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Z is for Zombie Hunter Extraordinaire – An Ode to Daryl Dixon- #atozchallenge

@teefury #walkingdead shirThis is it, my finally post in the #atozchallenge. I bet you knew it was going to be about zombies, well it is, sort of. It is about Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead. I am, big surprise here, a huge Walking Dead fangirl both in show and comic consumption. I love Daryl! He is nowhere in the comic and whose character was created solely for the purpose of driving the plot forward for the cable series. It was probably one of the most brilliant decisions they have made on the show.

Daryl Dixon is the biggest most badass there is, and frankly with Season 3 being so full of “…….. OMG just shoot something NOW, or me.. or Rick.. or.. GOD DAMN IT!” moments he and our budding sociopath, Carl were what I watched the show for.. well mostly…OK there was that one time with a guard tower and bowchicka-wow-wow.. and then there was the time that Andrea was tackled from behind and when the Gov almost was ate by… well no.. wait.. I take that back. CRAP I derailed myself!  Where was I, oh ya Z is not just for Zombie Hunter but Z is for…

Zombie Annihilator


Because let’s face it, he is not just your typical Hunter, he is a freaking artist!. But where Daryl started and where he is now? I did not expect this to happen, and I will be all the bacon I got with Tits McGee that we the Fandom and we the geek girls with our panties steaming created the Daryl we see now.

Daryl has went from being a short tempered little brother to the asshole Merle (who became amazing this season) into one of the most popular characters of the show. So much so he was  Super Bowl XLVII commercial for Time Warner Cable and also is the protagonist for the new Walking Dead video game (The Walking Dead Survival Instinct) by Activism. Yep, some little geek girl on the marketing team saw an opportunity and pounced and now all us geek/fangirls girls are running around in our Dixon Wear (I have about 12 t-shirts) and watching Darly-centric YouTube videos! It is as if we have become Supernatural fans! (oops wait i am one of those too!)

This image of his sexy ass as done by *p1xer over at deviantART this is by far my favorite out of all of them, though the angel wings covered in blood maybe a close second! WTG all you great TWD fans! 

daryl dixon ©2013 *p1xer

Daryl Dixon ©2013 *p1xer

Daryl Dixon is the Zombie Hunter Extraordinaire and this is his my Ode to him and the last of my#atozchallenge posts! It was a blast guys!

And here you thought I was gonna say Z is for Zombies, hah!

Z is for Zombie Hunter Extraordinaire - An Ode to Daryl Dixon- #atozchallengeThis has been an amazing month! I bet if you do a Google search for #atozchallenge you will find a plethera of posts or follow the link below. I will keep mine under my Cabin Dweller menu tab because frankly I cannot believe I made it! See you next year! Look Ma, I made it! Oh and I am a winner with CampNaNoWiMo too!

The blog list will be up and can be found  HERE for quite some time. Enjoy and thanks for reading along with me! Show me some comment love on this and any past posts. Link to yours I would love to see the ones I missed! I can admit I am a comment whore, it makes me feel really good when folks tell me they like my post!

Daryl painting ©2013 *p1xer



Z is for Zombie Hunter Extraordinaire - An Ode to Daryl Dixon- #atozchallenge


  1. OMGs! TWD fans do the best fan art. EVER!

  2. I am familiar with Zombies because of my teen son…I hate to admit they are adictive…

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