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Cupcakes and Pilates with @MCDoidge #FourthWallFriday

Welcome Meghan Ciana Doidge author of many lovely stories which also include the Dowser Series. (ohh she has a post apocalyptic book too peeps!) You may remember the blast I did for #2, Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic for Book Nerd Tours? Well She decided to have some fun with a Fourth-Wall Friday challenge! Like many authors she needed to get her muse in the groove so she went and did some Pilates, because you know yoga, it always helps the brain flow better. Problem with excersize? It also causes you munchies a bit hungry … perhaps? Oh and if you’re an author, it drags you into your own world of make belief.. or is it? All I know is I want a dozen cupcakes now! Oh and check out the bottom I have a special giveaway for a US winner! (INT winner will be a Kindle version of it). Oh and so here are two out of three of great things… cupcakes and a giveaway.. I am not into bending and sweating. I like my Pilates with wind chimes and a yogi… and a nap afterwards… oh and a cupcake…


I’d just finished my weekly Tuesday 10 a.m. Pilates class and – after pulling on three layers of hand knits because Vancouver was unseasonably sunny and therefore cold – I was resolved to hustle home and chain myself to the computer. I was, rather desperately now, attempting to get the first draft of the third book in my Dowser series out of my head and onto the page. Some days the muse flowed endlessly and some days the cats (three Persians, BTW) ruled my desk and provided endless distraction … not to mention Facebook, and Twitter, and my blog, and Goodreads – I digress. Badly.

So, I was heading home to write when a waft of wind assaulted me with the aromas of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. What – oh what – delicious thing, was that?

I turned, following my nose instead of my determination to be a good, productive writer, and saw that a new cupcake bakery had opened up beside the wine shop.

Cake in a Cup.


Cake in a Cup? That was the name of the bakery in my Dowser Series. A bakery that didn’t actually exist in Vancouver on West Fourth Avenue. I mean it didn’t actually exist in the real world.

Did it?

Had I just not noticed it before? Had I subconsciously written the bakery into my novels?

I took a few more steps toward the entrance. I could clearly see trinkets made from bits of jewelry, pebbles, broken china, and other found objects hanging in the French-paned windows.

This couldn’t be happening. But … I could see it right there … right there.

The bakery door opened again as a smiling customer stepped out with a box of cupcakes in hand.

The intoxicating scent hit me a second time. I stepped closer. I couldn’t bring myself to enter, but I practically plastered myself to the window.

Within, Jade was standing behind the cupcake display case. Her blond curls, indigo eyes, and other ample assets clearly identifying her as the main character of my Dowser series of books.

I felt dizzy.

This was some elaborate joke. Some completely overdone prank. I had friends who were filmmakers. They could totally pull something like this off … but why?

It had to be real.

I could feel the cool glass underneath my palm. I could smell the cupcakes. I could see Jade.

She was prettier than she thought she was. Hips were way underrated.

What if I walked in?

Would I break the illusion? Would it all disappear? Would the cupcake turn to ash in my mouth?

Would Jade be completely different than I imagined her?

The thought scared me more than the appearance of the bakery had thrilled me.

I stepped away from the window.

What if it was real? What if I had made it real? What if that was my magical ability? A magical storytelling power?

Was I brave enough to walk through the front door?

My phone rang.

I dug it out of my pocket. The call was from a number I didn’t recognize. I silenced the phone and looked back at the bakery.

Except it wasn’t a bakery anymore. It was the wine shop it had always been.

Oh, God. I really needed to get back to writing. I obviously needed to get this story out of my head so badly that I was now hallucinating the damn bakery.

Embarrassed that I’d been gaping through the wine shop window for what had to be three minutes now, I hustled west down the sidewalk.

But … what if it had been real? Real maybe just for that moment?

The wind shifted again, bringing the aroma of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry with it.

I smiled, and didn’t glance back.

– Meghan [Tuesday, Jan 7, 2014]

{From inside the world of the Dowser Series by Meghan Ciana Doidge}


Cupcakes and Pilates with @MCDoidge #FourthWallFridayCupcakes, Trinkets other Deadly Magic
Series: Dowser #1
by Meghan Ciana Doidge
Pages: 232
on June 19, 2013
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
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If you’d asked me a week ago, I would have told you that the best cupcakes were dark chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing, that dancing in a crowd of magic wielders — the Adept — was better than sex, and that my life was peaceful and uneventful. Just the way I liked it.

That’s what twenty-three years in the magical backwater of Vancouver will get you — a completely skewed sense of reality. Because when the dead werewolves started showing up, it all unraveled … except for the cupcake part. That’s a universal truth.

Note: This 68,000 word urban fantasy is the first book of the Dowser Series by author Meghan Ciana Doidge.

Find the Dowser #2,  Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic at Amazon ~ Goodreads



Meghan Ciana Doidge is an award-winning writer and also an award winning independent film maker based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  (Personally this blogger thinks she pretty dang awesome!) She has a penchant for bloody love stories, superheroes, and the supernatural. She also has a thing for chocolate, potatoes, and sock yarn.

Novels – After The Virus, Spirit Binder, Time Walker, Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic – Dowser #1, Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic – Dowser #2

Novellas – Love Lies Bleeding

Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Goodreads

Is a cupcake really a cupcake without the frosting?

Cupcakes and Pilates with @MCDoidge #FourthWallFriday

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Ever wonder what happens if you were to break into your world build and sit down and have a beer with your main characters? I think I would love to have tea with Jane Eyre, or discuss the best way to take care of vampires with Jane Yellowstone…maybe having Susie Shotgun take me out for some Angels Tears…

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FWF-300-BUTTAllow yourself as an author to open up a new avenue of sharing your AUTHOR PERSONA & WORLD BUILD in a unique and creative fashion.. Just take a chance, write fluidly and from within that “place” you hangout at with your muse. Or perhaps walk in the door, tuck into a corner & watch your characters get into trouble before you take a chance and talk to them…


  1. A cupcake is NOT A CUPCAKE without frosting!
    Show me some love!

  2. a cupcake needs frosting…..however……i don’t like cake…..or buttercream…..or most frosting…..yet i’m a baker……hmmmm. i suppose that’s a good thing! even though i don’t like them, i do, however, LOVE to bake them and create new flavors….both for cake and frosting 🙂 the latest cupcake my friend and i created was a strawberry cupcake with a champagne icing. ok now i’m getting away from the original question. so…..basically, a cupcake is the exact opposite of the human body……without frosting it’s naked……and who wants to lick or eat that? now think of frosting as another word for ‘clothes’….get where i’m going with this? no? ok, you need to brush up on your gutter skills!

  3. oh good, I was already craving chocolate treats… now I’m craving cupcakes!

    I’m definitely going to have to check out the Dowser series too. It sounds really good 🙂
    Show me some love!

    • Oh and nope, a cupcake without frosting is just a muffin 🙂
      Show me some love!

  4. Kriss – thanks so much for letting me play with you on Fourth Wall Friday today!! And OMG, that cupcake cookbook looks AMAZING!!
    Show me some love!

  5. I’ve been told a cupcake without frosting is a muffin.

  6. Heather nailed it – it’s a muffin.

  7. No a cupcake is NOT I repeat NOT a cupcake without frosting. All that sugary creamy mass of goodness it was puts the yum into a cakey muffin LOL Thank you for making me smile 🙂

  8. For anyone wondering what is up, We are having a CUPCAKE WAR! The question in the Rafflecopter asks…………. IS IT REALLY A CUPCAKE without the FROSTING (frosting can be ganache, buttercream, whipped cream etc… but some kind of topping) So… IS IT? YOUR ANSWER matters!

  9. Hmmm, the name itself suggests a cake in a cup. There is no mention or reference to frosting or icing in the name. So nekkid or not it is still a cupcake! Although, I am a cream cheese frosting/icing type of girl.

  10. Dang, I forgot to mention I think Cupcakes, Trinkets other Deadly Magic sounds like a really good book. I will have to check it out. 🙂

  11. Cupcakes! Enough said????????

  12. The frosting is the best part of the cupcake! Even though I am lactose-intolerant, because I managed to make lactose-free buttercream and it was delicious!

  13. Can’t imagine a cupcake without frosting. No way.

  14. Cupcakes without frosting, no way!!

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