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All I wanted for Christmas was @ChuckWendig.. oh and a puppy #TheCormorant

Guess what I got? CHUCK!! I didn’t get a puppy and Asrielle is grateful. Of course if I had she would have killed me in my sleep so things would be very quiet around here. Cats, I swear! But I did get Chuck! I got him TODAY, the day his book is released.. HOLY FUCKBUDDIES, Daddy! Can I have Chuck for New Years too!? Ummmm sorry *coughing* I just am a bit of a fangirl. I mean, come one people IT IS CHUCK FUCKING WENDIG!.. the WENDIGO!  What!? You don’t know who the great Wendigo is? Well if you want to go grab a copy of BLACKBIRDS, the first book in this amazing series, it is FREE from CHUCK himself! *fainting into my BLT* Grab it HERE! (Better grab it today because it will only be there till the end of the year which is in *looking at watch* well… CRAP TODAY!


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to interview with me. I have a somewhat Cabin Goddess standard I customize up a bit for each author, but the main gist is here. I hope you enjoy answering these, as they can be quite fun if you want them to be! I tried to create something that fit with my blog and readers and also allowing you to express yourself and your book in a non-traditional way, if you choose to go that route. In other words, my blog is fun, so have fun yourself! I know you are a VERY busy man and I am honored to be able to get a chance to have you here! Ummm VERY VERY VERY excited and honored! *grin*

CG -Tweet the book: You are challenged to tweet a synopsis of the book to include your tweet handle, GO! 

Miriam Black is back, drawn into a trap as a killer sends her a message back through time and written in blood… #TheCormorant by @ChuckWendig


CG – Everyone knows who Chuck Wendig, or at least they should. But if they don’t and since they have your “about the author” bio below, how about giving us a bit more about Chuck. Perhaps something on one knows or would never make a professional bio!

Well. Everyone knows I’m a penmonkey. They probably all know I tweet and blog a lot. That I have a toddler. That I have a face-carpet of hyper-intelligent hive-mind cilia I call a “beard.”


CG – My introduction to your “Terrible Mind” was with Shotgun Gravy and as much as I love Atlanta, Miriam is definitely a favorite of mine, even though she scares the bejeebus out of me. Her story is a unique one, is there surprise coming in book three?

The book is chockablock with crazy surprises! Characters you thought you’d never see again return. Characters you were sure would be present are nowhere to be found. Plus: we get to meet Miriam’s mother. Gasp.

Random things you’ll find in this book: cormorants (duh), gannets, seagulls, a mystery box, a psychic named “Sugar,” a dead Santa Claus, an engagement ring, surprising sexual encounters, America’s Hot Moist Land-Wang (aka “Florida”), rum, angry Jimmy Buffet references, and so much more.

CG – YOU USED MOIST.. MOIST *shuddering.. gag…* ewwwwwww ummm OK forgiven because right after that you used Land-Wang… you’re forgiven! Moving on!

CG – What would you do if you knew when and how were you going to die?

I’d try to find Miriam so she could save my poor gonna-be-dead ass.

CG – On that same note, have you killed anyone off in your books to relieve stress since you cannot do that in real life? (snickering) There had to be someone who bit it (yes I meant that pun) from a real life experience?

I don’t think any of the victims have been anyone I’ve known or wanted dead ß things authors say for legal reasons but are totally true WINK WINK.

CG – Is there a genre, other than the ones you currently write in, that you are planning on taking on and taking over? 

I want to write all the genres. Seriously! I mean, I’ve already written sci-fi, horror, crime, urban fantasy. Written both YA and adult. I can do it all! Moo hoo ha ha.

CG – But can you write BaconPunk? A new form of Bacon induced futuristic bacon grease driven steam engines… ?? Hmm??? 

CG – If Blackbirds were to be picked up for a movie trilogy (and let’s face it, how bad-ass would that be?) who would you cast as Miriam Black? (if you have any other characters or ideas go for it and list them) Did you have any celeb when you were writing her? Say at least as an image?

Mila Kunis? Lizzy Caplan? Kate Mara?

What one line would you love to hear her say?

Anything foul-mouthed. I want to hear the vileness drip from her tongue. 

CG – Ohhhhh any of those three lovelies would be amazing!

CG – Do you have any vices that you turn to while you are writing (as in what candy / snack food / Glen Livet / Wine Coolers / 80’s hair band you break out in song too when you just cannot figure out the next line to write and that bitch of a muse is off on her own hunt)?

ChemexOnly true vice is coffee. Good coffee. Made with a Chemex.

CG – What are some of Miriam’s vices? Oh man we know a few but not everyone has read the stories!

Miriam smokes. Drinks. She eats like a starving horse. She curses. Though the question is – is her psychic ability to see how others are going to die one of her vices? I might argue that it is, given the events of MOCKINGBIRD.

CG – *snickering* I love Miriam!

CG – What do you do when you’re not writing? (ie: What festive things do you do for fun? What things do you do when you make yourself have fun, and what is on the top of your list to do when you actually take two days for you and family)

Wait, there are times when I’m not supposed to be writing? Oh. That sounds nice.

(Seriously, I’ve got like, four books I have to write in the next 10 months. Oops.)

More seriously…

Being the parent of a toddler sort of means being a life support system for that tiny little wolverine tornado. But when time does allow, it’s usually about food and booze and maybe a book or a movie.

CG – During the zombie apocalypse, what fictional character would you want watching your back if Coburn was not available? (Let’s face it, Mariam is kind of past her use at this point, no one really wants to know when they are going to die at this point, everyone is basically dead).

A character of my own devising? Mookie Pearl from THE BLUE BLAZES is a human juggernaut.

CG – If your book was a meal what would it be? Meat and potatoes? Vegetarian? A light nouveau cuisine? A can of sardines on Saltines? A bottle of Rye and a hooker?

I’ll only say this: it’ll be a bloody meal, whatever it is.


Nanooks do it in Style

CG – I understand bloody meals! Heck I live in Alaska, here we follow the examples of polar bears *snickering* 

CG – Create a drink (with or without booze) representing your book in name and ingredients!

Let’s go with a variation on that wonderful bitter drink –

The Miriam Negroni


  • 1 oz dark rum
  • 1 oz. Campari
  • 1 oz. sweet vermouth
  • The juice of a blood orange.
  1. You could go old school and just use gin – while rum fits the part of the book where Miriam descends to Florida, the book also is set around Christmastime and one cannot deny that gin sometimes tastes like a liquefied o be really authentic you should probably also lacquer the edges with cremated human remains or cigarette ash.
  2. Or just drink the whole thing through a human skull.


  • Beer, Wine, Shot Glass and a bottle? YES
  • Accept or Tempt fate? SPIT IN ITS GODDAMN EYE
  • Ho Hos or Ding Dongs? TASTYKAKESTastykake
  • Helmet, Baseball Hat or Scalp? STRONGBAD SKULL CAP
  • Killer clown or Clown killer? BOTH IN A SEXUAL EMBRACE (CG Ummm… OK Chuck 😀 *smothering my hands in hand sanitizer)
  • Zombies, Vampires, Politicians or Killer Clowns ?(so I am a little obsessed) COBURN
  • Working stiff of a Demon, Succubus or Tammy Fay Bakker? ALL THE SAME THING (CG – umm ya I agree, Chuck)
  • Duct tape or Zip Ties? DUCT TAPE
  • Chainsaw arm or shotgun leg J? GROOVY (CG – I concur again!)
  • Zombie Apocalypse, mysterious pandemic or Government released biological to ritualistically cleanse the earth of mouth breathers? ALL OF THE ABOVE
  • Learn battle techniques from a Viking or a ninja or Daryl?(shrugging, don’t judge me, I have a fangirl problem) THERE IS ONLY DARYL

CG – *coughing* I concur, oh Wendigo

CG – Anything you would like to add… appearances, upcoming releases, where I can find someone to adjust the algorithms for my time machine?

THE CORMORANT launches at Word Bookstore in Brooklyn on January the 8th!


Chuck-WendigChuck is the author of the published novels: Blackbirds, MockingbirdThe CormoranUnder the Empyrean Sky, Blue Blazes, Double Dead, Bait Dog, Dinocalypse Now, Beyond Dinocalypse and Gods & Monsters: Unclean Spirits. He also the author of the soon-to-be-published novels: Blightborn (Heartland Book #2), Heartland Book #3, Dinocalypse Forever, Frack Youand The Hellsblood Bride. Also coming soon is his compilation book of writing advice from this very blog: The Kick-Ass Writer, coming from Writers Digest.

He, along with writing partner Lance Weiler, is an alum of the Sundance Film Festival Screenwriter’s Lab (2010). Their short film, Pandemic, showed at the Sundance Film Festival 2011, and their feature film HiM is in development with producers Ted Hope and Anne Carey. Together they co-wrote the digital transmedia drama Collapsus, which was nominated for an International Digital Emmy and a Games 4 Change award.

Chuck has contributed over two million words to the game industry, and was the developer of the popular Hunter: The Vigil game line (White Wolf Game Studios / CCP). He was a frequent contributor to The Escapist, writing about games and pop culture.

Much of his writing advice has been collected in various writing- and storytelling-related e-books.

He currently lives in the forests of Pennsyltucky** with wife, two dogs, and tiny human.

He is likely drunk and untrustworthy. You can find him at TERRIBLEMINDS.COM

You may reach him at terribleminds [at] gmail [dot] com.

Twitter ~ Flickr ~ Goodreads ~ Angry Robots


Miriam Black is back.

Miriam Black, the poison pill psychic who can see how you’re going to die just by touching you, returns in a new high-stakes horror adventure that drags her from the hoarfrost hell of Philadelphia in winter to the bleachy bleary sand-brined Sunshine State of Florida.  In The Cormorant, someone has a score to settle with Miriam Black, and sends a message written in blood sent through the cruel channels of fate to spur her forward on a path twined with revenge and redemption. New loves, old family, broken relationships — all of it crashes together sure as the dark surf smashes into the bone-white seawall.


If you have not read the series, you can get caught up with the others, and I highly recommend it!

Miriam Black Book #1: Blackbirds
Miriam Black Book #2: Mockingbird

*All images are either ones I bought from, from the publisher or from direct permission from The Wendigo himself (yep, asked him, he said “you have permission re: photos.” after I accidently asked him if he wanted to play DnD – Chuck – “WAIT I WANNA PLAY DND TOO”

**The forests of Pennsyltucky  are the woodsy backwater/wood suburbs between Philadelphia, Pittsburgh (at least according to all my hours and hours of google research)


  1. My pre-order of The Cormorant is already on its way. Thanks book depository. Also Chuck Wendig was in Australia and I did not know this. This makes me mega sad face. Chuck you must return and sign my books. Last but not least OMG CHUCK WENDIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This was one of the weirdest and greatest interviews I have ever been tasked with answering. Thanks for having me, Kriss!

    • Coming from you? That is a double compliment. Thanks for interviewing with me. It was a HUGE honor! Great drink recipe *wink*

  3. Did a busy read for this. The series just keeps on getting better and better. Lively interview! Happy new year!

    • I love LOVE the series! I realize there are more coming so my plans to do a series review is fried. I want to re-read the first two again and read this one, just so it is fresh. I read Cormorant this fall when I got it from Angry Robots and it is amazing but the experience from reading all three back to back will be WOWZA. Have you read any of his other books?

  4. The Wendigo meets the Cabin Goddess. Oh my head…. (Great interview! 😀 )

  5. Thanks for posting about Blackbirds being free, I grabbed a copy. Thanks Chuck and Kriss, and happy new year too!

  6. Very, very fun interview. Thanks for the New Year laugh – both of you. And Happy New Year, dah-link Kriss. You’re the best. You’re great, too, Chuck, I’m sure – I just don’t know you 🙂

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