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#MagictheGathering stole my soul – My idea of a #WordlessWednesday post!

Why is there no review, or interview or even a recipe? Well.. ummm Flat-Crack

My life force has been sucked into a deep dark blackhole.. of Magic the Gathering, and I am smiling from ear to ear!


I loved it, we had a ball. He had me listening and watching LOADING READING RUN and I was getting it more and more, understanding how to play and then.. Geoff came home with the Magic the Gathering 2015 CORE SET and I was lost in all it’s prettiness. We spent an evening popping open booster packs and organizing them into color piles before gathering them into decks. But…. I was overwhelmed so Geoff tempted me with take out and a trip to the grocery store for some Starbucks.. 

Maybe it was the bad Chinese food, maybe it was the need to do something that made Geoff smile and spend time together but when he showed and explained we could just get these ready to go starter decks to teach me, I was in. Sure, it is another thing to spend money on and for some of you it is considered a waste of time… The thing is, I had a ball! Geoff and I have two bricks to work with. One is the new 2015 Core Set and the other is a Theros brick. Currently he has four decks built, I have one which is just out of two boosters and a starter pack of Black and Red. It has been interesting and truthfully those of you with kids who are struggling learning math? Go get a few starter decks and learn how to play, it requires math. Why not learn and have fun AND spend time with your kids? Hey, I am not going to say STOP to reading, never. This requires them to read… sure it does, seriously this is complex and fun. Three out of my five kids are huge nerds… Pretty good odds! 

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If you are a Magic the Gathering addict player and have not discovered Cardboard Crack, better go read and laugh at yourself!! I know I am!!

TUMBLR JULY 29 cardboard-crack

If you are interested in watching some absolutely hilarious and serious episodes from LOADING READY RUN! Here is Season 11, the latest from this Victoria, BC group of awesomeness… hehehe beware though, you will become addicted!

What are you doing for fun with your significant other?

Flat Crack Addicts fun site - MAGIC THE GATHERING's Official Site!

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  1. Awesome idea of a wordless story. Very fun!


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