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Day 19 “Fireworks” (#BlogFlash2012 #Haiku No.10)

Day 19 “Fireworks” (#BlogFlash2012 #Haiku No.10)

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Alaska Living, Photos, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 2 comments

Alaskan New Year

Sparklers clutched tight in thick gloves

Colors in winter

Day 19 "Fireworks" (#BlogFlash2012 #Haiku No.10)

Cold Colorful Haiku- Fireworks 


When I hear or read the word Fireworks, part of me goes back to my youth where I would have all the glorious pyromaniac moments on the beach building rocket launchers with aluminum siding and risking a finger or two with the cherry bombs from the reservations. But as much as I am nostalgic I also feel the creeping of winter in my bones. With 21 hours of daylight around the 4th of July there is just not enough night to bother using them. 

New Years eve is our big fireworks show. Where people drive in from miles away to watch the show at UAF. It is usually a huge event with folks coming in from the bush and throughout the Tundra. With a state twice the size of Texas you can image the traffic jams. Thankfully we locals know to X-Country in from our cabins and watch from the ridge. January 1st is not the coldest time of year, usually around -20F, so it is usually tolerable. This last year it was -41F so it made our evening more challenging. Sparkler play even harder. This image is actually for our Sparktacular Event to celebrate 50 years of statehood in 2009.  It was only around -18F that night and the University hosts the fireworks we have no matter what the celebration is. 

I missed a week and though I had to take a break due to health reasons, I still want to post all the haiku’s I had written later this week for Day 12-18. Thanks for coming by! 

What comes to mind when you hear Fireworks?

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Day 11 “Greed” (#BlogFlash2012 #Haiku No.9)

Day 11 “Greed” (#BlogFlash2012 #Haiku No.9)

Posted by on Aug 11, 2012 in Alaska Living, Photos, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 2 comments

worlds of green & gold

seeps through cracks of innocence

turning pure hearts black

Day 11 "Greed" (#BlogFlash2012 #Haiku No.9)Black Ugly Haiku- Greed 


They say that if you give the biggest piece of cake to the one you are with you are truly in love because you know how to not be greedy… OK my Mamma taught me this one. I even give Geoff the good forks and knives when I set the dinner table. My children were taught early on to be mercenary but in doing so they learned also how to EARN their keep. They always shared their wealth by adding part of their earned income in the family jar. I saw it on Opera when I was pregnant with the first over 20 years ago and LOVED the idea! SURE I can teach them the value of wanting to earn money, but also the meaning of sharing. Each child also picks a charity to donate too. It is awesome! They do extra chores to earn funds for extra goodies and fun,  pay an allowance tax and enjoy that gifts of cash are exempt from the family tax just as it is with the federal  government for Mom! But little things can build up to cause us to be greedy in other ways. I try daily to battle this in everything I do and at times, even when it comes to my speech, I can be quite greedy and selfish!

What do you do on a daily basis to battle the urge to be greedy and selfish? What is your definition of greed?

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Day 10 “Success” (#BlogFlash2012 & #FlashFiveFriday Haiku No.8)

Day 10 “Success” (#BlogFlash2012 & #FlashFiveFriday Haiku No.8)

Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Alaska Living, Photos, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 6 comments

basil blossoming

smiles, gentle touches, fresh bread

what is my success?

 Day 10 "Success" (#BlogFlash2012 & #FlashFiveFriday Haiku No.8)




“I learned this, at least, by my experiment; that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” 18. Conclusion,WaldenHenry David Thoreau

Fresh Thai Basil is hard to get to blossom up here in Alaska. So when I can plant it in the middle of our coffee table with a full garden spread to show of to my fiance, Geoff, it is one of my biggest joys and biggest successes. To be able to freeze, dehydrate and make into wonderful goodies to last all winter long as well as enjoy all summer long is even a bigger success. This summer was a great one and I even managed to keep the moose out of most my basil! This was from my garden three weeks ago. It is now probably the last week for a lot of these things to give life to me. We had 29F at the cabin Thursday morning and the lettuce had a little flash-freeze burn on the edges. Pumpkins, other squash, potatoes and onions are all I will leave in the ground! Moving the herbs and any cuttings to winter inside in the next few days!

Put aside your current need to measure success based on things. Look at your children, your gardens, your poems, your crafts, even dinner tonight… now what is your success TODAY?

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Day 9 “Journey” (#BlogFlash2012 Haiku No.7)

Day 9 “Journey” (#BlogFlash2012 Haiku No.7)

Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Alaska Living, Photos, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 9 comments

journey back in time

moments captured through a lens

like winter frozen

Day 9: Journey (Alaskan Gold Dredge Towns... history to be discovered)


History in Alaska at the click of a camera….


I am also a photographer and one thing I have learned to love photographing, especially living where I live, is Industrial Decay. It’s a window to the past. A former teacher and friend finally talked me out of my portrait shell and had me go on a historical adventure with him, complete with bears and wolves but that is in another post. Jason showed me the beauty of the decay, and the history that is found and captured with something like the above diner ticket.  Notice the date of February 4th, 1942? This pad is still there, at Cleary Hill Mine in the same spot waiting for someone to pay their balance for the week (I wonder how much it would be with interest after 70 years!). I believe many of us have photographed it “as is” without disturbing it  for at least the last 6 years. It still lays in the same spot through winters and summers, out of the sun so it is not fading, in the diner of this mining town. The mine is still active but the town is long since been abandoned. History is a journey that one should never take for granted.

Are there hidden historical finds where you live?

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Day 8 “Relaxing” (#BlogFlash2012)

Day 8 “Relaxing” (#BlogFlash2012)

Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Alaska Living, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 4 comments

computers turned off

their bellies full of good food

rainy days and kids

 #BlogFlash2012 day 8: Relaxing


Relaxing at our house means….

No computers, no phones.. nothing but one activity we all choose. This was taken a few years back, the twins are now 12 and 13 (Irish Twins whom we all still call the babies since they are the youngest of my five kids). No video games nothing. We had just finished playing cards and instead of plugging in the kids voted to watch a movie together. SCORE one for family time! It is so hard to relax these days, to stop checking your phone, texting, emailing… we all have to constantly be plugged-in!

What do you do to Relax? What is your idea of relaxing?

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Day 7 “Sunsets” (#BlogFlash2012)

Day 7 “Sunsets” (#BlogFlash2012)

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Alaska Living, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 5 comments

When the wood is in the wheelbarrow

And the order has been filled

Leaving wet cavities in the grey snow


My hands and feet have lapsed

Into painful sleep

My eyes blurred

By fictions of a shadow world


The evening star

Poised alone in the still, black night,

Faintly flickers, and

I am warm.

Day 7 "Sunsets" (#BlogFlash2012)


Sunset’s in Alaska are best served in Winter time….

We have no sunsets in Alaska right now, and no this is not a 10×10 poem. Though it SORT of gets dark around 10:30 the moon is already up, and it never gets pitch black till much later. It is worse closer to the solstice in June where we have NO sunsets because the sun bounces but never sets in the horizon. But hey, this is what summer time it is like in the Interior! If you are working outside and are not paying attention for the 2 minutes you get to see the sky change. You get nothing. Fall is when we have amazing sunsets and in the winter? When we have Sunrise happen and an hour later sunset, the sky bleeds those two amazing things together it is like someone sweeping a paintbrush from one side of the sky to the other. Pretty cool! So when I think of Sunsets I think of winter time here, hence why my imagery is winter time! I am putting this poem in my “to be worked on” pile. It needs a lot but I still followed my challenge of only working on it for 10 minutes with five minutes of editing.

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Day 6 “Reading” (#BlogFlash2012 – #Haiku No.5)

Day 6 “Reading” (#BlogFlash2012 – #Haiku No.5)

Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Poetry and Pros, Writing | 5 comments

Murder, Mayhem, Love

Sweet nightmares gifted by trees

Read through the seasons



Day 6 "Reading" (#BlogFlash2012 - #Haiku No.5)


“I read there for I am – Haiku” 


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Day 5 “Frustration” (#BlogFlash2012 – #Haiku No.4)

Day 5 “Frustration” (#BlogFlash2012 – #Haiku No.4)

Posted by on Aug 5, 2012 in Poetry and Pros, Writing | 7 comments

Meow, snore, bang, snort, YOWL!

Its 3 AM, What the FUCK?

Dreams of body bags

Day 5 "Frustration" (#BlogFlash2012 - #Haiku No.4)

“Why the Hell am I awake – Haiku” 


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Day 4 “Busy” (#BlogFlash2012 – #Haiku No.3)

Day 4 “Busy” (#BlogFlash2012 – #Haiku No.3)

Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Poetry and Pros, Writing | 5 comments

busy is my life

write, live, blog, read, smile, love, be

live and be busy

Day 4 "Busy" (#BlogFlash2012 - #Haiku No.3)

 Wait I am on Vacation? Haiku


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Day 3 “Color” (#BlogFlash2012 – #Haiku No.2)

Day 3 “Color” (#BlogFlash2012 – #Haiku No.2)

Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Poetry and Pros, Writing | 9 comments

blood red is the moon

the scent of darkness intense

shadows grasping tight


Day 3 "Color" (#BlogFlash2012 - #Haiku No.2)

 Left Hand Path Haiku


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