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Late to the Party – My #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

I know most of the folks did their theme reveal on March 21st for the #AtoZChallenge, but I was still on my blog vacation. Plus I like to make a grand entrance *grin*.  I am sure some of you are still wondering what the heck happened and why were you gone and and and… well I shared most of what I planned on sharing HERE. But in a nutshell, I really needed a break from blogging daily. I had gotten in a horrible rut and was not posting enough original content for my liking, so I took a break, and reorganized my priorities.


This blog was originally created to be a personal sounding board for a wee Alaskan blogger who lived in a dry cabin in the Interior. At the time I was keeping a student blog which was required for my degree in New Media Journalism. It was a bit more serious than this one and focused on a specific topic. This one was for me to share my trials and tribulations while I finished my MFA and also helped me deal with all the stuff I was going through living here in this dry cabin.

Books are and always have been part of my life so it was natural for me to be steered into being a book blog, and though I still plan on talking about books I will also be doing even more recipes, more talking about Alaska and more original content. Since I am also focusing on graphic design and digital manipulation my posts will usually always have original content art wise. All I want is to be able to maintain one blog, this one, as me… Kriss Morton, Cabin Goddess… Alaskan hippie girl, prolific reader, a gal who can create a gourmet meal with fast food condiments and random ingredients.

So on that note………….. my theme is pretty simple and broad! But it also is allowing me to go back to what I wanted my blog to be when I first created it and when I named it Cabin Bitch. Funny, haha, I am still a bitch but a goddess of one!

The ABC’s of the Cabin Goddess: Alaska, Books and Cooking!

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Join me on Tuesday as I start my journey! I will be explaining more on each #AtoZChallenge post what my intentions are for the maintenance of the blog from here on out!

Late to the Party - My #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal


  1. Better late than never. See you around in April!

  2. Welcome back, Kriss!!!

  3. Stumbled on your blog through the A-Z challenge website. Looking forward to following your blog next month!

  4. I absolutely loved how you said that you were late and still you posted about the theme reveal. I had the same experience and yet I have written about the theme reveal. My theme is Freestyle 🙂

  5. My Cornish cottage seems far too tame by comparison, I think I have cabin envy. Liking the broad theme too, that leaves room for the writer to be surprised as well as the reader, which I think is important when you write a lot. Happy A-Z!

  6. Hallo, hallo!

    I didn’t realise you were going to be in the A to Z Challenge!?! We are doing something a bit alike then, as I am using the Challenge to reveal a bit more about why I am blogging & the stories in which I love to feature on my blog! Its been such a wonderful sweet week for me hosting Indie & Self-Pub authors that I am truly rockin’ in the A to Z with a heap of posts! In fact, throughout April the A to Z essays are going to be ‘below’ all the lovely blog tours because I found the challenge a bit after I had already scheduled things! 🙂

    Jorie’s A to Z Theme Reveal

    Look forward to seeing where your muse takes you!

    • Awesome! yep! It is my third year, I love doing the A to Z!

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