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G is for GUMPTION ..or lack thereof #AtoZChallenge

Gee look at this, it is late afternoon for me and I still have not posted my #atozchallenge … I think I lost my gumption!


Medicine bottles with blank labels isolated on white


[guhmp-shuhG is for GUMPTION ..or lack thereof #AtoZChallengeG is for GUMPTION ..or lack thereof #AtoZChallengen]

noun Informal. (Scottish in origin 1710-60)

1. initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulnessWith her gumption she’ll manage to become a top notch chef.

EZ - Gumption

2.courage; spunk; gutsIt takes gumption to quit a high-paying job. (oh gosh wow is this appropriate)


I think I may have lost mine. Considering I am dictating this into my iPhone instead of getting out of bed it is not just lost, it grabbed a bus out of here raising it’s middle fingers and telling me where to go laughing all the way! Most the time we have gumption or can at least find a thread of it to push on through. It comes in all forms, sometimes it needs a kickstart in the morning with the kiss goodbye from a spouse, or it even can be found in the pit of anger and despair. But gumption can be derailed by many of the same things. Especially anger and despair (depression).

Most of us strive to do things which make a positive impact up our daily lives. From the small task of getting out of bed and dressed to deep cleaning the attack. And we need gumption to do it. But what if gumption has left the building? No drive to get out of bed, who cares if you put a peanut butter and jam sandwich together. Plain bread works just well and is easier.

Aluminum red can of Coca-ColaI love it when people tell me to get a can of Whoop-Ass out. That works when I still have the gumption to care, but once that is gone? I might as well leave the Whoop-Ass on the shelf to collect more dust. We have to continue doing things to maintain the reserve of gumption on standby you do little things. Perhaps maybe it’s just putting the pizza on a regular plates instead of paper plates, using the nice glasses instead of Tupperware.  I have a history of depression and lack of drive so I have to make sure that I carry an extra bottle of gumption around because there are days when getting out of bed is hard enough. Or work takes three times longer than it should.

Because of what is going on in my life at the moment with Geoff’s work and the last moment before the real spring in Alaska hits, it is really hard to harness any of my gumption into powering forward so I can use the dusty can of Whoop-Ass and really get going on my responsibilities. Perhaps even now as I edit what I finished dictating at 1PM four hours ago will already be out. Oh wait.. I think I may have stashed an extra bottle in the back of the fridge for for times like this!

What happens when you lose your gumption?

G is for GUMPTION ..or lack thereof #AtoZChallengeFor the rest of this month I will be blogging with the single prompt, the prompt of a letter. Each day (except for Sundays) I will be using A to Z and all of the letters in between  I will talk about my Camp NaNoWriMo project. It is a great prompt challenge.  I will be using it for reviews, interviews, recipes and even rants, and you know I am good at rants!!

Join with me and pick a group of 5 to hop through from the #atozchallenge blog list & check out the almost 2000 blogs participating HERE. Oh… and show me some comment love too! I can admit I am a comment whore, it makes me feel really good when folks tell me they like my post!


G is for GUMPTION ..or lack thereof #AtoZChallenge


  1. I am loving this new word that I just added to my vocabulary! When I lose my gumption, I motivate myself with small rewards. “If I do the dishes tonight instead of tomorrow, I’ll eat a spoonful of Nutella.” But I also have to just keep going. If I stop and slow down in life, it’s hard to get it back. On the flip side, I know that if I do too much, I’ll have eaten up all my gumption and will burn out. xo

  2. Oh, man, I so know what it’s like to just … stop. And not be able to go again. Hang in there!

  3. Dear Kriss,

    I will hold your hand and we shall go find that bottle of gumption/can of Whoop ass together, goddamnit!!!

    Yes, there are days like these when you think ‘I’ll try to get out of bed but, it’s a lost cause really…’

    I’m very bad at making time to recharge my batteries. I have a obsessive-compulsive character that way. But sometimes, the body just says ‘Stop!’

    Hope you feel better soon!

    And Julie, ‘Yesss! Bring on the Nutella!’


  4. Love this word. Like a previous commenter, I find that once I have the gumption to just get going, it can carry me through…but can’t stop or I just wind up as a puddle on the couch.

    Ruby is participating in the A to Z Challenge
    Ruby Wilbur

  5. When gumption heads of town it can leave me in a funk with no zeal to do anything. It is like a bad transformaition from human to slug. Stratoz goes AtoZ

  6. There are times when it feels like me “get-up-and-go” just “got up and went” (to quote the mighty Aerosmith). YOGA. sounds crazy, but that stuff re-charges me! But a can of Whoop Ass is always welcome!
    Jess/ Blogging on the Brink

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