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Merry Jinglemass! “Frost and Other Short Stories” – Dark Holiday Tales! #hohoho



I just read this and am giggling and still a bit shocked. Wow what a fun way to spend some of my Christmas Eve! I would grab this asap, even if you do not read it today or even in the next week, this is just great. I love twisted humor and this is full of it and horror and… I don’t want Rudolf eating my face off either!  Just go pick it up and load it into your new ereader! It is on Smashwords and over at Amazon! .. Oh… hehe.. hehehe yes and have a VERY Meaty ,Messy and Merry Christmas!

Merry Jinglemass! “Frost and Other Short Stories” – Dark Holiday Tales! #hohohoFrost and Other Stories
by Ian Rideout (Author), James J. Murray (Author), L. K. Hatchett (Author), Nolie Platt (Illustrator), Tina Traverse (Author)
on December 24, 2013
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Containing a handful of short stories and the novelette 'Frost', this holiday anthology brings together stories about the dark side of the season. This blackly humorous and chilling collection explores aspects of the holidays you won't read about in Chicken Soup for the Soul. Get your whiskey; it's going to be a long night.

--You won't be disappointed, a little SCARE in your holidays is nothing to be worried about? Right? Ho-ho-HORROR

Scary Christmas

Merry Jinglemass! "Frost and Other Short Stories" - Dark Holiday Tales! #hohoho

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  1. Thanks for sharing the fun! Nods head Messy Christmas indeed 🙂

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