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Mega Author Holiday Gift Bash from @LadyReaderStuff Good Choice Reading & Cabin Goddess


Mega Author Bash – Happy Holidays!

Three different publicists that run three different blogs are working together to bring some joy and happiness into your lives this holiday season.

December 24 – Jan 1st

Damaris from Good Choice Reading, Amy from Lady Reader’s Bookstuff and myself have coordinated a festive giveaway featuring gifted eBooks, paperbacks and hardbacks! Along with that authors and others have donated epic swag and other goodies. All of these wonderful gifts given in the spirit of the holidays from a plethora of authors, bloggers and publishers. 

We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday and remember to be kind to one another. 

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Participating Authors, Publicists & Bloggers:

snowflakeA.R. Von
Alexandria Weis
Amalie Howard
Anderson O’Donnell
Andrew Smith
Angela Corbett
Ann Marie Frohoff
Annie Walls
Becki Saltzman
Belle Whittington 

C. E. Kilgore
Cheryl Rainfield
Christina Lee
Christopher Lord
Confessions of Vi3tBabe
Crissa Chappell
D.T. Dyllin
Dawn Pendelton
Dawna Raver

snowflakeDionne Lister
Dragonfairy Press

Elaine Wolf
Elizabeth Loraine
Ellen Hopkins
Erika Szabo
Felicia Tatum
Hatter 2 Hatter Designs
Heather Brewer
Hunter S. Jones
Jennifer Lane
Jodie A. Kessler
John Abramowitz
Jordan Deen
Kat Zhang
Katey Schultz
Keith Kornell
Kenya Wright
Kristina Knight
Magan Vernon 

snowflakeMarcia Riefer Johnston
Mary Ting
Mia Castile
Michelle Brown
MindBuck Media, Book Publicity
Nicki Scalise
O.L. Ramos
Rachel Harris
Read My Mind
Richard Long
Samantha Wilson
Sarah J. Pepper
Sarah M. Cradit
Sarah Madison
Shanti Krishnamurty
T.M. Goeglein
Tish Tower
Trey Hall
Victoria Stolte

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Happy Holidays:


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Hosted by:

Good Choice Reading    Cabin Goddess




  1. Thank you for the giveaway. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  2. Killer giveaway guys.

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