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She is not as precious as she looks!

She is NOT as precious as she looks!

Yes she is a bigger Cabin Bitch, hell over all bitch, then me! She is the ruler of the roost, the queen of the quad, the empress of the empire that is our cabin. *confetti thrown and a drum roll echos off the mountains*  She is Asrielle! Geoff adopted her in Fairbanks back in 1994 as a kitten. He carried her in his coat to class every day. She does not like being away from us at any time. She demands her food, water, litter and laps be as per her instructions. She was away from us for over a year while I had my cats from my former life living with us. They refused to integrate with her.  When my ex got back from Iraq I gave him back our cats and let Asrielle back into the house. She has been an angel and a devil since. I adore her. She demands to be spooned when I am in bed and when Geoff gets home he must let her crawl up on her chest and allow her to clean him.  She likes heavy metal, is a lover of grindcore punk, and will re punk, and will curl up in your lap and purr to Cannibal Corpse.

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  1. Hey Kriss!

    Our cat Blair looks just like Asrielle! We rescued Blair from a farm when she was about a month old. I had already gotten her two brothers and had given up on getting her when I looked down and there she was on the other side of the riding lawnmower expecting me to come from the other direction. I deftly snatched her up and proceeded to get my hand torn the f*ck up! It was like something out of a Loony Toons Cartoon with the cat tearing a$$ around an arm shredding it like soft cheese. So we named her Blair because she went all Linda Blair on my a$$, lol! Since then she has realized she has a nice home, a soft bed, food and love anytime she wants it she is the sweetest out of all of them. But she still follows the girls around like a grade A crazy b*tch guard dog to protect them from the anything that might cross their paths. Aren’t cats great!?!


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