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Mama’s Kitchen Mondays – Fall into Curried Chicken & Rice Soup

Winner Winner(recycled) Chicken Dinner #nomnom

2013-09-010It is fall here in Alaska (muttering… son of a………). I already am putting on a stocking hat in the mornings and when I go outside, of course it is my Zen Knit hat (no pattern required, just knit and pray). I just made it this afternoon to take the chill away and added left over ham steak I fried up. Oh Em Gee!! Just yummy!  I have posted this before during NaNoWHINEMo and at the time both Geoff and I had just been sick and we had to fix the car so we were living on the dregs of the cupboards. Rice and beans you say? Naaa I like chicken and the Chicken Whisperer up the road had delivered a fresh one…



Ya that is right… it is time for Kriss’ Krazy Kabin antics .. just in time for winter… oh dear but we are here for a recipe huh? Let’s bring in a book, what are you reading? Me? I am reading and will be reviewing the THE BONES OF PARIS….


the-bones-of-paris*snickering*  OK OK if this goes over your head, here is what I am ACTUALLY reading! (so not chicken bones this is much worse… but since we are on the chicken theme and I had some time on my hands… well! HEY! I can be silly, right?? Winter is Coming, I got nothing but CRAZY saved up for you!) It is a grand book set in Paris and in has artists, and missing girls.. and even Picasso… ohhh la la!  But I digress! We need to be talking about food!


Like I mentioned, Geoff and I battled the plague in March when I discovered the joys of black rice, which is uber awesome tasting and apparently is better than brown rice for you. I cannot eat white rice because it turns straight into sugar. So when I read black rice is chock full of antioxidants and we were trying to get better I grabbed it quickly. Festively enough it is also known as “Forbidden Rice,” since in ancient China it was reserved for the emperor and nobles. Commoners were prohibited from eating it. Well you know I was sold right there, since I am SO not a commoner! I am a GODDESS! Anyway, this has become something we make all the time now, because it is easy, it is inexpensive and boy does it make you feel better! As someone who can get lost in her work and writing, if I forget it is stewing on the stove it is fine and tastes even better, Geoff has a foodgasms–as in multiples and it is just cool!

Starving Authors/Artists Curried Chicken and Rice Soup

chicken & rice

  • 1/2 chicken boob
  • 2 tsp yellow Curry
  • 1 cup Non-Dairy Creamer or LiteCoconut Milk (depends on what you have in your cupboard, or your dietary needs or how broke you are)
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 small Yukon gold potato
  • 1 small carrot
  • minced garlic to taste (yes even I can afford garlic)
  • lime juice, orange juice, some citrus juice or something to marinate it in.
  • 1/2 cup black rice
  • 3/4 cup brown rice
  • 6 cups Veggie and/or Chicken Stock (I say and or because frankly it is again based on what you have. I like it both ways. Sometimes I do not want it as heavy. Sometimes I do, and the black rice LOVES chicken stock!)
  1. Cook the rice like you would any other time minus . Yes you just make a batch of rice. Now since you have both black and brown the best way to balance this out is 1:4 so 1/4 cup black to 3/4 brown rice. I cook it in broth/stock with 1/2 of curry, garlic powder, onion powder, a touch of salt to taste. (follow directions on the packages since each brand of rice has it’s own. I do rinse my rice once just in case, but you will fall in love with the black rice! You are going to probably use 2 cups of the broth/stock)
  2. While rice is cooking chop the chicken breast in small pieces and soak in lime juice (or whatever juice you have if any. If you don’t have anything marinate it in something, I even use salad dressing packs left over from a drive-through salad. I ask for extras when  I get one, this is a good starving author trick), cube your onion, potatoes, carrot and any other veggies, but try to keep it under five and ones which go with curry. You can add shrimp too, yummeh! I have thrown in fresh peas when I have them (or the ones I freeze in the summer which I horde for the winter)
  3. OK now you get to be a fluffer (Yes, you get to fluff the rice, I am all about the Food Porn here) Add your vegetables and remaining broth/stock to said rice now standing at attention, and get ready to heat your meat… err chicken.
  4. Heat a small frying man to medium high and add 2 tsp of olive oil till you can get a splash of spit to sizzle.. Oh don’t give me that, like you have never done it.. OK, just kidding, till a splash of pure lime juice sizzles like the flesh of a virgin as you sacrifice her to a the gods of NaNoWhineMo. Add the garlic and chicken trying not to give yourself third degree burns and cook it thoroughly.
  5. Add the chicken  and heat till the fluid is at a low boil, turn to med low (about 1/3 flame) and stir occasionally to prevent burning for 30 minutes. (Do a writing sprint!!)
  6. Add non-dairy creamer or your coconut milk. and turn down a smidgen more. I started doing 10-minute writing sprints here and cooked till the potatoes were just right this way I did not burn anything!

** HUGE TIP, if you want it to stay soup, that is if you have left overs because the above is for two people, strain the soup and save it in separate container because otherwise you will have a lovely stuffing like casserole or rice pudding like consistency.

What food do you like to make when the cool air of autumn sets in!

Mama's Kitchen Mondays - Fall into Curried Chicken & Rice Soup


  1. I luvs soups and chicks, I mean chickens, so this boob soup will be made in this house. It sounds like something I can do, because I regularly forget there’s food on the hob. Or needs to be made and eaten. 🙂

  2. OMG! your chicken curry soup sounds so delicious! I am planning on making a soup for dinner this week too. I was going to go with Chicken Tortilla but I will have to try this curry one next week or something after I’ve had a chance to hit the grocer again.

    • OMG it is SO good and black rice is AMAZING!

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