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Rita’s Revolt & the @RockinWriterChk, Ann Marie Frohoff #FourthWallFriday

What do you get when you mix Rock-n-Roll and Ann Marie Frohoff?

HEAVY INFLUENCE, the series, & the band… Rita’s Revolt


I work with Annie doing graphics for promotions and with Amy from Lady Reader’s Bookstuff with Annie’s promotion. It is pretty exciting seeing this series unfold. The latest one doesn’t even have a cover for me to peak at and share yet! So I will wait to leave it for that. I will have to wait just like you till December 4th or 5th during the FACEBOOK PARTY for the new release. She has invited a bunch of authors to do a Author Take-Over for the party too! I am really exciting is not only do I have this nice little #FourthWallFriday but I also have two interviews with the new characters, Jake and Allysa. Make sure you check those out too. In fact, make sure you check this whole post out, I am going to have it chuck full of HEAVY INFLUENCE epic-goodness!

Anyone who doesn’t know about the HEAVY INFLUENCE series, it is pretty much summed up in this from the author:

Heavy Influence Series is an edgy rock n’roll love story through the ages.

When the girl next door becomes something more; Jake and Alyssa are forced to face the harsh realities of Jake’s fame and the expectations of their friends and family. Sacrifices are made as everything changes as they know it.  

Desire? Definitely. Forever? Maybe.

Music fades with a death. Dreams and impulses may kill a future.

My story with the band Rita’s Revolt

We’ve all been there – Happy, sad, mad or otherwise – and there’s the song that reminds you of that one time you were all of those things. We all have that favorite band that got us through grade school, middle school, high school and college; that musician that changed our lives and made us feel we weren’t alone. That band for me was Rita’s Revolt. The song’s that really stuck with me are “Never Enough” and “I Swear” ~ You see, I was in love with a musician once in my life and these are the songs that drilled to my core. It changes you to be in love with someone like that.

When I say it changes you, it does. It’s not like being in love with a regular guy – you’re probably scoffing, but I’ve been in love many, many times and nothing was like being in love with a rock star and I’ll admit the embers still glow.

I’d met Jake and Alyssa through a mutual friend soon after I read a couple of online interviews  – they were eye opening. There’d been reports on the news about Jake and an attempted rape by one of his other band members, Alyssa was in the middle of it – Jake is the lead singer of Rita’s Revolt and Alyssa is the love of his life. I know this because I’m obsessed with their story after reading those interviews. – I included them for Kriss to share.

Then one night I witnessed first hand what an intense relationship they really had. I already knew they’d been through the ringer, but it was crazy to watch a train wreck with my own two eyes. (I always believe there is some truth in tabloid rumors and I’d read Jake admitting to some of it).

This was surreal.

When I’d found out the band was having a secret show on New Years Eve I called everyone I knew who had a connection and was lucky enough to score one ticket. I had arrived to The Roxy Theatre on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles barely in time for Rita’s Revolt and I spotted Alyssa standing alone on the sidewalk in front of the venue. I barely recognized her as she had all of hair tucked up underneath a black velvet hat. Her gorgeous face looked disheartened. I hadn’t seen her in person in several years and she’d grown more mature and beautiful looking. She wore a little black dress and knee-high boots. She shivered in the cold, beneath her fashionable black coat.

I was in awe of her and stood back watching, trying not to look like a stalker. When she made the move to go inside I trailed right behind her. Jake’s voice rocked my eardrums as soon as I stepped through the door and I followed Alyssa through the crowd. I expected her to go to the VIP area, but she didn’t. She stood just at the top of the stairs, watching Jake, with the saddest expression and I wondered what could be amiss.

Did they break up again?

I was more interested in watching Alyssa watch Jake, than I was in watching the band. She removed her coat without taking her eyes off the stage. There was something in her reactions that set off empathy inside me. I knew something was wrong as the seconds ticked by when Jake announced he would sing new song. The crowd went wild. Alyssa peeled off the hat from her head and her brown lustrous hair spilled over her shoulders. Alyssa’s eyes narrowed and her mouth hinged open. Shock registered on her face and she frowned, closing her mouth she covered it with her hand.

The sweetest melody blanketed the crowd and the rowdy excitement died down. I finally peeled my eyes away from Alyssa to see Jake on stage and I could tell immediately that he was drunk as he clumsily ambled over to Eva James, placing his arm over her shoulders – he and the pop-punk princess had been on tour together (again) months prior. You see Jake used to date Eva after the first time he and Alyssa broke up. My eyes immediately shot back to Alyssa whose eyes were now filling with tears.

Oh shit. What was happening?

Were Jake and Eva dating again?

What’s with the song?

What did it mean?

Then I heard Jake and Eva’s voices twirl together in a duet and that’s when Alyssa began to shake her head, distraught and bereaved. Tears spilled down her face. She began to back away and I heard Jake say her name. I turned to see Jake jump off the stage into the crowd. He pushed and shoved people out of the way. He was coming after Alyssa. When I turned to see her, she was gone. The next thing I knew Jake shoved me so hard out of the way I tumbled back into a crowd of people.

What just happened?

I was now obsessed with finding out.

BrokenNotesSo are we, Annie, so are we! I cannot wait till the end of December when the new book gets here! We can at least find out what the cover looks like soon! Oh wait, I promised you interviews huh? Meet Alyssa and Jake! The interviews are at the bottom of the post as promised, but let’s meet Ann Marie and read a bit about the First Kiss and Fever Pitch!




About Ann Marie Frohoff

Rita’s Revolt & the @RockinWriterChk, Ann Marie Frohoff #FourthWallFriday

Ann Marie ("Annie") Frohoff grew up in sunny Southern California. As a teen and young adult she spent her time frequenting and living in nearly every beachside city up and down the coast. She settled in Hollywood at 19 working in film and TV. Soon her itch to keep moving took over again, taking her to Hawaii for a time and then back to LA.

She's now settled in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Her wanderlust and propensity to live life out loud has brought her many life experiences so many of us only dream about. Always the storyteller, it would be of no surprise to those who grew up with Annie, that she made the transition into a book and screenplay author. You could say that she woke up one day and had an epiphany, deciding to go to school for screenwriting. It's with this inner fire she set out to write her first screenplay. Soon after, such work made it into the hands of an agency…

OH!!! I almost forgot! If you are at the HOUSTON BOOK RAVE, look up Ann Marie, she will be there!!


Ann Marie Frohoff


17 year-old high school senior, Jake Masters, front man of a rising rock band, finds new interest in his younger freshman next door neighbor Alyssa Montgomery. Their relationship breaks hearts; stirs jealousy and band infighting. When they’re brought to new found awareness of body and soul, will rightful boundaries be crossed?

Will the right decisions and choices, which are detrimental to the band and its future, be made through the haze of infatuation?

Will Jake’s absences on the road lead to another filling his shoes?

Jake and Alyssa’s lifelong friendships are strained and tested; secrets are kept, admitted and shared. Family bonds are broken, as others grow stronger. Who knew a first love could cause so many problems? Then again, in their eyes, there are no problems as long as they’re together. In the end, will his new found muse bring down everything he’s worked so hard to achieve or will she inspire positive creative change; that will carry him and his band to stardom..

“This is a powerful emotional read that is hard to put down and even harder to forget once the story has ended.” ~ Danielle,

“Fans of Beautiful Disaster will love this one with Rocker boys, first love and page turning goodness. First Kiss is a must read of 2013.” ~ Bella, Paranormal Book Club

Amazon Links & Series Release Schedule:

SKID OUT (#0.5 series prequel FREE):

FIRST KISS (#1 A Novel):

FEVER PITCH (#1.5 A Novella):

BROKEN NOTES (#2 A Novel): Release Date – Dec. 30th 2014

REVIVAL IN VERSE (#2.5 A Novella): Release Date – Feb. 24th 2015

LOVE AMPLIFIED (#3 A Novel): Release Date – April 21st 2015




Desire? Definitely. Forever? Maybe.

When Jake and Alyssa’s virtual affair peaks while his band tours Europe, Alyssa decides it’s Jake that she wants for her 18th birthday. She surprises everyone, including Jake, with a planned trip to London.

After three years apart and with their devastating breakup behind them, will their reunion be everything they’ve both dreamed of? Alyssa is soon thrown into Jake’s stardom, delicate family matters and a side of him she’s never seen before.


Ohhh you thought I forgot about the interviews huh??? Nope! Here they are! Thanks so much for coming, Annie! (just click on Alyssa’s name to see her interview.)


April Murray: Thanks for meeting with me. As I stated to your manager, I’m writing an article on love and relationships between people in the spotlight, to bring to light the differences between celebrities vs. “common folk”, so to speak… and how it affects their art. I’ve read a lot about your band and how your music, your new stuff changed because of your love life. There’s been a lot chatter in the background since the departure of one of your band mates.

Jake: *laughs* – I’m not a celebrity, but ok and as far as the departed band mate. He’s a piece of shit so I wouldn’t take too much about what he says into account. I mean you do know what he did? Right?

AM: Yes, but we’ll get back to that.

Jake: No, actually we won’t get back to that, that subject is off limits. Sorry to be a dick about it, but you can understand. I’m not sure about this whole thing, with you and this interview, so we’ll just see how it goes.

AM: I understand. So let’s start with the basics – Is this all a dream come true for you? Being on the road with your friends, making music?

Jake: Sure. Yeah, of course. I mean I can’t remember a time when this wasn’t what I wanted.

AM: I read recently that you thought about quitting.

J: Um, well, I was kinda going through a lot at one point and I still am. You know, family drama and all. I just try to stay focused. I have to admit that it T’s it up for making great music. People connect to it, you know.

AM: Reading all the social media, the girls are wondering if you’re still seeing your high school sweetheart.

J: Um. I kinda like to keep that private. I mean, you can understand.

AM: It must be tough, trying to have a private life. How has all this affected your music?

J: This is where I tell you to listen to it and read the lyrics.

AM: Fair enough and I have. There seems to be a bit of story on your recently released EP. Can you share a bit about what each song means? Or what it meant when you wrote it?

J: Why don’t you ask specifically about one, and I’ll see how I feel about giving you a glimpse in.

AM: Ok – One of your harder songs, Never Enough, that’s one of the hardest ones I’ve heard by your band since you’ve changed your sound. You seemed angry.

J: Yeah. I was, I still am I suppose. It’s about youth being forced to conform to their parent’s and societies standards and how fucked we all are, basically.

AM: Right on, ok now what about Ordinary?

J: I guess that’s when I maybe thought about not doing this anymore, but that was fleeting. A blip.

AM: Did that thought come from your relationship with…?

*A long silence*

J: If you don’t know her name, I can’t answer you.

AM: You seem bitter.

J: Stop beating around the bush and I’ll answer you straight.

AM: OK, I’ll be straight, because your fans want to know and we’ll stick to the music. Not what’s currently playing out in the media, the song Ordinary – tell me about it, was it meant for Alyssa?

J: *big sigh* – I’d never really felt like I wanted to be normal, you know. Like just go to school or whatever and with Alyssa…at the time, that’s what I wanted to be, at that moment, when I wrote that song. I wanted to be like all the other kids in my neighborhood. I wanted to go to school, hang out with my girlfriend and just be normal.

AM: But you’re not normal, I mean as a career choice normal.

J: No, I’m not. Everything about what I do with my music and my lyrics is a derivative of what I see and what I experience. Everything is a song. It’s a melody. I tend to analyze everything and break it down and then it’s a song. Like with you, sitting there, staring at me. You’re an attractive woman…I’m taking in your hair, your eyes, your legs, the sound of your voice and I take into consideration what you do for a living, I wonder if you have a boyfriend because there’s no ring on your finger, or if you have lovers and how many. I could turn you into a song, a fantasy, a melody, right now.

AM: Fascinating. Thank you for the honesty. So now what about the song Talk About It.

J: I don’t think I wanna talk about it. *sly smile*

AM: Now that’s not fair.

J: What’s not fair about it?…Ok…ok. *chuckles* – That song is a universal break up song. I mean really. How many times have you broken up with someone, whether it was your choice or theirs, and you didn’t want to talk about it.

AM: I think girls always want to talk about it.

J: Guys don’t. I don’t know any guy who wants to talk about a break up.

AM: So you wrote that about your break up with Alyssa.

J: *Long silence* – Alyssa and I never broke up. Life just got in the way and I think that’s all I have to say about that subject.  With all due respect, I think I’m done now.

AM: Do you still speak with Alyssa?

J: She’s a part of me and always will be. Now I really don’t have anymore to say about it.


April Murrey: Thank you for meeting with me, I know it’s probably a little awkward for you.

Alyssa: Yes, it is. Sorry it took me so long to answer your calls. I’m not sure I should really be talking with you. What’s this for again?

AM: This is for an article I’m writing about love and relationships, specifically between young celebrity types. I interviewed Jake Masters for this and of course I sought you out. I always like to get both sides of the story. I’m just trying to get the full scope of what it was like for him and how your relationship has affected his music.

*long silence*

A: Okay.

AM: I can see it’s true that you’re younger than him, still in high school, correct?

A: Yes.

AM: How has it been for you since he’s been on the road?

A: Well, I have my own thing going on, so I just try and live my life.

AM: Are you two together?

A: We’re friends, we love each other.

AM: So the break up was a rumor. The media is a buzz, so I have to ask.

A: Jake is touring and I’m here going to school, all I can say is what kind of relationship can you really have when two people never see each other and when there are other obstacles in the way.

AM: How do you feel about being Jake’s muse?

A: It makes me happy. It makes me miss him.

AM: Can you talk about what happened between Jake’s guitarist, Mike, and you?

A: *squirms in seat* – What is it that you want to know?

AM: What happened? I know he went to jail and the rest is rumor.

A: Mike and I were friends, we went to school together, but I really can’t talk about anything else. Maybe someday, but I’m not ready. Please don’t pressure me.

AM: Was it or is it difficult for you being the girlfriend of one of the hottest young, on the rise rock stars in the country? The heat Rita’s Revolt has is insane. How do you keep a positive attitude through it all?

A: I’m not sure. To be honest, I’m numb. I’m young and so is Jake. We have our whole lives ahead of us and I pray for him everyday. Jake is my next-door neighbor who I grew up with. I care about him for real reasons, for reasons other people have no idea about. Nobody knows him like I do. Nobody will ever know him like I do, ever.

Hey don’t forget about the PARTY!


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