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Vampires vs Zombies blog hop (Squirrel Style) #TEAMVAMPIRE

Vampires vs Zombies blog hop (Squirrel Style) #TEAMVAMPIREI was late late late but I am going to be adding giveaways so keep looking! I have two going on and they are open till the end of August! One monster in the form of a bridge and the other the form of a wonderful neck biting VAMPIRE BOOK! Enger both! Who knows I may add more so check back! Now, the MONSTER in the book giveaway may not bite or want to eat brains but … ohhhh you just have to check out my review HERE and see for yourself! Also check out the review of Vampire Miami for this event HERE and guest post HERE! Till them join my fun and enter the two giveaways.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway
  Herbert the SquirrelMy sparkly vampire alarm went off last night and I had to deploy the squirrel again. He came across fresh tracks littered with glitter… when will they learn! My squirrel has been extra cranky lately without having those Glitterhags around, he will cut anyone he deems unworthy to be in HIS yard! Predators? He is ok with those, as long as they will rip the throats out of weenie-ass wannabes he is totally down with them!

Herbert's new Squeeze, sorry Asrielle!

Herbert’s new Squeeze, sorry Asrielle!

Herbert really dug the new Blade Trinity and well.. I love those movies, even if they are over the top the one thing I can always count on is throat ripping bloody violence! My suspicion for Herbert’s love is the violence that can come in small packages.. I may have had the hots for Wesley and other yummilicious blood suckers, but Herbert? Well I think he wanted a little bow-chica-wow-wow with this ankle biter!

Vampires vs Zombies blog hop (Squirrel Style) #TEAMVAMPIRE

My kind of Predator..

Zombies? BLAH! Sociological pop-culture statements against the political climate *snickering* (yes yes… I know, I love anything with zombies; movies, TV shows, your mom and everything else… but I am one of the #TEAMVAMPIRE peeps, so save it!).  I plan on continuing my Phil Tucker love story by reading the rest of his books, reviewing, having him on for a guest post and basically showing off his pretty stories! In fact I will be giving away his first book and MORE when I get my OFFICIAL giveaway together in a couple of days, BE WATCHING FOR IT!!!!

Till then……check out all those on the hop and…………


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Vampires vs Zombies blog hop (Squirrel Style) #TEAMVAMPIRE


  1. Psychological suspense is sometimes worse than horror itself to me ^^

    Thanks for the giveaway =]

  2. I generally do okay, but there is always that stray mutant spider that seems to find its way into the house. Of course this is a longstanding phobia I try very hard to ignore and forget and generally they leave me alone 😉

  3. Just a quick note, when I was pinning Lakebridge Spring, I hopped over to amazon and it is free for Kindle. Of course I nabbed a copy and thought I would share 🙂

  4. WHAT MOVIE/TV SHOW IS THAT??? Vampire Pomeranian? That is AWESOME! And I LOVE that vampress!! She’s awesome too! I MUST KNOW!!!!!
    Show me some love!

  5. Yes Spring is free, but this is Summer that I am giving away, so GRAB SPRING the first book is free, yesterday’s post says it.. perhaps I need to add that here!

  6. i always fear os sadako from THE RING..really scary….

  7. I did enjoy Blade Trinity as well. Its a good one though I must say I liked the first one best

  8. I cast a spell to only let the real Vampires in, glitter vamps are banished. Zombies on the other hand have all died out, lack of good brains.

  9. I used to love horror movies. Now days I find they give me night mares. I have grown away from them. I remember as a kid though watching “Hitchikers.” (I think that was the name of the show?) Worse thing I could have ever done. that show gave me nightmares for the longest time and still gets to me every now and then.
    Show me some love!

    • OMG that show scared the bejeebers out of me!

  10. Clowns. I. Hate. Clowns. They are evil, evil creatures put on earth to stalk and possess unsuspecting humans. I know this to be true. Stephen King whispered it to me in a dream once. Or was that a nightmare? [email protected]
    Show me some love!

  11. Every scary movie that I have ever seen lives under my bed. I am a huge fan of scary, but I am a big fat scaredy cat.

  12. Giant killer spiders and ferocious dust bunnies hide under my bed!

  13. I think for me that demonic ghost/ demons are what I fear the most!

  14. Zombies and demons scare me the most.

  15. Vamps all the way 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!
    Show me some love!

  16. I’m a vampire fan!

  17. I used to be afraid of mice, but I don’t have a problem with them anymore. now, I’m just scared of my future

  18. Demons, the Devil. Brought up Christian, they can be very real.

  19. What keeps me up at night? Thinking about my failures!

  20. I am more into vampires that zombies as they still have some kind of personality left.
    What scares me-bees. Seriously. terrified of them. I am allergic and for some reason they seem to like me. Bad combo… Also demons are scary. Nasty pieces fo work.
    Show me some love!

  21. I love both zombies and vampires… if they are the scary or the funny kind.

    No ghosts nor monsters scares me but people that will violently hurt me and my family.

  22. vampire for the fangs

  23. nothing under the bed

  24. I’m a total fang-banger — and I’m really not afraid of anything…so there’s really nothing hiding under my bed, except possibly a pair of REALLY awesome shoes!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  25. Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the Chance to win.

  26. I love both, but guess fav is vamps

  27. Team vampire! Vampires are immortal, powerful, and so very sexy.
    There is nothing under my bed except dust bunnies.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  28. Team zombies! They are so scary!

  29. I hate cockroaches and maggots.. they just gross me

  30. vampires because there’s so much to them compared to zombies, which are probably the most boring and predictable ‘monsters’ ever thought up (and I love the resident evil movies too)

  31. no monsters under the bed

  32. I am definitely a vamp girl – zombies are ok, but give me fangs any day of the week.

    What do you get when you cross a vampire and a zombie?
    A Zompire!

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