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#BlogFlash2013 “future yet defined (innocence)

21 days, 21 one prompts, an infinite amount of ideas.. 


still soft and gentle

eyes bright, shining up at me

future yet defined

(haiku #3)

As my daughter gets ready for her wedding on Saturday I find myself remembering the day she came into my life. All pink and soft, gentle touches, cooing sounds. She had not be exposed to the ugliness in the world. She had not had to face the obstacles she faces now. AmandaCarol

When did her innocence go? Will she remember what it feels like? Can she hold on to enough of it to maintain the purity which surrounds her and is expressed in her bright shining smile. Her future is still not defined, it is open and ready for her to mold. Let’s hope the loss of some of the innocence does not taint her bright and shinning future as she becomes Mrs. Amanda Carol Zink.

What do you think of when you here innocence?

#BlogFlash2013 “future yet defined (innocence)#BlogFlash2013 (March 2013): 21 Days of Flash Blogging

~ Starts March 1st, ends March 29. The challenge is to write a 50-100 word post for each daily prompt (weekdays only). The post can be factual, prose or poetry, anecdotal or otherwise. I will be checking at least five blogs a day to read everyone else’s.  This is the second time this has happened and I am challenging myself to do a Haiku each prompt plus a bit more! Do you like to do flash fiction? Join in!

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#BlogFlash2013 “future yet defined (innocence)


  1. What a beautiful post, I loved the haiku..

  2. A lovely view of a mother’s musing of a growing child’s innocence!

  3. A wonderful Haiku from a mother’s point of view. xx

  4. I love your haiku today!
    Congratulations to your daughter. Married life brings a whole new set of challenges but I am sure she will conquer them.

  5. Lovely haiku, and best wishes to your beautiful daughter!

  6. This is so lovely, Kriss! Thank you SO much for sharing it!

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