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“Know Me Better” Zombified (a @toobusyreading special)

“Know Me Better”

(No. 1)


Know Me Better is a weekly meme hosted by Kathy @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. Each week she will pick 5 questions off of her author interview lists to answer. She invites us to share our answers to these questions as well.

This weeks questions…


I can’t live without…
Do you make your bed each morning?
City or Country?
Most embarrassing moment?
What do you think of book trailers?


I am going to answer these in two ways. First I will be answering them as if life is great, I have a roof over my head, I can go shopping at market for fresh bacon, strawberries and Cheese Wiz and the second way as if I am living after the dead have risen… each day a struggle to survive… why? Because I can and….. THE WALKING DEAD IS BACK ON THE AIR this week and I love Zombies!

I can’t live without…

LIFE IS GREAT – Showers, my friends and a way to escape; such as reading, writing, watching a television show or movie and digging in deep to a nice bowl of popcorn, I do not think I can live without popcorn.

ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE Soap – for bathing in some form or fashion (for much of the same and for keeping infection at bay), reading & writing, my machete and salt.

Do you make your bed each morning?

LIFE IS GREAT – Nope, not even close. I tend to fix the pillows and rearrange the blankets but there is no point unless having company over

ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE – I roll up my bedroll, solar blanket and mummy bag up nice and tight, making sure I shake it out in case any creepy crawlers got in it and attach it to my pack so I am always ready to go!

City or Country?

LIFE IS GREAT – Country, but I live (and would always choose to live) close enough to get to a city within 30 minutes. I need box stores and movies!

ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE – Country, cities tend to have to many roaming hordes and rotting dead. To many chances for the dead, the crazy gangs or a bad infections to get you! Better to stick to open land and fresher air.

Most embarrassing moment?

LIFE IS GREAT – I would have to say seventh grade when my monthly visit from Aunt Flow came a little early, I was wearing white H.A.S.H  jeans and singing on stage. I just kept going because I had a solo. YES my most embarrassing moment was somewhat Carrie like. I remember my mothers look of horror the most. When I got off stage and struggled to put a coat around my waist, one bully made a comment and this is the reason it sticks with me. I have had other things that are worse, but I can laugh at myself now. This will always be the worst.

ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE – I had just gotten out of the river after bathing with a fresh bar of lavender soap we looted from a small drug store two days ago. The river was clean and we had cleared the area.  I was not paying attention and had grown quite complacent. When I got back to camp  a warm rain started, or so I thought.  It was actually the fresh kill hanging from a tree. Instead of relishing in a rinse from what I thought was an afternoon rain storm, it was blood… talk about areal Carrie moment!

What do you think of book trailers?

LIFE IS GREAT – I think they can be quite awesome, I also think they can be shit. It is nice window dressing and depends on how they are used. I actually like the latest use of them in the theaters but a lot of folks think its awful. Hell, I would rather watch that before a movie than an advertisement full of subliminal messages given to me by dancing popcorn bags and a rollercoaster ride through 30 dollar buckets of popcorn and 10 dollar Cokes!

ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE – As long as we can lock it up tight and it has some ventilation they are great for hunkering down near cities and formally densely populated areas. They are ideal in the winter because they can be insulated and you can have a fire to cook and boil water plus the metal of the trailer helps conduct the heat, and again the ventilation will help keep the CO2 out.


"Know Me Better" Zombified (a @toobusyreading special)


  1. I’m with you Kriss on living just enough out of city to breath the fresh air but be able to shop. Great answers. We must be able to have what we want when we want it.

  2. Yay comment field wasn’t here before. Zombified is very you 🙂 and omg period on stage that is bad. I totally farted in class once. Damn bodily functions.

  3. love the fact that you gave answers zombiepocalypse as well as life is good. Most embarrassing moment answer…wow! That must’ve been horrifying.

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