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“‘Sacrifice’ yourself to Brutal Music” – Fourth-Wall Friday with Coral Russell

Dance, Author… Dance!

We all have to sacrifice something, even if it is our dignity. Join me and watch Coral sacrifice some of hers in her Fourth-Wall Friday. Watch the toes a we peek into El Paso‘s secret world build in Coral Russell’s thriller, SACRIFICE, touring all month long sponsored in part by The Indie Exchange and Bunny’s Review.


Roberta talked me into taking Tango lessons. It was an easy decision for her being tall, thin, coordinated and lets not forget beautiful. Chubby girls want to dance so I wasn’t above being clumsy and making a fool of myself just to experience something new.

She had developed a serious obsession with the culture of Tango: the shoes, the music, the style. Of course this all looked wonderful on her. Why she invited me snagged my curiosity. Roberta had too many secrets for us to be friends.

I pulled up to the building in the evening. The front of the dance studio was all glass. The light inside illuminating people bent over putting on their shoes. I opened the door and everyone looked up. Roberta beamed a smile in my direction. “Coral! I’m so glad you decided to join. Mr. Gotan this is the friend I was telling you about.

Mr. Gotan greeted me but his eyes betrayed his true feelings, another chubby girl who wants to be a dancer. He screamed elegance in his pressed black trousers, white shirt and black, shiny leather shoes.

The other women in the group were variations of Roberta. The men were more mixed in height and style. One man was well-built with a skin-tight t-shirt and ripped jeans another in a dress shirt and khakis. I stood there smiling – the ugly duckling, odd-ball, fish out of water, black sheep of the dance world. Roberta grabbed my arm and steered me to a seat before I could bolt out of the studio.

Let me see your shoes.”

I pulled out black no-nonsense pumps with a belt across the top to firmly hold my feet inside. “I bought the ones you recommended.

You love them, right? I knew functional and comfortable would be perfect for you.

I glanced down at her tango shoes: thin, gold straps fixed to three-inch heels. “Yeah, they’re great. Thanks.

A rap on the hard wood floor made the students scurry to form a line against one wall. I took my place at one end with Roberta at my side. Mr. Gotan and Roberta conversed with their eyes and a couple of gestures. Roberta would be taking me through the basic steps so that Mr. Gotan could work with his regulars until I caught up.

I faced the opposite wall made of floor to ceiling mirrors. My reflection showed my eyes widen in horror as I realized this chubby girl would have to stare at herself for a couple of hours. I had never examined myself in a mirror for any length of time.

Music filled the room. First, a solo instrument, a pause and then several joined in response. Mr. Gotan talked about finding the inner rhythm. There was a heartbeat to the music and that was your compass. Roberta smiled encouragement as we snapped our fingers and tapped our feet. Find the beat. Move within the beat. Live within the beat. We were instructed to take steps across the floor then turn and walk back. Tango is walking, just walking to the beat.

They made it look so easy and graceful. I teetered and tottered back and forth on my no nonsense heels. Roberta moved in unison with me trying to guide me. “Everything takes practice.” The warm up was over. The students dispersed to drink water or talk in pairs. “Weight doesn’t matter in Tango.”

Then why did everyone look so damned perfect?

Another rap on the floor. “Now we dance,” Mr. Gotan said. “Even if you forget the exact steps keep dancing.” Except for Roberta and I, the students formed a large oval.

I thought we were going to watch when Roberta pulled me into her embrace. Roberta’s laugh spilled out rich and dark. “For practice men dance with men and women with women.

Oh, no. That’s fine. It’s great.

Roberta played the man’s role which made me think of the picture I saw on Facebook – Impressive. Now do it backwards… in heels.

We practiced two dance steps back and forth. I felt myself slip into the ‘zone’ where thought disappears. A gentle pressure of Roberta’s hand on my side or a slight turn of Roberta’s body guided my steps. The music stopped. The students backed against the wall.

Mr. Gotan strode to the middle of the dance floor and held out his hand for Roberta. She glided toward him. Their upper bodies locked tight together. Hands floated in the air. The beat of the music started again and they danced. No one said a word. Roberta’s torso was still while her hips swiveled from side to side. The leather soles of their shoes silent as they floated around the dance floor. Mr. Gotan moved her slightly away so Roberta could entwine and wrap her legs around his. Their contact brief and light and pulsing.

When they were done everyone exploded with applause. So that’s what it’s supposed to look like. Class was over. Mr. Gotan and Roberta approached me. “I look forward to seeing you next week,” Mr. Gotan said.

Well with Roberta helping me--“

Oh no, Coral I invited you to take my place,” Roberta said.

Take your place? That’s crazy this was my first class.”

Roberta rubbed my arm while pushing me toward one of the big front windows her voice low. “Something came up and I have to stop my Tango classes. I don’t want to let Mr. Gotan down, he means the world to me so I thought you could, you know make up for my leaving. You’ll be fine and you said you wanted to learn how to dance.

Where do you have to go?”

Roberta’s eyes flicked to the window as a black SUV slowed down and glided past.

“Business trip. Extended business trip.” Roberta wore her smile like a silk scarf. She swooped up her bag and gave me a perfunctory hug and a kiss and was out the door.

That girl, so full of secrets.


"'Sacrifice' yourself to Brutal Music" - Fourth-Wall Friday with Coral Russell

When Mexican drug cartels fight for control along the border, Juarez becomes the murder capital of the world. In El Paso, Texas it’s drug business as usual: a grifter sets out to buy her freedom, a car salesman runs drugs to make his fortune, a gang leader battles to rise among the ranks of the cartel, and a detective and his wife are ripped apart by a family secret. Everyone’s fate lies in the hands of an old woman. Will she let the past die with her or take revenge the only way she knows how?

Sacrifice is a fast-paced, gritty story that’ll keep you guessing, gasping, and gripping your Kindle

Genre- Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
137 pages
Amazon Buy Link


About Coral Russell

Coral Russell lives in the southwest with her hubby, baby Godzilla sized kid and an adorable dog with which she shares a one-way thermal dynamic relationship. She blogs off and on at Alchemy of Scrawl. Along with her brain buddy, Donna, she volunteers at The Indie Exchange, a group of authors, readers, and book bloggers who post reviews, articles, and giveaways. Listen in Fridays to the BTR radio show.

Ms. Russell won the 2003 McCaleb Peace Initiative which produced the non-fiction articles Peace on the Peninsula. All profit from the sale of that eBook go to rebuilding Joplin, MO.


Find out all Coral is doing by stalking her on the web. She likes stalkers and limes, yes.. limes.
"'Sacrifice' yourself to Brutal Music" - Fourth-Wall Friday with Coral Russell  "'Sacrifice' yourself to Brutal Music" - Fourth-Wall Friday with Coral Russell  "'Sacrifice' yourself to Brutal Music" - Fourth-Wall Friday with Coral Russell  "'Sacrifice' yourself to Brutal Music" - Fourth-Wall Friday with Coral Russell  "'Sacrifice' yourself to Brutal Music" - Fourth-Wall Friday with Coral Russell

Titles available: Amador Lockdown (read my review), Playing with Fire (Devil of a Ghost Tour and Key to a Haunting), Peace on the Peninsula, The DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing and eBook Publishing, and Twelve Worlds (profits go to Reading is Fundamental).

Fourth-Wall Friday

Ever wonder what happens if you were to break into your world build and sit down and have a beer with? I think I would love to have tea with Jane Eyre, or discuss the best way to take care of vampires with Jane Yellowstone…maybe having Susie Shotgun take me out for some Angels Tears.

Interested in being part of Cabin Goddess’ Fourth-Wall Friday? I will soon be opening up my schedule from July through Christmas and have a few limited reserved Friday’s for special Fourth-Wall Friday spots (Sign ups for July – December 2013), such as book releases and tours. Contact me at [email protected] for more info. I hope everyone (authors and readers alike) takes time peruse the archives and find out just what other authors have done and enjoy a lot of amazing world builds!

Fourth-Wall FridayAllow yourself as an author to open up a new avenue of sharing your AUTHOR PERSONA & WORLD BUILD in a unique and creative fashion.. Just take a chance, write fluidly and from within that “place” you hangout at with your muse. Or perhaps walk in the door, tuck into a corner & watch your characters, or talk with them…



"'Sacrifice' yourself to Brutal Music" - Fourth-Wall Friday with Coral Russell


  1. Thanks for having me! I enjoyed getting the CabinGoddess pampered treatment. 🙂

  2. Superb!! I read this outstanding book so I loved seeing Roberta again. You two ladies are the Bomb-digity!!

    • hehe Thanks!

  3. Man, I’m terminally clumsy. If I tried to tango, I’d look like a stork trying to be a swan… or something. LOL

    • Oh don’t worry I’m the same but have no problem looking silly. The instructor did ask me once – “Are you comfortable in heels?” hehe No but for some reason I thought I could dance in them.

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