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P is for Pond… Amelia Pond #atozchallenge

P is for PONDForget about Bond… we are here to talk about PondAmelia Pond.



pond and doctorMuch as been written about this wonderful woman, and I am going to leave you with very little said, because this is a post for Whovians. Amy Pond opened our hearts to wonder and delight. She gave us River Song (whom I quote throughout my reviews “Spoilers, Sweetie”), she gave us grief, she gave us a new side, a darker side to the Doctor. She gave us Rory, who by anyones count is older than The Doctor. Amy is a victim of time’s wibbly wobbly stuff (see below) and poor Amelia is forced to deal with psychiatrists and being told the Tardis and the Doctor are her imaginary friend after her parents are sucked up into a crack if time and space 12 years before actually becoming a companion. Little did they know, eh Amy?

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Even if we take into consideration the Tenth Doctor’s explanation of time being “a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff, Rory is at least 800 years older since he guarded the Pandorica  (and Amy within). So please no one discount Rory as Mr. Pond!


12 years before she started traveling Wibbly Wobbly timey whimey


Hullo, old friend.

Here we are, you and me, on the last page. By the time you read this words, Rory and I will be long gone. So know that we lived well, and we’re very happy. And above all else, know that we will love you, always. Sometimes, I do worry about you though. I think, once we’re gone, you won’t be coming back here [to Earth] for a while. And you might be alone. Which you should never be. Don’t be alone, Doctor. 

And do one more thing for me. There’s a little girl waiting in a garden. She’s going to wait a long while, so she’s going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that if she’s patient, the days are coming that she’ll never forget. Tell her she’ll go to sea and fight pirates. She’ll fall in love with a man who would wait two thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she’ll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived, and save a whale in outer space. Tell her…that this is the story of Amelia Pond. 

And this is how it ends.

P is for Pond... Amelia Pond #atozchallenge

We will miss you to Amy Pond.

Favorite Amy Pond Episodes –

I am just going to name a few –

  • The Time of Angels – (Steve Moffat writer -no legacy monsters so he does not screw it up) 2- part episode – Weeping Angels, 11th Doctor – 4th episode of the 5th series (Flesh and Stone is the continuation of this one) This one scared the CRAP out of me! It was only fitting we would end our time with Amy with the Weeping Angels!

The Time of Angels


  • Vincent and the Doctor (Richard Curtis writer) – 10th episode 5th series (2nd part of the 5th series) – (another terrifying and touching one)

Vincent and the Doctor

Upon finding out that Vincent still committed suicide at the age of 37 Amy is heartbroken (we love our girl!) The Doctor sums it up and we had a good cry yet again!

“Good things can’t remove the pain of bad things, but bad things can’t spoil the good things and they certainly added a large amount of good to Vincent’s life.”

The Curse of the Black Spot


There will never be another Pond… Amelia Pond

Our new companion, Clara has promise and I am quite smitten already. She has the flavor of some of the original companions and quite a lot of her own flare and twists, as long as she doesn’t start spouting “Exterminate”, I am ok, that is too soon … *wink*

Never forget, Don’t Blink, Amelia we never want to lose you again, but we will miss you!

What’s your favorite Pond episode?

P is for Pond... Amelia Pond #atozchallengeFor the rest of this month I will be blogging with the single prompt, the prompt of a letter. Each day (except for Sundays) I will be using A to Z and all of the letters in between! I will be using it for reviews, interviews, recipes and even rants, and you know I am good at rants!! I will even try to Camp NaNoWriMo project. It is a great prompt challenge.

Join with me and pick a group of 5 to hop through from the list check out the almost 2000 blogs participating HERE. Oh… and show me some comment love too! I can admit I am a comment whore, it makes me feel really good when folks tell me they like my post!


P is for Pond... Amelia Pond #atozchallenge


  1. I’m intrigued. And in the dark, apparently. But intrigued none the less to do a little of my own digging to discover a bit more of Amy Pond. Thanks for sharing a fun post! (well on your way to Z, I see!)

  2. The girl who waited.

    • OH I so missed adding that, shame on this fan girl!

  3. I loved Amy, but I absolutely adored Rory. I’m missing him so much already.

  4. Love your it. I am a Whovian through and through and yes Amy touched us all.

  5. Next to Donna Noble, Amy Pond is one of my favorite companions. She is so fun and sassy. Also, Rory. I love Rory. His character arc was amazing.

  6. My favorite is the Neil Gaiman episode (um.. The Doctor’s Wife?), but the more I see Vincent & The Doctor, the more I’m in love with it.
    I was so sure I was going to hate Clara just because she’s not Amy.

  7. Great post about the girl who waited! 🙂

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