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Oh look!! Pretties! GenX: The Rising #CoverReveal for @LemurianGoddess


The cover for Generation X: The Rising is finally revealed!

I am really excited about this book. I love good Dystopian and Sci-fi and this one promises to be one heck of a ride! I cannot wait to read it, thankfully my promise of goats and bacon have gotten me on the list for an eARC. Woot! Generation X: The Rising also is available for pre-order with Amazon’s newly released ability for indie and self pubs!


Oh look!! Pretties! GenX: The Rising #CoverReveal for @LemurianGoddessGeneration X: The Rising
by Desiree DeOrto
on October 31, 2014
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction
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The Elder Race was a story told around campfires. Aliens, monsters, mad men. Those who believed were called insane, but they were right. They came from space, the seas, and below the earth. Turns out they were waiting, patiently waiting all this time. For what, no one knew, until now. They’re coming for what they think is rightfully theirs, the half-breeds that are part human, part Elder.

Once The Rising began, those who were different were gathered. Separated from the life they knew, those they loved, and moved into camps where they were tested and given the choice. But for Elizabeth, there was no choice at all. They meant to make super soldiers out of them. What they discovered instead was something that no one ever expected.

Sometimes monsters aren’t the things you can’t see, but rather, they’re the weapons of your own creation. When you’re part Elder, and part human, it’s hard to see which side of you is the true hero, and which side is the monster.  Everything Elizabeth thought she knew about herself and the world around her is changing, but will she be able to get through The Rising alive? Or will she become what the Government wants her to be: The ultimate weapon.

Now how about meeting our author. She not only is a budding author but she also is a cover designer. She designed her own cover and I have to say it is pretty much the shizznit. The goats like it too!


About Desiree DeOrto

Desiree DeOrto is a mother of four adorable little hellions. When she's not busy wiping noses, stopping toddler WWIII, cooking, or cleaning she can be found creating complex characters in believable worlds, throwing confetti, or causing general mayhem. Desiree believes in the power of words, and works hard to create an escape from reality through her stories. She loves to hear from readers so don't hesitate to contact her through Facebook.

Generation X: The Rising is not her first foyer into publishing. Please check out her others out on Amazon.

The Prophecy (Divinity Stone Book 1) - The Divine: (Divinity Stone Book 2)

A Stroke Of Luck (Bud's Diner Book 1)

Oh but wait… Goats will eat anything, even sci-fi dystopian goodies like Generation X: The Rising… I call this.. GenX-Goats!


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5 Stars
Overall: 5 Stars

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  1. Goat obsessed I tell you lol

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