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The grass isn’t always greener… @CdnZmbiRytr #Zombie #FourthWallFriday

Lions.. Tigers.. Bears? Nope… ZOMBIES!

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween everyone! I am so excited today and not just because it is National Diabetes Coma day, but because Julianne Snow is here and has written a VERY special and exclusive insight into … the other side of the zombie apocalypse from within her world build of Days with the Undead . Anyone who has a love of zombies really needs to grab a copy of this and pick it up. I was privy to read the origin story via the web-journal on her website. If you want a teaser go ahead and read it, all of it. I used to wait till she posted and when there was a couple of months I went through withdrawals. Anywho, CHECK IT OUT! But before you do, enjoy this amazing piece from Julianne.


Fuck my arm’s sore. I’m on the bus, heading to the hospital after that strange woman bit me today. I don’t want to be here but my car’s in the shop so I really have no other choice. My hand strays to my forearm, fingering the bandage that covers the chunk of missing flesh. I fucking hate the bus and all its stops.

And here we go again, another stop. I look up quickly, my eyes lingering on the five who’ve just gotten on. I see the guns, the gore on their clothes and all I can think is why the fuck did the bus driver let them on? They look like fucking terrorists!


Zombie-VictimThinking it was better to mind my own business, I let my eyes drop back down to my lap. I’m not feeling the best; the fever coursing through my body is strong, making me sweat through the light layers I’m wearing on this cold autumn day. My eyelids keep getting heavier and I can tell there’s something not right in my body with the way I’m feeling. My heart is racing in tandem with the pains twisting my gut. There’s something going in and I’ve got to get to the hospital…

My eyes open again, but the world looks different. Everything is shades of grey and red—so strange. Maybe the fever is affecting my ability to discern colour? It’s odd really; I don’t feel any pain anymore. My arm isn’t throbbing, my stomach isn’t gripped in twisting pain.

I hear a scream and my head snaps up, the sound amplified inside my head. People are looking at me in horror, something that doesn’t register with me completely—all I can see are the veins in their bodies pulsing. Hunger overwhelms me as I see the body of a woman stride toward me, her hand wielding a stick of some kind.

My hunger grows as I stand to meet her, the bus hitting a pothole, throwing her into my arms in the parody of a hug. My teeth sink into her neck, warmth flooding my mouth. She tastes so good! I draw my head back, crimson waves spewing forth. I drop my face back into the crook of her neck, greedily consuming her life as it flows freely from her body.

I feel her screaming, the sound of it barely registering in my ears in my haste to drink. Her head turns and the connection my mouth had made with her is broken. I’m thrown off balance as the bus pulls over to the curb, her body ripped rudely from my arms.

With the warmth gone, I look around for something else to eat, my hunger not satiated in the least. That’s when I see others, the looks on their faces full of rage. I rush at them, the oxygen left in my muscles allowing me to move faster than they expected, the surprise of my movement evident on their faces.

One of them raises his arm, a blade held tightly in his hand. He drives the blade down, coming into contact with my cooling flesh. I hear the muscles and tendons being sliced in my neck, feeling the weight of my head fall to the side. My body drops, my head hung askew from the rest of it, held on only by a thin strip of flesh. I can still see through my milky white-tinted eyes, my hunger strong and my mouth seeking something to satiate it. But my body won’t move, the link between my undead brain and it having been severed with the downward arc of that blade.

There’s nothing I can do at the moment except wait for a tasty morsel to come close enough to my waiting mouth. I have no idea how my hunger will ever be satisfied—with no stomach connected to my mouth, it will be impossible. I feel sadness, my brain finally letting the gravity of the situation sink in.

I’m dead, but I’m not. My mind has been awakened along with my body, the hunger for human flesh outweighing anything else.

I hear a shot but have no idea where it came from. The only thing I can see is the interior wall of the bus under one of the seats. I feel the bus shake slightly, but I can’t figure out why. There’s some shouting in the background but the hunger is overwhelming my brain. I need to eat. I want to eat. It’s like a phantom pain that consumes me.

The bus shakes again and my head shifts slightly. I can see the man as he walks down the aisle toward me, his ankles covered only by thin socks. His pant legs move as he walks, flashing the flesh of his legs for me. I see the pulsating veins, my hunger seeming to build even more. I see red and all I want is his blood, his flesh. I want it more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

He stands over me, his ankle tantalizingly close. I know he’s looking down at my broken form, wondering what the hell has happened. If only he’d get a little closer.

And then he does, my mouth sinking into the tender flesh. He tastes so good, it’s almost orgasmic. As I suck the blood from his body, chewing on the flesh I can tear away from the bone, he screams, falling to the floor next to me, putting him closer to my eager mouth.


About Julianne Snow

The grass isn't always greener... @CdnZmbiRytr #Zombie #FourthWallFriday

Julianne Snow is the author of the Days with the Undead series and Glimpses of the Undead. She is the founder of Zombieholics Anonymous and the Co-Founder and Publicist at Sirens Call Publications. Writing in the realms of speculative fiction, Julianne has roots that go deep into horror and is a member of the Horror Writers Association. With pieces of short fiction in various publications, Julianne always has a few surprises up her sleeves. Be sure to check out The Carnival 13, a collaborative round-robin novella for charity which she contributed to and helped to spearhead which was released in October 2013.

FB Project Pages: Days with the Undead, & Zombieholics Anonymous

Amazon Author Page - Pinterest - Google+

Julianne's Blogs: Days with the Undead, The FlipSide of Julianne & Zombieholics Anonymous


The grass isn’t always greener… @CdnZmbiRytr #Zombie #FourthWallFridayDays with the Undead: Book One
by Julianne Snow
Pages: 220
Published by Sirens Call Publications
on 2012-02-28
Genres: Fiction, Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Zombies
Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Smashwords • Book Depository • Kobo • • Goodreads •

It’s a journal of survival.

Five people set out to escape
the Undead who have risen too close to home. Join the emotional and physical
struggle as they began on the third day after the awakening of Brooks VanReit,
as they are recorded from the point of view of Julie, a former pathologist and
part-time survivalist.

Each entry is geared toward
helping those who want to help themselves and maybe give a few that don’t a
swift kick in the ass. Join our group of survivors on their journey through
these Days with the Undead.

“Our escape was narrow but our lesson important — never stop to stare”

Check out my REVIEW

How do you like your zombies…. Oh! Anyone watching Z Nation?



  1. Thank you for letting me breach the fourth wall Kriss 🙂 I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Great Fourth Wall Friday post, Kriss & Julianne! I really enjoyed the read – very fun and creative!! 🙂


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