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This is how a Monday should be in #Alaska

good morning alaska

Geoff came upstairs around 4AM this morning and I had already been asleep about three hours. I had planned on getting up at 8 AM to make Pita Bread and Hummus for your eyes and my belly but instead I ended up getting up around 5:30 AM, threw my last Dark Magic K-cup under my Freddy Keurig Machine and prayed it would actually fill the cup in one shot (yes I know I need to descale my machine but I am out of white vinegar at the moment!).

This morning the scent of summer lingered in from the open window above the sink. I slipped on my flip flops, grabbed my phone and stepped onto the porch. The neighbors dog had chased Herbert up a tree and he could not get back to the cabin. Herbert for you readers is the squirrel who shares our cabin living in the eaves. He and I have a love/hate relationship. He used to try and assassinate me when I went out to hang on the porch and now he just yells at me, just as he was yelling at the obnoxious huge-ass Malamute from across the street. The dog actually had the nerve to bark at me like I was in his yard.

When I went back into the house my coffee cup was full, the cat happily napping and not yelling at me for food and Geoff had finally stopped snoring and even though I am tempted to go back to bed I decided to get work done quickly and go for a walk before noon… on that note…

Good morning everyone! 


  1. Love the picture! So pretty! How was your pita bread???


    • My Pita is still resting, I should be able to make some for lunch. My hummus is DELISH!

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