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I’ve been #Steampunk’d – books, art, fashion, games & more (part 1 of 4)

I was asked what I thought the Steampunk culture was all about earlier this week… I had to think because it is about many things, but if I were to nail it down to a short and sweet thing.. it would be steampunk is about creation, invention and experimenting with specific styles…


For the next three weeks I am going to be having spotlights, articles, editorials and commentaries centered around Steampunk. Much of my focus in sub-cultures has been centered around the garb (clothing), food and photography. Be it Steampunk, cyberpunk and medieval reinactment (SCA). I have always been fascinated with the ideology of “punk” defining a sub-culture. Being partnered to an actual Punk musician has allowed for a much broader learning base than just dress up, eat and be merry. Steampunk itself for me was an easy win. I already was in love with the literature. Plus, I can admit I like pretties, and there are a few pretties I am especially fond of. Hats, corsets and eye-wear (on top of my flip-flop obsession, my sunglasses and other eye-wear collection is something to behold)…

Guess what are the top three things in a steampunks steamer trunk?

I've been #Steampunk'd - books, art, fashion, games & more (part 1 of 4)

I've been #Steampunk'd - books, art, fashion, games & more (part 1 of 4)

My latest addition to my collection Victorian Welding Goggles (coming soon to a shopping trip near you!)

Tinkers be welcome!

It is nothing new, this Steampunk thing, in fact it’s a trend with roots going back to the 1800’s. I maybe a book blogger, but as you know I also am a person who loves to tinker with anything, be it food, yarn, beads, and especially textiles. I love creating, so when I first discovered Steampunk was more than just a role playing game or a genre in books for me, it was an excuse to really have fun. I was all over it like cogs on a Steampunkette’s corset! But there are many reasons myself and eccentric and festive folks like me are drawn to this wonderful culture and trend.

Steampunk, oh how I love thee … let me count the ways!


The Garb

I love the garb. Not just the look, but creating the look. Steampunk at it’s roots is about invention and reinvention. Re-purposing, so for a textilier like me, this is a dream come true!


This is my group board on Pinterest. We also have one for the group called Steampunk’d (yes I stole the term, thanks Stevie!),  Miss Andi-Roo has hers and of course Steampunk Goggles is another one I have gotten to pin from (see contest and coupon goodies below).

The PhotographyI've been #Steampunk'd - books, art, fashion, games & more (part 1 of 4)

 & ArtI've been #Steampunk'd - books, art, fashion, games & more (part 1 of 4)

The Music

An audiotorian is a Steampunk Musician. Guillaume Muller best known as Spiky, is the mysterious genius behind master works like Paleblackand Carnival Symposium.  Defining Steampunk music is indeed very hard… If I only had to talk about the sound aspect, I would say that the sound itself is typically DIY (“Do it yourself”) with heteroclyte and vintage elements … can help to render and give a Steampunk color to the music.” (interview with The Decimononic)

The Stories


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by by Jules Verne (1870)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is written by a man who is considered the father of science fiction, Jules Verne. Disney has kept this on the top and it also is the influence for all the lovely tentacles you find in some of the great reads out there. (Lovecraft didn’t have the market on tentacles). The tinkering, the creations and inventing only starts with this book and continues with the rest of the Extraordinary Adventures. Science fiction, pre-steampunk term, gadgets and gizmos!

Amazon ~ Goodreads


The Warlord of the Air by Micheal Moorcock (1971)

Another early example of steampunk, The Warlord of the Air is the first in a series featuring Victorian air captain Oswald Bastable. One of Moorcock’s Eternal Champions. Bastable finds himself transported from 1902 to an alternate version of 1973 where technology has evolved somewhat differently and World War I never happened. I read this in the early 1980’s and fell in love not only with alternative histories but also with Moorcocks Eternal Champion series. Classic steampunk time travel.

Amazon ~ Goodreads


Infernal Devices by by K.W. Jeter (1987)

A classic by the very man who coined the term ‘steampunk,’ Infernal Devices tells the story of George Dower, an idle young gentleman who has inherited his father’s watchmaking business. The kicker? he has no real talent, nor does he really care. That is until a strange man brings in an strange device he has never seen before. Blissfully unaware of the full extent of his father’s creations, George gets sucked into a world of intrique. This novel of Victorian London features automatons, fish people, time travel and sexual intrigue.

Amazon ~ Goodreads


Boneshaker by Cherie Priest (2009)

Boneshaker is the first book in Cherie Priest’s award winning series The Clockwork Century. Ms. Priest is a fellow Pacific Northwester whose writing reintroduced me to the steampunk literary genre. It is set in an alternative 1880’s Seattle in the midst of an American civil war. It is about a mother’s quest to protect her son who is on his own quest to clear his father’s name. Fantasy, science fiction, history and horror. It is a great adventure! Oh wait, I forgot the best part……..zombies

Amazon ~ Goodreads

The Role Playing (tabletop and Live Action – LARP)



The Creativity

The Unusual

Steampunk Star Wars at SDCC 2013 (photo credit Nerds in Babeland)

Steampunk Star Wars at SDCC 2013 (photo credit Nerds in Babeland)

I think you can see from this small list, Steampunk is not just about the genre in fiction, it is not just about cos-play and LARP-ing, it is not just for the obsessed crazy people who live in the woods fans, it is starting to seep everywhere. Interesting tidbit I read, around 33% of the chatter about fashion can be found on gaming sites.

Oh let’s not forget the video games! But I think I will save that one the man of the house and a later article.

Oh dear, I did kind of go overboard while researching and have been lost in finding epic Steampunk photography and artwork, Web-isodes and blogs with electronic graphic novels, not to mention for the creative tinkerer of fabric and a glue gun; the DIY sites & guides showing me how to make even more accoutrements for my ever growing Steampunk collection & outfits using items found at flea markets and The Dollar Store upwards to remnants of silk and lace helping you invent beautifully intricate dresses and suites laden down with clockwork and keys.

Though this trend which has literary roots and is a lot more than just the look , the “look” is the most visible part of Steampunk, especially to mundanes. Steampunk borrows heavily and deliberately from what was fashionable in the Victorian, Wilhelminean and Edwardian Eras, you will find it riddled with men and women wearing the following:

Top Hates, monocles, Pocket watches, and corsets on the Punkettes (or those that want to keep it all in in case they are shot during an airship war… leather, metal … can you say bulletproof-ish vest? And of course… the pivotal point, the goggles. Any one Steampunker worth their salt will have goggles that rock. Whether they are simple mechanic coggler goggles or complex ones with magnifying lenses and lights. They can even be used to identify just what roll the person plays. You can make them yourself, or you can invest in a well-made pair. 


Want to start off your Steampunk experience in style?

Grab a pair of gorgeous & well made goggles from like mine! (I plan on making Geoff help me create an instagram flash video star in his new role in “Bumbles and Brains“, the Steampunk story of a new Alaskan Zombie hunting Superhero who stings zombies dead!) I got my pair for $5 off and since my goggles were more than $30 bucks, FREE SHIPPING (even to AK! hello, that was a huge selling point right there!) If you want a pair, use the coupon code of TRIBERR1!


All my Pinning addicts, want a chance to win a pair of gear worthy goggles? 

Two of my favorite things coming together for a chance to win pretties! #Steampunk and Pinterest (US)



Prize – Three winners will win a pair of goggles from teh site valued at $40 or more!

Create a Steampunk board on Pinterest.Oh, if this is even possible but let’s put it out there just in case, If you are one of those people who have yet to make a Pinterest run, do not walk and set yours up here – and create said board!

  1. ^^^ Pin the contest button to your new Steampunk board. (or you can re-pin it from my board HERE)
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Must have a US address, must be 18 years +, or have parental consent to enter, proof of age will be required to claim the awesome prize. The contest ends Friday November 15th, 2013 at MIDNIGHT EST. Winners will be announced within 72 hours (11/18).  No purchase necessary. Be sure to read the official contest rules here.

By entering this contest, you are also opting in to our email newsletter in order to receive product and contest updates, sales and promotions. You may subscribe at any time. No purchase is necessary to win, and purchases will not influence your chances of winning.

~Follow Steampunk Goggles on Pinterest~

Watch for more Steampunk goodness, including Interviews with authors, DIY videos, commentary and even an original short story! Suggestions? What do you want to talk about which involves the Steampunk movement? 

Part 1 of 4 in the Cabin Goddess get’s Steampunk’d


This is a sponsored post! I opened my mail up and saw that I had been invited to participate in Triberr’s campaign for Considering my obsession since reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the fact I am obsessed just a wee bit (literature, Graphic novels, LARP, Cos-play, formal teas, webisodes, ideology… Cons.. ya obsession) I jumped in with both feet! You know me, if I have a box to play in I go for the gusto and never do anything halfway.

Some of the images used for my photo montage in photography & art are creative common licensed images from unless otherwise noted. The term Steampunk’d was adopted from our Pinterest Board for this campaign, L.A. Story’s,  Stevie Wilson, I am stealing it because it is exactly how I feel this week, in a most epic way.


I've been #Steampunk'd - books, art, fashion, games & more (part 1 of 4)


  1. As i said to Kriss on facebook: ” I actually liked how you made it seem like i should like steampunk more than i do.
    You presented it as
    “Steampunk is cool, it’s not everyone’s bag but i am Kriss morton, fuck you LIKE STEAMPUNK” XD ” – So yea, UNICORN BACON SHARDS PLZ NAO

  2. Wow, you really put together a good and extensive article on steampunk. Congratulations, thank you (for introducing me to Spiky, I didn’t know them!). I’d have expected Abney Park in the music section, and Unwoman, and DNBS, and a lot more – but you can’t have it all, can you? 🙂

    • I just wanted to put someone in there that I adore, plus he is a growler, I have a think for growlers. Everyone knows Abney and DNBS! This guy is pretty amazing!

  3. When I think steampunk I think Jules Verne, the garb for sure which is so hawt and steam technology

  4. Loving the steampunk- going to a Steampunk costume ball tonight. So excited 🙂

  5. Wow. What a comprehensive intro into all things stempunk! I’ve been ‘following’ the subgenre for a while, but have never really dived in. This post has it all – music, clothing, and OMGGOGGLES! I really love the creative and inventive nature of steampunk and steampunk costumes!

  6. Love what you have done with this article. With a serious insider curation you covered a lot of different segments (books, fashion & videos) and shows the depth of content and information about SteamPunk culture!

    Borrow whatever you need .. I am not claiming exclusivity of the SteamPunk’d title 🙂

  7. Great stuff! I love the creativity of steampunk and how broad it can be. It can include space, Earth, water, indoors, outdoors, mixing genres…I mean, come on, Steampunk Star Wars? How cool is that!

    And, whoah, “Bumbles and Brains” sounds right up my alley. Awesomesauce!

  8. This article is action-packed! There’s no doubt you really enjoy the Steampunk culture. It spans so many genres, you can tell it resonates with people since it keeps expanding.

    There are some very talented people making the costumes and accessories, it’s extremely impressive. Great work!

  9. I just read Boneshaker. It was lots of fun. Also, I love that top hat from early on in the post. It was Had Hatter-rific!

    • I thought I had linked her hat to her etsy site! You can find all her current creations at — BonnieMadeDesigns She is pretty Amazing!

  10. Great article! My sister just got my mom into Steampunk. She makes polymer clay jewelry and hasn’t been able to stop making Steampunk pins since she was introduced to it! Very addicting!

  11. Twas a dark and rainy afternoon, there was nothing on the telly, and I somehow got called to a page about Steampunk.
    From there I made a Pinterest board, and then absolutely nothing else got done that day…


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