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Interview with International Best Selling Author, Vincent Zandri

Vincent Zandri, Best Selling Author of “Disappearance of Grace”


I want to thank Partners in Crime Tours for the chance to be able to both interview and review (December 13th) Vincent Zandri with his tour of Disappearance of Grace. The book is a nice contribution to the Mystery/Suspense genre and one I would let my 14 year-old read. Though some of the imagery could be disturbing to more sensitive kids this age, most are exposed to it each time they watch the news were even in a more fantastical and carnivalistic manner.

(BTW my comment box is below the Tundra comic now. I think people are missing it *pout*  but I am sure the author would love questions, comments and / or feedback)

On that note, I present an interview only a journalist could answer the way he did, short and to the point! *smiling* welcome to the Cabin, Vincent…

A little about Vincent…

Cabin GoddessTell us a little about yourself?

Vincent Zandri I’m a writer. A novelist and essayist. Also a photo-journalist. I travel a lot too.

CGThis maybe an obvious answer to many, but tell us how Journalism has enriched your writing?

VZ – It’s taught me to use the fewest words to convey the most meaning.

CGYour favorite food: Favorite candy, favorite snack food, favorite meal and favorite dessert?

VZ – Tortollini e brodo in Florence, Italy

Cover of "Foreign Correspondent"

Foreign Correspondent

CG – Favorite Hitchcock Movie?

VZ – “Foreign Correspondent”

CG – Tell us about a typical day in the life of Vincent Zandri

VZ Get up early. Write. Go for a run, train with weights. Write. Lunch. Write. Head to the local for a beer. Cook dinner. Read. Sleep. Get up and do it again.

What about the book?

CG – Synopsis’ are hard to write sometimes, your synopsis has a great hook. If you could write another synopsis just for your fans what would it say?

VZ Imagine the person you love the most being taken away from you before your eyes, only you can’t see it happening.

CG – Our war with Iraq and Afghanistan has caused an uprising in literary fiction/novels around the survivors and former soldiers which have been or are part of it. I liked the fact your story does not follow the normal PTSD angle. What story is there behind this decision?

VZ Nothing discriminate. Nick’s temporary blindness due to his PTSD is something I imagined happening. The story revolved around that.

CG – Writing a title is half the battle of a book for many. I caught right on to the double entendre with The Disappearance of Grace! Your other books have simple but pertinent titles. Do you have a process? Do you run them by someone? Or are you just brilliant!

VZ Certainly not brilliant. But yet, I come up with several titles and run them by people. Very few titles I’ve chosen on my own.

Alfred Hitchcock

Cover of Alfred Hitchcock

CG – You labeled this as having a Hitchcokian feeling. It almost seems like it may have some aspects of 39 Steps, but Hitchcock has a ton of different aspects that make something within the spectrum, what Hitchcockian vision do you see within the pages of The Disappearance of Grace?

North by Northwest movie trailer screenshot (31)

North by Northwest  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

VZ Something along the lines of North By Northwest, where the clues and the bad guys sort of reveal themselves slowly over time. You never know who to trust or not to trust.


Final Thoughts


CG – If you asked to give one tip to aspiring writers, what would it be?

VZ – “Learn to write interestingly about a teabag.” – Lizette Potgieter, photo-journalist

CG – What are you working on now?

VZ A new Marconi novel called The Guilty

CG – Out of all the social media you use, what is your favorite tool?

VZ Facebook

CG – Apocalypse happens tomorrow. What would your last meal be?

VZ A Holy Communion wafer…

Fast, Fun and Festive


  • Transportation: Train, Plane or Car – All of the above.
  • Drink: Beer, wine or a bottle of scotch? – Beer and red wine.
  • Europe: London, Rome, Paris or Berlin – Rome and Paris.
  • Bus Tour or Walking Tour – No tours.
  • Cathedrals or Museums? – Both
  • Weather: Sun, Snow or Rain? Rain in Venice – Sun in Mexico – Snow in the Adirondacks 
  • Sleep: Rooster or Owl? – Rooster
  • Army, Air Force or Marines – I support all our fighting men and women
  • Chicken, Steak or Anti-Pasta – All of the above
  • Soda: Coke or Pepsi? – No soda
  • Candy: Plain or Peanut? – Both

 Now you see her. Now you don’t…

Captain Nick Angel has finally made a separate peace with the war in Afghanistan. Since having been ordered to bomb a Tajik village which resulted in the death of a little boy of no more than two, he’s been suffering from temporary bouts of blindness. Knowing the he needs time to rest and recover from his post traumatic stress, the US Army decides to send him to Venice along with his fiancee, the artist, Grace Blunt. Together they try and recapture their former life together. But when Grace suddenly goes missing, Nick not only finds himself suddenly alone and sightless in the ancient city of water, but also the number one suspect in her disappearance.

A novel that projects Hitchcockian suspense onto a backdrop of love and war, The Disappearance of Grace is a rich, literary thriller of fear, loss, love, and revenge. From the war in the Afghan mountains to the canals of romantic Venice, this is a story that proves 20/20 eyesight might not always be so perfect and seeing is not always believing.

  • Rated PG-13 (I would let my 14 year-old read it. It is a good solid mystery/suspense novel)
  • 222 Pages

Disappearance of Grace now available:


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Vincent Zandri

In December 2011, he signed a “Very Nice,” eight-book deal with Thomas & Mercer of Amazon Publishing. Zandri’s list of publishers also include Delacorte, Dell, StoneHouse /StoneGate Ink and more.  An MFA in Writing graduate of Vermont College, Zandri’s work is translated into many languages including the Dutch, Russian, and Japanese.

An adventurer and freelance photojournalist, Zandri has been the author of the professional blogs Dangerous Dispatches & Embedded in Africa for Russia Today TV (RT). He also writes for other global publications, including Culture 11 and Globalspec. Zandri’s nonfiction has appeared in New York Newsday, Hudson Valley Magazine, Game and Fish Magazine and others, while his essays and short fiction have been featured in many journals including Fugue, Maryland Review and Orange Coast Magazine.


Vincent ZandriAn MFA in Writing graduate of Vermont College, Zandri’s work is translated into many languages including the Dutch, Russian, and Japanese. An adventurer, foreign correspondent, and freelance photo-journalist for RT, Globalspec, IBTimes and more, he lives in Albany, New York

Vincent Zandri is the No. 1 International Bestselling Amazon author of THE INNOCENT, GODCHILD, THE REMAINS, MOONLIGHT FALLS, CONCRETE PEARL, MOONLIGHT RISES, SCREAM CATCHER, BLUE MOONLIGHT and MURDER BY MOONLIGHT. He is also the author of the Amazon bestselling digital shorts, PATHOLOGICAL, TRUE STORIES and MOONLIGHT MAFIA. Harlan Coben has described THE INNOCENT (formerly As Catch Can) as “…gritty, fast-paced, lyrical and haunting,” while the New York Post called it “Sensational…Masterful…Brilliant!” Zandri’s list of publishers include Delacorte, Dell, StoneHouse Ink, StoneGate Ink and Thomas & Mercer.




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