tattoo magazine, and sit on the leather couch.

I’ve just flipped past the third article on a different TV show with the word ink in the title. When the holy hell did tattooing go on television?

I’ve been out of the loop for a while since . . .

since . . .

I look over at Conor. He’s wiping down the jewelry case.

Fuck it. I’m not thinking about my family. Not here, not now.

The door chimes.

A guy who looks just a year or two older than Conor walks in. He’s also thin, but where Conor looks wiry, this kid looks damn near hollow. Sunken cheeks, jutting jawbone, eyes in deep caves under his eyebrows. If they weren’t steady, and his skin smooth and clear, I’d think he was strung out on some shit. He has a black portfolio clutched in skeletal hands and the shoulders of his t-shirt are stained blue gray from the shitty, black No 1 dye job on his shaggy hair.

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I was ‘Lifehack’ed by Joseph Picard (zombies, diatribe & review)

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Authors, Books, Nerd Lovin', Reviews, Zombies | 10 comments

We interrupt your Fourth-Wall Friday to bring you a fresh new find!

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Z is for Zombie Hunter Extraordinaire – An Ode to Daryl Dixon- #atozchallenge

Posted by on Apr 30, 2013 in #AtoZChallenge, Entertainment, Hero Worship, Nerd Lovin', Zombies | 2 comments

@teefury #walkingdead shirThis is it, my finally post in the #atozchallenge. I bet you knew it was going to be about zombies, well it is, sort of. It is about Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead. I am, big surprise here, a huge Walking Dead fangirl both in show and comic consumption. I love Daryl! He is nowhere in the comic and whose character was created solely for the purpose of driving the plot forward for the cable series. It was probably one of the most brilliant decisions they have made on the show.

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P is for Pond… Amelia Pond #atozchallenge

Posted by on Apr 18, 2013 in #AtoZChallenge, Cabin Commentary, Entertainment, Nerd Lovin', Photos | 8 comments

P is for PONDForget about Bond… we are here to talk about PondAmelia Pond.

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Leave it to a Winter Knight – “Cold Days” to get some Forenza in my life!

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Books, Featured Posts, Nerd Lovin', Reviews | 6 comments

Cold Days by Harry DresdenCold Days by Jim Butcher

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The Last Stand of the California Browncoats (weekly shorts)

Posted by on Sep 9, 2012 in Books, Horror, Nerd Lovin', Reviews, Weekly Shorts, Zombies | 3 comments

Sunday Weekly Shorts – No. 18

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THE EVIL TREES & My Own Alaskan Cabin Goddess Homicidal Clown Army

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Alaska Living, Crazy Derailment, Humor, Nerd Lovin', Photos | 4 comments

About 10 days ago I was scratched by a tree branch and ended up getting a staff infection from it. I  mentioned off hand to my friend Sue Mant that I had evil trees. I was also at the time sharing how lovely my fiance was for cheering me up by wearing a clown nose that my other lovely friend Jessica of Jess Resides Here sent me. Now, the other funny thing is that I had mentioned a ummm oh just something funny about clowns, and a dream and whatnot to Jess and she never forgot it. So, she wished me happy clown sex, but I was so angry and still feeling so sick all I could think of was building an army of clowns. If you have been to my Facebook page lately you will have seen two of these images.  This has been a rough week, and this was the just the first of many surprises. Since I am participating in Pavarti Tyler’s Celebrating Community Bog Hop, but I will be posting my initial introduction to that later. Right now I want to share with you this hilarious short and the  Alaskan Cabin Goddess Homicidal Clown Army.

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Not for the faint of heart – Two Big Tools review KFC Pie (with a vlog cook-off response)

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Cabin Cooking, Gaming, Humor, Indie Projects & Promotions, Nerd Lovin', Poultry | 1 comment


OK this is what happens on my day off. I get to go online and play Lord of the Rings Online. We find these two cute little Hobbits running around playing their little instruments, being all deadly and sassy at the same time. We get together kill lots of dead things, etc. Yes I know that is redundant but with al the zombie things I promote, you get it.. ANYWAY … and lots epic songs of goodness! Plus a hobbit who steals, Sam would be proud, they did not even make us stop for second breakfast, so they deserve Pie! I mean YES PIE!

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An Ode to the ManBeast – Thanks for Being You

Posted by on Jun 24, 2012 in Alaska Living, Gaming, Hero Worship, Nerd Lovin', Photos, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 6 comments

He is not gone right now, and even when he is .. his scent, his presence with each dirty sock I find, and each ring on the coffee table, with each love note he tucks into my apron pockets or under my Kindle while I sleep. He is here.. I am so grateful he was patient today while I finished all this insanity up. And how patient he has been these last few months. My final numbers for both A-THONS can be found HERE for the Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon and HERE for the Blogathon2. Now off I go to play with him albeit it late it is our weekend time! 

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