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My friends house burnt down!If you can help, please do.

January 29th one of my oldest friends lost everything. Without going into anything, someone purposely lit a fire while she was at school, left the wood stove open and let the dogs out and then left himself. There is currently an arson investigation but until then, she has the clothes on her back. It was a 90% loss, the truck MAYBE able to be saved but she is at a loss. If she misses class she is afraid they will kick her out of school, thankfully I cleared that up. She is disabled and she was left with nothing. If anyone wants to help, and for those who asked to help, here is a donation button. ALL MONEY WILL GO to help her get through this time. If you have any questions get in touch with me (all social media and email is on my stalker buttons. My Paypal business account is under kristine.morton @gmail .com [remove spaces] Thanks!). Or you can use the button below. Please send me a note so I know who to tell Linday sent and donated to her!




  1. Such a terrible thing! I am so glad she wasn’t injured.
    Show me some love!

  2. That is AWFUL. I hope she was at least insured. What a nice friend you are to do a shout-out about this on your blog!
    Show me some love!

    • Unfortunately her bank stopped the bundle of insurance and mortgage when her father died. The house is under a trust and they informed the TRUST and not her and her trust did not let her know in time. She had just called State Farm three days before to start all the paperwork but because the house had been uninsured for a longer period of time then .. I don’t totally get all of it, but they had to arrange an inspection, meanwhile she was going to sign a paper that at least had her sort of covered etc… but that was the day the place burned down. And thanks.
      Show me some love!

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