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“Innocent Blood” by @JamesRollins brought to you by Butterfinger Bites & Rockstar

Posted by on Dec 8, 2013 in Books, Interviews & Interviews with Recipes, Nerd Lovin', Promotions | 5 comments

James-Rollins-Interviewed-on-the-Cabin-GoddessI am not sure I have words to express how honored I am to have one of my literary favorites on the blog today. Some of you know just how much I fangirled all over Facebook and twitter about this, but just to catch up those of you who have never been here, I am a huge James Rollins fan! I remember when he friended me on Twitter and followed me on Pinterest (yes he followed me first!). I have read everything the man has written, well except I have not finished this book yet. (hanging head in shame) I have started it though, and I have read THE BLOOD GOSPEL & all the shorts and novellas leading up to the second book, INNOCENT BLOOD, which releases on Tuesday December 10th! There is just not enough bacon, cookies or chocolate to express my gratitude and honor at having James Rollins here today!  Thanks so much! … 

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