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Surviving the #Zombie Apocalypse: an essential #infographic

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie walks, zombie TV shows, zombie books, and zombie movies may have you feeling overwhelmed by the undead. You may almost have become numb to the idea of a zombie apocalypse striking the world, because you’ve already seen and read about it so many times.

Don’t drop your guard, though! Even though the chances of zombies overrunning the earth are slim to none, many other types of potential disasters are very real, such as a hurricane or even some sort of outbreak of an illness. Making sure you have a plan of how you’ll react to some sort of overwhelming disaster, whether it’s a horde of zombies or a devastating tornado, is important to ensuring your survival.

Starting an Emergency Kit (aka a Bug Out Kit)

Even though it’s rare, an emergency can strike at any time. Some emergencies, such as a wildfire or an impending hurricane or an infestation of zombies, could require you to vacate your home in a hurry. Start with these five basic items in an emergency kit, as suggested by the accompanying infographic and the Web site, to help you be prepared for anything.

  1. Keeping warm is always tough in a disaster where traditional shelters have been compromised. Pack clothing you can wear in layers.
  2. Before you can return to your home area after a disaster, you may need to have identification with you, as officials will be trying to keep looters out of the area.
  3. First aid kits. Keep basic first aid supplies in your kit, as well as some personal medications.
  4. Light and batteries. A flashlight is important for disaster situations, and you may want to have extra batteries on hand too.
  5. Keep a portable radio with your kit, because if the disaster is strong enough, electrical power, cellular service and Internet service may be knocked out.

Finding Supplies

While it may be tempting to stock up on your favorite foods in anticipation of a natural disaster, a couple of gallons of Cherry Garcia ice cream and a stack of 1-inch thick t-bone steaks aren’t going to last long if the power goes out. Instead, read through the accompanying infographic to find a list of smart items to keep on hand as supplies for getting through a disaster, zombie-related or not.

  • Only keep a small amount of perishable food with you in a disaster. Stick with non-perishable food, such as canned nuts, protein bars, dried fruit, and canned soups.
  • Water and sanitation. Outside of battling zombies, finding enough water each day is probably going to be your toughest battle in a disaster situation. Either place a portable water-purification system in your emergency kit, or carry some household bleach to purify water.

Hideouts from Zombies

With your emergency kit and collection of supplies ready, now it’s time to find a safe area to hide from the zombies. This list of five sites, which combines ideal locations from the infographic and the Pocket Ranger, should help you ride out the zombie apocalypse safely!

  1. Blue Ridge Mountains, Va. Look for the Mount Weather Emergency Station, which is designed to allow government officials to ride out a devastating terrorist attack … if you can find the hidden outpost, that is.
  2. La Costa Island, Fla. An island should provide a reasonable protection from zombies, as well as keep you isolated from other humans during some sort of virus outbreak.
  3. Stokes County, N.C. Check out the Hanging Rock State Park, which provides a great location of high ground for scouting the surrounding area.
  4. Washington, D.C. It might just be a rumor, but the Capitol Visitors Center reportedly has a safe room to protect those inside from against any kind of attack.
  5. Waynesboro, Pa. The Raven Rock Mountain Complex, near the Pennsylvania-Maryland border, has an underground shelter designed to survive any sort of an attack.

You now should be set for surviving the zombie apocalypse. And if another type of natural disaster strikes first, you can still apply your acquired supplies and knowledge, so this will be preparation time well spent!

Survival Instructions for the Zombie Apocalypse
Survival Instructions for the Zombie Apocalypse Brought to you by your friends at

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Speaking of zombies, has anyone been watching Z Nation and or The Walking Dead? What do you think?

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