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Volcanoes (Grace Murphy #3) by Nicole Hamlett – 5 stars worth of snark!

Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Authors, Books, Featured Posts, Reviews | 5 comments

“Being a single mom and trying to save the world is exhausting.”

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The Disappearance of Grace with International Best Selling Author, Vincent Zandri (Review)

Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Books, Featured Posts, Reviews | 4 comments

Now you see her. Now you don’t…

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Interview with International Best Selling Author, Vincent Zandri

Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Books, Indie Projects & Promotions, Interviews & Interviews with Recipes, Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours | 7 comments

Vincent Zandri, Best Selling Author of “Disappearance of Grace”


I want to thank Partners in Crime Tours for the chance to be able to both interview and review (December 13th) Vincent Zandri with his tour of Disappearance of Grace. The book is a nice contribution to the Mystery/Suspense genre and one I would let my 14 year-old read. Though some of the imagery could be disturbing to more sensitive kids this age, most are exposed to it each time they watch the news were even in a more fantastical and carnivalistic manner.

(BTW my comment box is below the Tundra comic now. I think people are missing it *pout*  but I am sure the author would love questions, comments and / or feedback)

On that note, I present an interview only a journalist could answer the way he did, short and to the point! *smiling* welcome to the Cabin, Vincent…

A little about Vincent…

Cabin GoddessTell us a little about yourself?

Vincent Zandri I’m a writer. A novelist and essayist. Also a photo-journalist. I travel a lot too.

CGThis maybe an obvious answer to many, but tell us how Journalism has enriched your writing?

VZ – It’s taught me to use the fewest words to convey the most meaning.

CGYour favorite food: Favorite candy, favorite snack food, favorite meal and favorite dessert?

VZ – Tortollini e brodo in Florence, Italy

Cover of "Foreign Correspondent"

Foreign Correspondent

CG – Favorite Hitchcock Movie?

VZ – “Foreign Correspondent”

CG – Tell us about a typical day in the life of Vincent Zandri

VZ Get up early. Write. Go for a run, train with weights. Write. Lunch. Write. Head to the local for a beer. Cook dinner. Read. Sleep. Get up and do it again.

What about the book?

CG – Synopsis’ are hard to write sometimes, your synopsis has a great hook. If you could write another synopsis just for your fans what would it say?

VZ Imagine the person you love the most being taken away from you before your eyes, only you can’t see it happening.

CG – Our war with Iraq and Afghanistan has caused an uprising in literary fiction/novels around the survivors and former soldiers which have been or are part of it. I liked the fact your story does not follow the normal PTSD angle. What story is there behind this decision?

VZ Nothing discriminate. Nick’s temporary blindness due to his PTSD is something I imagined happening. The story revolved around that.

CG – Writing a title is half the battle of a book for many. I caught right on to the double entendre with The Disappearance of Grace! Your other books have simple but pertinent titles. Do you have a process? Do you run them by someone? Or are you just brilliant!

VZ Certainly not brilliant. But yet, I come up with several titles and run them by people. Very few titles I’ve chosen on my own.

Alfred Hitchcock

Cover of Alfred Hitchcock

CG – You labeled this as having a Hitchcokian feeling. It almost seems like it may have some aspects of 39 Steps, but Hitchcock has a ton of different aspects that make something within the spectrum, what Hitchcockian vision do you see within the pages of The Disappearance of Grace?

North by Northwest movie trailer screenshot (31)

North by Northwest  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

VZ Something along the lines of North By Northwest, where the clues and the bad guys sort of reveal themselves slowly over time. You never know who to trust or not to trust.


Final Thoughts


CG – If you asked to give one tip to aspiring writers, what would it be?

VZ – “Learn to write interestingly about a teabag.” – Lizette Potgieter, photo-journalist

CG – What are you working on now?

VZ A new Marconi novel called The Guilty

CG – Out of all the social media you use, what is your favorite tool?

VZ Facebook

CG – Apocalypse happens tomorrow. What would your last meal be?

VZ A Holy Communion wafer…

Fast, Fun and Festive


  • Transportation: Train, Plane or Car – All of the above.
  • Drink: Beer, wine or a bottle of scotch? – Beer and red wine.
  • Europe: London, Rome, Paris or Berlin – Rome and Paris.
  • Bus Tour or Walking Tour – No tours.
  • Cathedrals or Museums? – Both
  • Weather: Sun, Snow or Rain? Rain in Venice – Sun in Mexico – Snow in the Adirondacks 
  • Sleep: Rooster or Owl? – Rooster
  • Army, Air Force or Marines – I support all our fighting men and women
  • Chicken, Steak or Anti-Pasta – All of the above
  • Soda: Coke or Pepsi? – No soda
  • Candy: Plain or Peanut? – Both

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“A Palette of Life” Scorpio Rising by Monique Domovitch (Book Club Bash Review)

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Book Club Bash Hop-tastic 2012

Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Books | 7 comments

Book Club Bash Blog Hop 12-10 through 12-14 and over $700 in prizes!

This week I have two of the five authors Jane George, Monique Domovitch (the other three, Pavarti K. Tyler, Anderson O’Donnell and Lenore Skomal, both have been featured on my blog at least once and Lenore’s book, BLUFF, is being reviewed on December 27th this month). I have read three of the four books and have started the fourth of their books (X-IT by Jane George) so it was somewhat of a no brainer. If I were to recommend one out of all of these it would be….. umm Kingdom (one of my top 2012 and featured book several times over here on the blog).. no wait..perhaps BLUFF (keep a box of tissues ready and have your food made ahead of time you won’t be able to stop).. oh crapola.. Shadows on the Wall (AMAZING Muslim Superhero action) wait.. wait.. umm Scorpio Rising (this one took me really by surprise!) It is Hanukkah (which means another excuse for me to make Latkes)

Make sure you check out Book Club Bash Main Page for the rest of the weeks event guide, the authors info and a kick ass Rafflecopter contest to boot!

The Blog Hop

Book Club Bash

Today there is a blog hop going on (see linky list at the end of this post for other blogs to visit and to sign up) about book clubs.  Personally, I’ve never managed to successfully join a book club. However my mother has been part of a very successful book club for over 20 years. These ladies are amazing, and I get the spill-offs. As soon as my mom is done with the book she mails it up with all her notes in an envelope that is sealed and tells me to write my own, answer the book club questions than open the envelope and call her. It has been fun! One way my mom, Dr. Morton the queen of Literature and I have been able to bond that does not involve me throwing a fit on the floor of The Gap crying over how fat my thighs are over the last 20 years.

I never was reading what anyone else was when someone would ask me to be part of a book club. They were reading crap, or romance and I was reading adventure, and literary fiction or ummm books about really weird conspiracy theories, plus they just used it as an excuse to drink in the afternoon, throw their kids into the family room and eat. I was a military wife, the pool of wives that actually read books and not magazines was small, and those women were officers wives. I had better luck with my scrapbooking club, they were intelligent, we talked about what we read as individuals plus we got to be creative and make the good food we ate and let the men folks parent for the evening at a different house (they had a Dad and kid game night)

Hey my books had thrusting in them, usually knives though – image by:liebeSuse

The discovery of Book Blogs, Tours and hops? It has opened up a whole new outlet for me. I love it. I am not writing for the teachers, the board of directors, my literary critic board .. I am writing and discussing and voicing my opinion with a incestuous group of awesome readers and writers! It has been amazing! Three of the above authors I would consider friends, or fast to with Lenore. Pavarti is one of my dearest friends and Anderson almost named his second born after me (Someone needs to name a baby Morton just because it is such a cool name… Morton Bacon, that works right?)

So check out the people below, enjoy the awesomeness that is all over the web today and the rest of the week, and check back! I have a review tomorrow and a special Fourth-Wall Friday coming up too!

Learn about the authors involved, the list of blogs and the Rafflecopter!!

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Dead Sea Games: Adrift – Candy Brains (#WeeklyShorts)

Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Books, Reading, Reviews, Weekly Shorts, Zombies | 3 comments

Weekly Shorts No. 23

Weekly Shorts is the revised feature formally known as Sunday Shorts… short story, anthology of short stories, a novellete or novella… basically a quick afternoon or weekend read that is also short on your wallet! This week’s certainly is! Today it is a special of.. free! Just like it is to become a zombie, free, doesn’t cost you a think but to make a click, you know the sound your shotgun makes when you are out of shells and the horde finally has you cornered? CLICK, free book… CLICK, free ride away from what some think as hell on earth. Which ever one you choose, you probably are going to be having a lot more fun this weekend than hanging out with guys who like this wanna be Claus, who has literally been CANED to death. (yes, oh yes I went there) Keep reading, I have a bigger surprise, a reading. Yes I am going to do a reading for the novella.

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All (Pet’s) Asrielle Wants For Christmas…

Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Cabin Basics, Humor, Photos | 8 comments

All Pet’s Want for Christmas Blog Hop and Giveaway

Sponsored by Vickie Johnstone (author of The Kiwi Series and 3 Heads and A Tail) and David M. Brown (author of Man vs. Cat)

Seriously, yes, this is it pretty easy, in fact I am sure they have taken the  hint is when I sit on top stair rung waiting for a victim I can reach that is  stupid inclined to stand under the stairs just to give me some target practice (believe me this happens more than I thought possible with these ridiculous  HOOOMans!)  all this gorgeous cat wants for Christmas is a new Tower of Doom… This stairs baiting is for the birds… oh look a bird… 

Some cats go for comfort…

Some can be appeased with quick, cheap and easy (they also settle for the ‘nip cut with grass, go figure)


Other’s will settle for the redneck version

(fun while it lasts, which would not be for long here despite the duct tape)

And others, like me needs utilitarian, easy to reach, high access for the quick kill and removal of all who offend..

The Ultimate Tower of Doom

(click to see!!!)

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Elliot Calls an Executive cast meeting – (Fourth-Wall Friday)

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Photos of The Auld Hoose, Edinburgh

This photo of The Auld Hoose is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Oh Nachos! Wow, one of my favorites!” I pull out my wallet and a $20 as I look up to the smiling face presenting me with this platter of joy.

Ack, as nice as ‘at is, Ah am gonnae need £12.50” 

Looking down I realize, it has happened again, it maybe Thursday for me, but for D. Kai Wilson, in Edinburgh  it is Friday. I smile innocently and start routing through my pocketbook when a hand covers mine and a slightly lilted voice says to my waitress,

I hae thes, and am in charge ay th’ crew ower at ‘a table too..” A woman with barista glasses says with a smile, hey it;s Kai,

“Kai…” I start,

Kriss .. here, just wait, Elliot has demanded an audience, enjoy the meal, Th’ Auld Hoose offers th’ largest plate ay nachos ye can gie aroond here.”

I sit back as she leaves and as I settle in I notice a piece of rumpled paper, it is crumpled, stained and has a list of names on it for me.. I turn it over just as the waitress pushes past me and sloshes a nice amber next to my nachos. Settling back I start paying attention at the laughing going on across from me…


“Do you honestly think she’s going to go for that?” James said. His suit is crisp and neat, the shirt unbuttoned to the button just below the hollow on his clavicle. Elliot shrugged, in a suit just slightly cleaner than the one he normally wore to meet up with me.

“Do you honestly think I’ll go for what?” I say. I shake the snow from my hair, before carefully leaning against the edge of the booth screen, looking around the table. James jumps, then turns, stands and kisses me. Elliot stands too, and kisses me, giving me a long hug, whispering into my hair.

“Jesus woman, this year hasn’t half been tough. Are you ok?”

I smiled and shrugged. I always do when he asks me that. How exactly are you supposed to tell a character that the reason he barely gets out is there’s been ‘real life’ stuff getting in the way, when he’s more real to me than most people I deal with? Don’t answer that. There isn’t an answer.

“I’m fine El. Got your note,” I say. He gestures to the bar, and the man behind it nods, and busies himself with grabbing drinks.

“Same again James, Farran?”

“Farran’s here?” I suddenly yelp. I haven’t seen Farran in years.

“Yes, I’m here. As is Reliquary, and Merridian,”

“Oh fuck me. All my characters are ganging up on me,”

Elliot snorts indelicately. “Not quite sweet,”

“Don’t you ‘sweet’ me. You’re supposed to TELL me when you get injured,” I say and reach over and punch him. His wan smile lights up his face.

“Well. We all decided we want to talk,” Farran interjects, leaning forward. Merridian and Reliquary nod emphatically.

“All of you?”

“Yep. I managed to convince this mook,” tilting and nodding his head at Elliot, “Not to arrest me.” Elliot shoots him a tight smile, as the barman brings the drinks. I’ve got my favourite – plum saki, and a pink of coke. Elliot’s on whiskey, Merridian, her pale skin and violet eyes flaring with the light bouncing off the tray, pulls back her hood and takes her mead. I’m relieved to see she’s grown her hair back, and it’s in a less severe style than the last time I saw her. Reliquary is drinking orange juice, Farran leaning over to sniff my plum saki.

“Kai, what in the hell is the clear stuff?”

“Saki,” I say with a smile. “Want some?” Taking the glass from my hand, he delicately sips. You’d never think he’s the loon that reclaims space stations for a future that might never come to be.

“Oooh. That’s nice,” he says, squeezing past me, stroking my hair, before grabbing some more from the barman.

“Is he for real?” Elliot asks me as he leaves.

I nod. “I’m not sure how to explain it. He’s not a clone if that’s what you’re asking,”

“Oh don’t,” he said. “Still trying to fucking untangle that so we can explain it,” That’s said with a grimace. I know that the last case took it out of him. I know because he didn’t talk to me for six months. “But he’s ok?”

“Yes. Wrongfully convicted, but found his calling in where it led him,” I say. Elliot nods carefully.

“We’ve got a surprise for you,” he says, after sipping the glass. The amber liquid in front of him smells familiar, “Oh but Kai, we need to do this more often. I love the Benronach here,” I grin. Darkness certainly isn’t known for its malt whiskey.

“Tell Harper to bring some back with him,” I murmur, and his eyes light up.

“Never thought of that!” he says, with a grin. Harper wanders in, and reaches down to tilt my head back before planting a kiss on my forehead.

“My sweet,” he says, in an accent that achingly reminds me of home, “don’t give him ideas,”
Elliot is watching Harper carefully. I know what’s just gone down, and to his credit – to both their credits – they don’t scrap. But the two once inseparable friends sit on opposite sides of the table, and after a very frosty greeting, involve themselves in conversations with those around them.

James is watching me in silent awe. My newest creation, he’s still getting used to the switch that lives in his attic and looks after him and his flatmates between shows. There’s a lot to explain in that relationship, and a lot more to explore.

I smile at him and he crimsons, and squeaks something, leaving for the bathroom.

“Poor guy,” Elliot said, “He met Merridian and just about died.” The wary look on his face is even less guarded when he looks to her. Merridian doesn’t care – with a smirk and a slight frown she levitates her glass.

“Literally,” she said, “He interrupted a twisting,” Her hands twist again, revealing a ball. Almost a looking glass. I can see all of the year flashing by in it. All of the pain, all of the good stuff. It’s heavier on the ‘pain’ column this year. Elliot squeezes my hand.

By now, I’m dazed. I’m used to Elliot visiting me. This is more like the ‘Christmas fucking reunion of all of my characters, old and new’.

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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Giveaway – Christmas Wishes #BlogHop

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Christmas Wishes Blog Hop


North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus

North Pole High School - Rebel without a Clause

(Sauntering in sucking on a candy cane) Hey! You guys are naughty! Don’t make me tell the big man on you! This is a genuine, North Pole Candy Cane, straight from Kris Kringle’s hand himself. Yes you heard me, North Pole.. as in Alaska. After finishing this book and having a heck of a lot more than just a fun, festive and fabulous frolic down Rudy Tutti’s “lane” (snickering) I decided this would make a great giveaway and stocking stuffer!

The book deals with normal teenage angst, cliques, boyfriends and the biggest, baddest man in a young girls life, her Daddy.. this Daddy, however happens to be the only one in the history of the world who you can safetly sit a kid in his lap with no worries of any “bad” touching, even if your kid pees on him.  Read the rest of the review HERE.

Want to win a copy? See below! Want to win even more? Keep reading, The Christmas Wish BLog Hop blog hop has Rafflecopter contest with a chance to win a Nook Glow Light, a Kindle Paperwhite or choice of a $90 Amazon or B&N Gift Card.

North Pole High (again review and more about the book is HERE) is available in four languages, I am not sure I can send from those websites on Amazon, but I can certainly try, otherwise I am offering the ebook internationally and your choice of the paperback or kindle edition of North Pole High – A Rebel Without a Claus. US (unless I can figure out how to order from the other sites). I

Answer each in the comments below and for each comment you will be entered into a drawing for a copy.

  1. Read the review and tell me what I think about “tinsel” in the comments below
  2. Tweet the Review for North Pole High – Rebel without a Clause (paste your tweet link)
  3. Share about the giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, G+ or more (For each you will get an entry, please provide link)
  4. What is your favorite thing about the holiday’s
  5. Do you have a favorite Christmas read? Song? Movie? (you can answer one or all three each will get an entry).

You do not have to put the answers in separate comments, the Hop ends on the 13th and I will announce and contact the winner by the 15th, so make sure your e-mail you comment with is one I can contact you with. One random answer (I will check and count each answer and give them a separate number for each answer) will be chosen at The Official Hop Giveaway is below, keep reading CLICK THROUGH if you are on the front page) AND enter on the Rafflecopter Giveaway below AND find all the awesome other giveaways like mine and more! Man it is just like Christmas here…….. wait IT IS CHRISTMAS!

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Best Christmas Present so Far – North Pole High – Rebel without a Claus (Review)

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Has the makings of a Christmas Classic for years go come..

North Pole High Tour by Bewitching

(Sauntering in sucking on a candy cane) Hey! You guys are naughty! Don’t make me tell the big man on you! This is a genuine, North Pole Candy Cane, straight from Kris Kringle’s hand himself. Yes you heard me, North Pole.. as in Alaska. this book is a heck of a lot more than just a fun, festive and fabulous frolic down Rudy Tutti’s “lane” (snickering) The author, Miss Candace Jane Kringle, a junior at her North Pole High wrote her “memoir” of the year she was faced with having to save Christmas, dealing with normal teenage angst, cliques, boyfriends and the biggest, baddest man who is the only one in the history of the world who you can sit your kid in his lap with no worries of any bad kind of touching, even if your kid pees on him. He is to hopped up on Jellybeans, after all.

But let’s get back to our review. The book is pretty much your basic story of new boy comes to school, he is supposedly a bad boy, hence Rebel without a Claus…Drag races, fire car crash, should I give it up for the boy, over-bearing father, understanding mother, Knock-Turn Alley errrr.. wait.. ummm the bad side of town, reefer, even a bit of beer.. and of course true love that saves the day, or in this case one very special night.. it is all here a nightmare of teenage angst, nothing new about the tale right?.

A challenge to say the very least, and a challenge met by Miss Candace surpassing my expectations and even making me think a bit at times. It is totally clean, nothing like the above. Even the sexual innuendos are clean, heck the dirtiest thing in this ends up being edible! YES EDIBLE! (you really have to read it to see) The Christmas Miracle? Bigger really is not better, but when it grows? Boy does it grow!

Christmas Garland

Candace, Candace, Candace. When I saw this tour come across in my inbox, I admit I groaned more than a little, but I had to open it up and find out. When I signed up for the tour with a review, I thought I am only doing this because I had a child go to NPHS, was a SPED driver for the school, and have had numerous dealings with the families and teams, including being one of the “backyards ditch sectors for when hiding from certain… Grinches with a Badge (aka North Pole PD). Yes, I harbored more than one errant child on their dad’s snow-machines, NPPD is full of jerks, I know what Candace felt like when she realized Daddy may catch on to the gangs race through town on their Snow Pods (not approved for official distribution for Christmas, so put a lolly pop in it).

Kris Kringle – North Pole, AK (he’s in the white pages)

I know I know, I am having way to much fun with this, but I just cannot help it, I am caught up in the magic of the book! We have a penguin that cooks Gingerbread cookies where the boy crumbles and the girls are soft and full of sugar and spice (and Santa uses them to do the gingerbread-birds and the gingerbread-bees after one huge “Santa Clause Interruptus”

Let’s look at some of the players in this delightful tale. Just see how clever Miss Candace is. The personalities match the names, this was no mistake


North Pole High Players

  • Candace Jane Kringle
  • – Sweet, shiny, with pure white and wearing those the rose color glasses just like her signature red stripes. She knows how to give the shine on to her father but fails many times to see beyond her expected behavior.
  • Rudy Tutti doesn’t fit any Christmas stocking, but he is like that unexpected toy, such as a new coffee maker (hint-nudge-hint Man-Beast) Totally unexpected and ending up to be the best Christmas present ever.
  • Snowflake – light airy, unique but always fluttering about. Consent, and Candace’s best friend
  • Tinsel – annoying and clingy, oh just like real tinsel huh? He looks pretty on the outside but frankly he is pretty much the same each time you forgive him (just like it is every year when you give it one more try) Candace gives him one more try and his shine just doesn’t do it for her.
  • Vixen – ummm let’s just say her Christmas Tree skirt is one of those cheesy ones fake felt ones from Wal-Mart that never quite fits? She’s always in the market for ‘toe and knows how to … handle those big, round… buttons on your red suit. (again with the naughty thoughts)
  • Sugarplum – OK she is a fairy, she is always a support staff and never the star. Just like when I was six in the Nutcracker, and eight, and nine… one day.. one day I will be *blink oh sorry about that, anyway you see where this is going?

So what can I say that I haven’t? Mind you, starting this is a little like the beginning of Christmas season when there is candy in every bowl, and cookies overflowing from the oven, it is a bit to much to take, but once you gird up and keep on keeping the music is never enough, the candy bowl is always needing to be filled and you need just one more batch of cookies. I am totally swept up into the magic of the story. I congratulate this author for really striking out and taking on story so many have and not only succeed in making it completely safe for kids of all ages, but making it a blast for any of us kids closer to 92 enjoy it just as much. Thank you for filling my stocking this year with an unexpected treat Miss Kringle. This former North Pole town dweller knows what she is getting all her friends here in Fairbanks and North Pole for Christmas, so if Daddy gets a few angry calls from your friends parents for some of those adventures you reveal in the pages of your memoir? Umm, Sorry!? OH how would I rate this book?

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