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March – DOOMBUNNY – Mystery Challenge – BUNNYCON – #TheWalkingDead

Reading Mysteries, Camping, Bedazzled Bunnies and The Walking Dead

March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDeadCamp-NaNoWriMo-2013-Lantern-Square-ButtonToday is combo-meal posting! Tomorrow I start the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge and will be folding it into prompts for my Camp NaNoWhineMo project which I started here during #BlogFlash2013. The Darkness started off with a few ideas which I also used for my synopsis, as you can see by reading these two pieces of flash fiction.

Are you doing CampNaNoWriMo? What is your goal?


Walking-Dead-Season-3-finaleFor most of you today ham is being consumed and easter eggs hunted. I already celebrated Eostra on Spring Equinox so instead today is a black day for me & my zombie horde lovers. The end is here till fall. We will be watching reruns of The Walking Dead; the finale is here. Please tell me I am not the only one to notice the irony of the finale being on Easter?

THE DEAD WILL RISE……AGAIN! *queue maniacal laughter now*

Who is going to die tonight? If your reading this after, were you suprised? Who lived who you hoped would be dead? Me? Gov’ner … I HOPE. I do not want to predict who I think will die. All I know is it is going to kill me!

bunnyconYesterday Fairbanks had a holiday first,  DOWNTOWN BUNNYCON. All day long I had updates from one of the bedazzled bunnies, Gary Black (Newsminer Latitude 65 Editor) thankfully has no shame and is allowing me to post him doing it Alaskan style! BUNNYCON is a pubcrawl, or a crawl through downtown with events, contests and of course booze. Fairbanks is not just snow and sunshine or never ending nights. We have some of the most celebrated restaurants and growing pub breweries in the state.

Even though we did not attend, both of us were affected by BUNNYCON today. Geoff came walking in the door laughing and said, “Guess what the biggest request for product we had today was, and no it was not chocolate flavored lube!” I said, “Bunny Ears?” “Whisky Tango Foxtrot, woman! Who called you, damn it!” I then showed him Gary’s photo and said, “BUNNYCON honey, I am down with all the social events in town!”

I realize that I have been nuts these days with all the tours, reviews and interviews  and hey, I am a book blog but I am also an Alaskan, an author, a zen chef etc… so the lack of other content is starting to eat away at me, much like Gary ate that peep, with fervor and feistiness. There is, however,  a plan in the works to steer back to having more of the color back on the blog, I promise.  Geoff is even going to step in and do a few of the A-Z pieces! One is going to be an “‘I’ is for Indie” and his middle finger will be raised again in another entertaining and educational diatribe about the Indie  industry as a whole. We both agree popcorn maybe in order as many of the folks roll faster toward the fires of doom, especially in the book world. He sees enough of it through me and has experienced it through the music industry.

AlexandriaOne very cool and amazing achievement this month; I read 17 books, two were novellas, but still! I am excited about getting back to my work. If I can get my goals finished with my client work and finish my 20K novella I am going to be also putting the finishing touches on my essays for my first self-published book. I am now with Alexandria Publishing Group and I have some great supporting authors and specialists to get me through this process. Oh and one of my Clients launched a movie he wrote and directed in Hollywood this last week. Pretty awesome huh?

(Yes I have had to much Monster today!)

Anywho, here is my Weekly Shorts special Easter selection followed up with my Mystery Challenge wrap up.

March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead

DOOMBUNNY: A Tale of Easter Terror

Fancy a holiday treat?

Perhaps one a little more ghoulish than usual?

Little Kyle is about to learn that it isn’t only the Easter Bunny who likes to hide in gardens, or likes candy…

Why not try a bite?

Available on Amazon (and UK)


NOT for kids, it is for pure entertainment and quite fun! Had me giggling and perfect for my Easter Sunday Short story special!

This little piece of flash fiction is one of those things that kids could imagine happening to them when they started doing things they knew were wrong. It turned into a lovely festive tale of lip smacking goodness… yummy lemonade tears of terror!

“Mom said that Easter was about Jesus becoming a zombie or something…”

Enough said, grab this ghoulish glee and enjoy an Easter treat, but don’t let the little ones read it or you will never get them to do easter egg hunting in their sunday best EVER, or their footie pajamas… yummy chocolate EASTER CANDY, FTW!

Hippity Hop! Did you do anything festive and unusual this Easter?

Weekly Shorts


Short story (Available at Amazon or elsewhere such as a blog, or your own contribution etc)

  • Novelette or Novella
  • Anthology with a bunch of shorts
  • Post the synopsis, cover (if there is one) and where you can get it
  • Make it under $4 bucks! (short on your wallet as well as your time!)

And now… FINALLY what this post started off being…. my update for the Mystery Challenge!

2013 Mystery/Crime Reading Challenge (update No.3)

Stevie Nicks“Little girls think it’s necessary to put all their business on MySpace and Facebook, and I think it’s a shame…I’m all about mystery.” – Stevie Nicks



My first official reading challenge to date, other than Goodreads. I want to do a couple of others and I am way behind but this one, I think I picked it because it is my favorite genre but I really want to read more! I slacked last year and this year I plan on blowing the doors with 50% of my Goodreads challenge of 104 books being Mystery and Crime reads! Thank you to The Crafty Book Nerd for this one!

30+ books = Sherlock Holmes

1 novel counts as 1 novel( 1 novel is anything over 100 pages) of course but you will have to read 5 short stories to count as 1 novel

January = 4 books

  1. Shooting Gallery: An Art Lover’s MysteryMarch - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by Hailey Lind (Juliet Blackwell) (my review)
  2. Cold Days:(#14) A Novel of the Dresden FilesMarch - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by Jim Butcher (my review)
  3. Proof of Guilt: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery by Todd Butcher (my review)
  4. Solomon’s Throne by Jennings Wright (my review)

February – 6

  1. Better Off Dead In Deadwood(Deadwood Mystery # 4) by Ann Charles 
  2. Showstoppers (Emily Castles Mysteries)March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead & Three Sisters (Emily Castles Mysteries)March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by Helen Smith (each over 75 pages but under 100 so they are going to count as one) (my review)
  3. The Haunted Fixer-Upper (Haunted Renovation Mystery)March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by Rose Pressey
  4. Byzantine Gold (Dangerous Waters)March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by Chris Karlsen (painful read – my review)
  5. Baked Alaska: A Culinary Mystery (Culinary Mysteries)March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by Josi S. Kilpak (my review)
  6. The Big ExitMarch - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by David Carnoy (my review)

March – 7

  1. A Bullet For Carlos (Blood Flows South, Book I)March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by Giacomo Giammatteo (my review)
  2. DiSemblanceMarch - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by Shanae Branham
  3. Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly, #1) zombie/steampunk/YA mystery
  4. What’s a Witch to Do? (A Midnight Magic Mystery #1) cozy paranormal romance (my review)
  5. Soul Meaning (Seventeen) by A.D. StarrlingMarch - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead a supernatural mystery thriller (my review)
  6. Forever Charmed (The Halloween LaVeau Series, Book 1)March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead by Rose Pressey (not reviewed yet 4/5 stars)cozy paranormal mystery 
  7. Resurrecting Harry by Constance PhillipsMarch - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead Historical Mystery – top read 2013 – My radio Interview

So total books read this month? SEVEN-freaking-TEEN

How many books did you read this last month?

March - DOOMBUNNY - Mystery Challenge - BUNNYCON - #TheWalkingDead

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  1. I had hoped to tell you how many books I read by checking my stats on Goodreads, but they don’t break them down by month… *sigh* Anyway, a quick scan of my reviews tells me it looks like 32 books this month. A couple were novellas, and I think there were two short stories (less than 30 pages).


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