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All cats are sad… sad cat… an apology to my cat

Do you have a Sad Cat? —  Sad Cat Diary by Ze Frank

Asrielle - 19 year old Master of the Cabin

Asrielle – Mistress of the Cabin – 2-hours after she lay on me, I really had to pee

Dear Asrielle –
I am so sorry, I realize now that I have failed you, You may catnap me at any time, I will lay still and pray I can hold my pee for three hours as you use me as a bed. I love you, Miss Asrielle… you harpy… 🙂

And now the best Sad Cat of all…. Guilted into buying extra treats already… 

What’s your favorite line?



  1. The half-empty food dish is hilarious, as is the being locked out of the bedroom…

  2. Hold your pee you will and like it you had better

  3. Aws such sad unloved babies. lol I watched this the other day and couldn’t stop laughing. I have a couple sad cats here. Gladys likes to throw herself on top of me and just makes the most pitiful noises when I have to finally move.

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