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New #Horror Blog Wilderness Apocalypse reviews Devil’s Wake by @StevenBarnes1 & @TananariveDue

Quick Review & a Quick Survival Tip


Today’s review is going to be a consistent series over at my new blog with Kai Wilson called Wilderness Apocalypse. I will be doing a review of individual books and series (since so many post-apocalyptic & zombie books tend to be series sets). I also want to add a quick tip the characters in the book added to my big box of survival necessities. So without further lukewarm MRE’s with clumpy coffee (you eat what you can on the road, am I right?)… here is a tease, just click the READ MORE and go over to Wilderness Apocalypse. Do me a favor and share Wilderness Apocalypse, we are trying to get it off the ground and we need all the readers we can get! Personally it is a brilliant blog, we each have our own side…. hehehe two evil minds put together.. ANYWAY here is what I am starting today:


It began on Freak Day—that day no one could explain, when strangers and family members alike went crazy and started biting one another. Some thought the outbreak was caused by a flu shot, others that it was a diet drug gone terribly wrong. All anyone knew is that once you were bitten and went to sleep, you woke up a freak.

New #Horror Blog Wilderness Apocalypse reviews Devil’s Wake by @StevenBarnes1 & @TananariveDueDevil's Wake
Pages: 290
on July 31, 2012
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What happens when an unprecedented infection sweeps the world, leaving the earth on the brink of the Apocalypse? 

But this infection goes far beyond disease. Beyond even the nightmare images of walking dead or flesh-eating ghouls. The infected are turning into creatures unlike anything ever dreamed of . . . more complex, more mysterious, and more deadly.

Trapped in the northwestern United States as winter begins to fall, Terry and Kendra have only one choice: they and their friends must cross a thousand miles of no-man's-land in a rickety school bus, battling ravenous hordes, human raiders, and their own fears.

In the midst of apocalypse, they find something no one could have anticipated . . . love.

Zombie lovers won’t be able to put down Barnes’ gripping yarn, which will leave
them hungry for the next installment.” — Booklist 

Adds welcome diversity to the crowded zombie field.” ( )

An enjoyable read . . . . solid storytelling.” ( Zombie Joe Reviews )

Very fast paced and wonderfully written horror.” ( Bookhounds Book Review )

The Freaks come out at Night!


Devil’s Wake and the second in the series, Domino Falls are two books I ‘ve been really wanting to dig into after reading one of the author’s fantasy books. He and his wife (writing duo for many fantasy reads) are clean solid writers and is apt at weaving character relationships which have you sitting on edge of your seat read. This style of writing is perfect for a good zombie survival book, it turns out he was able to do this and more..

Even after a month since finishing this I can remember the feelings evoked watching everyone develop fast and hard relationships and folding new found friends into the fold with ease. The cast is simple and part of the cast is going to be your quick survival tip, intrigued? I bet as soon as you read the list here you will know exactly … well let’s get on with this quick cast overview.

Kendra Brookings is the sixteen year-old who remembers exactly where she was when the virus started running rapid in Portland. She was sitting in the ER waiting to get the coveted flu shot, one of the last ones in the area. Ended up being a good thing they left

Read more on Wilderness Apocalypse…


And .. part of the new series over at the WA….. Quick Survival Tips learned from the book I review…. today’s involves man’s best friend…..

hipshotDon’t ditch the dog!

Find out why over at WILDERNESS APOCALYPSE with my new series:


OH! Before I forget, here is the short feature film with Joseph and Kendra from the short story which started it all:



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