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Dead Girl by @PavartiKTyler: Elegant, Dark & #Transgressive


Transgressive fiction is one of my favorites to read. I am so thrilled that Pavarti released another one of her amazing short stories in this genre. As promised from my re-posting of her short, Consumed by Love, I am sharing my reaction and thoughts on her latest transgressive short, DEAD GIRL, today… The Day of the Dead. Also, like last year I am going to giveaway something fun in honor of the book and the day. This short is just as good as Consumed by Love if not better. Ms. Tyler’s creative vision is a mirror to the dark corners of the human condition.

Before I get to the fun part, let’s chat a bit about what transgressive fiction is. I would argue transgressive works today are written in the vernacular. That is to say, they are written for the every day person. There are no cookie cutter houses, or white picket fences in these stories. That is unless there is a teenager cutting themselves or a group of people squatting in a repo in the dying suburbs of Detroit.  Or perhaps a couple of teenagers with raging hormones and not thinking outside of their own little bubble finding an apparent dead girl inside their “hideout” and …. *spoilers*! Putting all of this together takes talent. The balance is so precarious in a work of this length, one wrong word could have turned something dark and beautiful into something which doesn’t just push boundaries, but crosses them.

Part of me wants to keep writing and get all analytic with this. Discuss the metaphors and the symbolic aspects of what the Dead Girl represents and the actions of the boys compared to societal norms and expectations.It has been five days since I read this story and I can still see everything in my mind. This speaks volumes for a short story. But the other part of me, the fangirl part, wants to squeal all over the page and tell you all to get thineselves to Amazon and grab a copy… seriously, go get a copy!

In this amazing short, Pavarti was able to weave an experience with all the hotness expected in erotica, the shock of societal taboos, and the apprehension and fear of a horror story with as much meat on its bones as a full length novel. This solidifies Pavarti K. Tylers place in authors you should be reading.

This contains violent erotic horror and ummm well .. I cannot tell you, it would be a spoiler! BUT it has triggers so if you are curious what kind, ask. But then again.. DEAD GIRL… two teenage boys and erotica, you do the math! (Told you it was transgressive).


Five Blood Bag Rating


Dead Girl by @PavartiKTyler: Elegant, Dark & #TransgressiveDead Girl
by Pavarti K. Tyler
Pages: 15
Published by Hot Ink Press
on 10/24/2014
Genres: Dark Erotica, Transgressive Fiction, Vampires
Amazon • • Goodreads •


When two boys find a body in their childhood hang out, they decide to have some fun, but get more than they bargained for.

meet the author - pink grunge

About Pavarti K. Tyler

Dead Girl by @PavartiKTyler: Elegant, Dark & #Transgressive

Pavarti K Tyler is an artist, wife, mother and number cruncher. She lives in the Washington DC area with her husband, two daughters and two terrible dogs. Upon graduating from  Smith College in 1999 with a degree in Theatre, she moved to New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off Broadway. Later, Pavarti went to work in the finance industry as a freelance accountant for several international law firms.   When not busy working as the Director of Marketing at Novel Publicity she spends her time penning her next novel.

Addendum from the Cabin Goddess: When not penning her next piece of brialliance, be it about a Muslim super hero or a beautiful girl underneath two moons, she is a consummate supporter, friend and outright warrior in the world of words and quality of life here in the Indie Revolution. If you are not already following her blog with reviews, helpful articles and opinion pieces,  you are truly missing out. Her work electronically along with her own writing and again her consummate support of her fellow authors amazes me. I call myself lucky to have shared some laughter, tears and writing frenzies. She has lit a fire under my ass that I best pay attention too!

You can stalk find her at the following places around the web:

Her blog is all ages...

Her  tumblr is 18+ only...

Her Fan Page needs your likes...

Her Twitter likes friends...

giveaway-grunge-pinkI am a huge vampire fan, another reason I love this book. Of course one of my favorite vampire novels is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I know what a fan of gothic imagery Pavarti is and when I was stalking all my favorite Etsy shops I found this awesome cameo which has a great quote from the book: “In trance she died, in trance she is un-dead“. This is also a thank you from me for being such amazing people. This month marks the 4th anniversary of Cabin Goddess (before she was just a bitch, and now she is a goddess.. hehe – inside joke for the original cabinbitch readers). ENJOY! International giveaway hosted by me and in no way affiliated with the author, other than I think she is awesome!

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If you are not a big transgressive fiction or dark erotica fan, can I suggest a couple of other amazing stories from Pavarti:

 Two Moons of Sera - OmnibusTwo Moons of Sera – Omnibus is another one of my favorites. I was privy to read the last segment as it was being written. It is a fantastic story and was written as a serial novel. Permapriced at 99¢ for Kindle, it is well worth the read.Check out my review HERE


Dead Girl by @PavartiKTyler: Elegant, Dark & #Transgressive

 Shadow on the Wall (The SandStorm Chronicles, #1), a book about a muslim super hero. I absolutely loved this one too. It is fantastic and, again, shows just how diversly talented Pavarti is. Read my review HERE and her #FourthWallFriday HERE.



  1. I like all my reading pretty middle of the road.

    • Hey Mary? I don’t think you entries took! 🙁

  2. I like such variety in my fiction I’m not sure if I could even pin point specifics but I know I loved Consumed by Love and would love to read Dead Girl as well


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