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Q is for Quiver – Who’s for Lunch? – Fourth-Wall Friday #atozchallenge

Welcome to another Fourth-Wall Friday… today we have a very large guest, a very hungry guest and if my Fourth-Wall Friday tracker is not wrong, those folks at McDonald’s better clear out or they maybe on the menu! Welcome to another special #AtoZChallenge Fourth-Wall Friday!

Rubbing my eyes which despite the lack of sleep I have had as of late.. they happened to be full of it.. perhaps the sleep just stopped there and glued it them shut, kind of like the duct tape which was holding the answering machine I had rigged to gather intel from the authors being stalked for my Fourth-Wall Fridays. That, and lately they have landed on the page voluntarily, if they only knew!!. After I rubbed the last of the gravel I saw the red pulsing light indicating a message (duh you guys knew that huh? I need to learn to show and not tell… hence why I am not publishes as of yet!…)

Thank the gods there was still left over coffee in my cup from yesterday. And thank the gods the duct tape was reinforced by the extra-blessed Akasha Gel I got last month because it splashed all over the answering machine as I plopped down and hit play to find out who was going to be surprising me today!


“Hi, I’m Dionne. I would tell you how much I love writing, but you’ve probably gathered that. I’ve almost finished my Associate Degree of Creative Writing and I work as an editor and author. I write epic fantasy and suspense/thrillers. I enjoy placing the reader in a world they can touch, taste and see.

If you’ve enjoyed my young adult fantasy/adventure novel Shadows of the Realm, the sequel, A Time of Darkness, and my intense book of short stories–Dark Spaces, you might like to visit my website to read some of my flash fiction or suspenseful short stories. Must go; chocolate is whispering my name…Oh ya, check your inbox, I left directions so you can come visit Zim and me for Fourth-Wall Friday, we can do lunch! I need to go and try parting my hair on the other side today! Toodles!”

Shaking my head, hair parting, that rang a bell… Dark Spaces, I think.. wait… this was going to be interesting. *tapping my finger in the puddle of cold coffee* hmmm..  Dionne.. Dionne … Zim?? Who the hell was Zim? Dionne.. Dionne Lister???… I think I remember that name from somewhere, and I think I remember it in terms of a …


..a Dragon… “Oh SHIT!”, grabbing my helmet & fireproof pants I run out the door…

 Q is for Quiver

Q is for Quiver

So, it’s Fourth-Wall Friday and I’m just hanging around doing nothing. Actually, a bee just flew past my window, but other than that, nothing is happening. I’ve decided to call Zim, my dragon friend from Vellonia. He lives in the First Realm, on Talia. I’m not allowed to go there because my husband can’t cook and my children will die from a steady diet of McDonalds and KFC if I’m gone too long, so I’ve asked Zim to visit me in Oz—that’s Oz-traylia, not the one where Dorothy lives. Zim should be here any minute.

There’s only one problem: I wasn’t able to get my hands on a whole cow on short notice. What do you feed a visiting dragon? I don’t think a packet of Oreos and skim milk cappuccino will cut it. If I’m not careful, one of my children could be on the menu. Maybe we can visit a farm while he’s here….

Where did the sun go? It’s quite dark outside all of a sudden. Oh, look! It’s Zim. I’m going outside because he’ll never fit in the door (runs outside to see). Oh dragon’s balls, he’s huge! I’m going to have to shout so he can hear me—he’s two-stories tall. “Hello Zim. Welcome!”

“Greetings. So, you must be Dionne. What have you got planned for us today?”

“I was thinking you could fly me to kill a few humans who shouldn’t be here because they’re stupid. I think we should start at the shopping centre. I hate it when idiots walk behind my car when I’m reversing. WTH do they think the little white lights on the back of the car are?”

Zim takes over McDonald's

“Okay, I think I would quite enjoy that, Dionne. May I ask, what are we doing for dinner? I generally find your kind too scrawny but I’ve heard you currently have an obesity epidemic so I was looking forward to a tasty dinner.”

“We do have an epidemic of massive proportions. Later we’ll go to McDonalds and I’ll grab a burger while you grab the biggest person you can find.” Zim licks his humungous lips and I jump out of the way of a bucket-sized drip of saliva.

I can’t wait to jump aboard and go flying. “Zim,” I shout, “I’m just going to duck inside and let my husband know I’m going out, and I want to grab a bag of my books because people might want a signed copy after they meet you, so please don’t eat every fat person we see.”

“I’m not a guts you know. If I eat too much before flying, I get a stitch.” A loud rumble accompanied by a small earth tremor quivers through my feet. “Pardon me,” says Zim, “my stomach is grumbling.”

I’d better hurry before he eats what’s convenient. Ciao for now, and if you’re at McDonalds, maybe get home, like, as soon as possible. Bye.


Shadows of the Realm: The Circle of Talia (Volume 1)

Shadows of the Realm

Bronwyn and Blayke are two strangers being drawn into the same war. Their world is facing invasion from the Third Realm. While they unknowingly move toward each other, they are watched, hunted, and sabotaged. When the Dragon God interferes, it seems their world, Talia, will succumb to the threat. Can they learn enough of the tricks of the Realms before it’s too late, or will everything they love be destroyed? The young Realmists’ journey pushes them away from all they’ve known, to walk in the shadows toward Vellonia, city of the dragons, where an even darker shadow awaits.

BUY ME, or breakfast is your LEGS over easy

A Time of Darkness: The Circle of Talia (Volume 2)

A Time of Darkness

A Time of Darkness is the second book in the best-selling Circle of Talia series. This exciting epic fantasy is filled with magic, dragons and adventure.

While Bronwyn languishes in a cell in the bowels of Vellonia and the dragon king argues for her death, the gormons are one step closer to destroying Talia. To add to The Circle’s problems, Leon’s plans to overthrow his brother, King Edmund, are moving ahead faster than anyone could have imagined, and someone will die as a result. The realmists and dragons are doing all they can, but how could it possibly be enough when thousands have already been slaughtered?

The prophesized time of darkness, a time the realmists have dreaded for the last thousand years, has begun.

 BUY ME, or you’re Lunch!

Dionne Lister

Dionne lives in sunny Sydney with her husband and two young children and writes epic fantasy and thriller/suspense (not necessarily in the same book). She’s almost finished a Creative Writing Degree and loves dragons. Her first fantasy series, The Circle of Talia has been receiving great reviews and her debut novel, Shadows of the Realm was an Amazon best-seller, reaching #1 in two categories. Dionne works as an editor, co-hosts the Tweep Nation podcast, Club Fantasci Book Club (with the Cabin Goddess in fact!), will be appearing at the Sydney Writers Festival in May 2013, and is working on the third and final novel in The Circle of Talia Series. When not writing, she can be found eating chocolate and patting frogs.

Zim is the star of her epic fantasy series, The Circle of Talia, the first novel Shadows of the Realm was published in 2012 and her second, A Time of Darkness book two of The Circle of Talia series was just released  Shadows of the Realm has been endorsed by Grub Street Reads. Dionne’s other book contains suspenseful and dark short stories, one of which was runner up in a Five Stop Story competition and one which received an honourable mention in another one of their competitions.

**Disclaimer, this was in fun, anyone offended please take a deep breath and carry on. I, the Cabin Goddess finished writing this while eating my 6 piece nugget and sucking down a McCafe. Personally I am once again in need of treadmill, or at least a Wii-fit board! Oy, bacon-ass is not pretty!

What are your diet plan’s this Spring? (you could always borrow Zim!)

Fourth-Wall Friday

Ever wonder what happens if you were to break into your world build and sit down and have a beer with? I think I would love to have tea with Jane Eyre, or discuss the best way to take care of vampires with Jane Yellowstone…maybe having Susie Shotgun take me out for some Angels Tears.

Interested in being part of Cabin Goddess’ Fourth-Wall Friday? I will soon be opening up my schedule from July through Christmas and have a few limited reserved Friday’s for special Fourth-Wall Friday spots (Sign ups for July – December 2013), such as book releases and tours. Contact me at [email protected] for more info. I hope everyone (authors and readers alike) takes time peruse the archives and find out just what other authors have done and enjoy a lot of amazing world builds!

Fourth-Wall FridayAllow yourself as an author to open up a new avenue of sharing your AUTHOR PERSONA & WORLD BUILD in a unique and creative fashion.. Just take a chance, write fluidly and from within that “place” you hangout at with your muse. Or perhaps walk in the door, tuck into a corner & watch your characters, or talk with them…

For the rest of this month I will be blogging with the single prompt, the prompt of a letter. Each day (except for Sundays) I will be using A to Z and all of the letters in between! I will be using it for reviews, interviews, recipes and even rants, and you know I am good at rants!! I will even try to Camp NaNoWriMo project. It is a great prompt challenge.

Join with me and pick a group of 5 to hop through from the list check out the almost 2000 blogs participating HERE. Oh… and show me some comment love too! I can admit I am a comment whore, it makes me feel really good when folks tell me they like my post!



  1. The Books look gorgeous, and I dig your voicey Dragon.

  2. I stopped dieting over a decade ago when I realized the stress made me gain weight, and accepting myself as I am made me lose weight due to the reduction of stress. My weight fluctuates depending upon whether or not there is food readily available. If no food, I lose weight; if I manage to eat at least once a day, I gain. *shrug*

    Awesome post. I could use Zim around here to point at a few people who need eating… LOL

    • I always seem to be trying to diet, it’s a never-ending battle lol. I’ll send Zim over to eat some people for you when he’s finished here 😉

  3. Cool concept!
    Shawn at Reading Practice

  4. Aw, Zim sounds awesome! I’d love to have him over so I could dragon-sit, but I think he’d try to eat me. Lol

  5. LOL! He doesn’t eat friends, at least I don’t think he would. And I’ve asked him to spare the talented writers ;).

  6. Zim sounds like one cool dragon. There’s plenty of irritating people here in the U.S. he can eat too. Please send him over when he’s done visiting you!

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