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#BlogFlash2013 “a best friends comfort” (books)

21 days, 21 one prompts, an infinite amount of ideas.. 


a murder yet solved

adventure embraces me

a best friends comfort

(haiku #4)

Books, oh what can I say. They are my best friends. I never have to worry about them telling stories about me, just to me. They always pick up the check and serve the sweetest meals. Making sure I am happy, no matter who pissed in my bowl of Cheerios that morning.

In this day and age I can have as many books as I want. No longer am I hobbled by the size of my house and storage shed. I can gather thousands electronically. Sure, I love the scent of a solid in my hand book. Some with the autographs of authors, some with dog-eared pages so loved their pages are silky smooth. But, the best thing about my books? They are mine!

Paper or Ebook? Can you live without a “real” book?

The challenge

~ March 1st – 29th (weekdays only)ch 29.
~ Write a 50-100 word post for each daily prompt on your own blog .
I am choosing to write Haiku each day pertaining to the prompt plus a little anecdote or opinion.

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  1. I can envision a ‘Cabin Goddess’ enjoying her books — like I’ve enjoyed participating in BlogFlash13 and sharing blogs with everyone. –

  2. I still haven’t gotten completely used to reading on the Kindle yet but I’m getting there. I can see that I could start hoarding all the free books though and then I’ll never find time to read them all!

  3. I love my Kindle because of the flexibility of having unlimited access to books no matter where I go. Having said that, I still love my real books, too! A Kindle just doesn’t feel or smell the same.


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