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Doubleheader Reviews- Rose Pressey & Her Paranormal Cozy Home-runs


I hate watching baseball, but I love using analogies, heck I am sucker for anything that is a cliche~! Since winter is upon us we need some good books to snuggle up with and believe me these are awesome books! Plus with Halloween coming, this is yet another of my contribution to the Halloween themed fun running all over the blogosphere! 

Rose Pressey is by far one of my favorite paranormal cozy writers. Her latest two books are a great addition to her spot on my shelf. If you have not been exposed to Rose, I suggest you start with any of the first in her series, yes series my friends. Rose has several going on and two of them are below. She just gets better and better and better!

Thanks Rose for giving me many afternoons of relaxing fun, a lot of smiles and more than a few belly laughs! Who can beat having President Lincoln or Elvish following you around? Or give you great advice when you finally say yes to the vampire who has been DYING to take you out dancing!


How to Date a Demon (Rylie Cruz #3)How to Date a Demon (Rylie Cruz)Doubleheader Reviews- Rose Pressey & Her Paranormal Cozy Home-runs
by Rose Pressey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Another wonderful addition from Rose Pressey for her”How to Date [INSERT PARANORMAL HERE]” series. What?? You havent started this delightful series? Girlfriend, stop, drop that OTHER paranormal cozy and run on over to Amazon to get the 1st & 2nd Rylie Cruz books now! *quietly waiting while eating a BLT* got them? OK now you will be prepared for her south-bound turn on a north-bound one-way street. Apparenty for New Orleans this is a perfectly acceptable driving habit, albeit a metaphoric tool of mine involving the realm of story telling in this case.

Rylie has a successful match making business for a client base with very specific needs. After all if you’re a paranorm-chaser knowing a few hints; such as always carry an emergency stash of beef jerky when dating those of the “will turn hairy an irrational at the full moon or if you piss me off” persuasion, will come in handy! She also boasts 100% guarantee at her match making prowess! Other than the psycho quasi redneck she-wolf who is a couple if prescriptions shy of the local looney-bins requirements for entrances! Nor will we hold it against her for getting her boyfriend accidentally changed into a vampire either! After all hes only half-vamp oh umm and I think we can look the other way about her roommates boyfriend having the same malady befall him..accidents happen right? plus as it turns out he was….oh wait that would be a spoiler tsk tsk!

This little dating paranorms 101 jaunt has us following Rylie chasing her demon marinated roomie around with the help of a very steamy stranger while attempting to avoid wedding planning for the pyscho ex-customer and new neighbor next door. She better figure out quickly how she’ll do it, whose the bad guys, and what not to wear to the ball or the normal steamy New Orleans night on the town will seem like a midnight jaunt in the wilds of Alaska! (and this I can attest to).

I’m a Rose Pressey fan-girl and am in love with Rylie despite her need to shave often and her obsession for porcelain figurines! What is she thinking? How is she going to break the “curse”. What curse do I speak of??? Start reading, Sweetie and fall in love with just one if the fantastic series Rose has going!!

Doubleheader Reviews- Rose Pressey & Her Paranormal Cozy Home-runs

The Ghoul Next Door (Larue Donavan #3)The Ghoul Next Door (Larue Donavan)Doubleheader Reviews- Rose Pressey & Her Paranormal Cozy Home-runs
by Rose Pressey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I’ll never forget the day I read my first Rose Pressey novel. I was dealing with a big bought of depression and I ended up reading three in a row, one of which was the first Larue Donavan book. I was hooked and hunted her down on Twitter and told her so. She responded with a thank you, tickling me pink rose!.

Today was another one of my down days so I picked up a Rose book and read till I finished, which is sad because now I’m out of Rose books to read! (I’ve been hoarding this and two others and having a pretty rough few weeks I ended up finishing all of them!)

“The Ghoul Next Door” picks up where we last left Larue, dealing with the aftermath of black magic and allowing the herself to have someone she could call her own, Callahan. The sexy coffee store owner is there making her happy but a darker presence left over from the last book just wont go away. To top it off she’s recruited into being part if a show called “Demon Hunters” and despite her past decides to accept. With Abe Lincoln and the rest of her ghosts gone, we also get to meet the new crew, which all but one are questionable characters to say the least!

Will her trust or distrust be enough to get her through? Will Callahan’s past end up catching up with him? Will she finally accept her role as Coven Leader? Wait, there is more, much more…but again Larue must first accept and have faith in herself and with a little help with blueberry donuts, her best friend Mindy and Elvis she may be able to save the day and herself!

Truly the best of the series so far! If you haven’t read a Rose Pressey book I suggest any of the series especially if you like your cozy with a bit of spunk, a touch of hope and a whole lot of chocolate. cherry lattes to wash down the donuts…ill forgive her the diet coke!

Doubleheader Reviews- Rose Pressey & Her Paranormal Cozy Home-runs

How to Date a Demon (Rylie Cruz #3)

How to Date a Demon (Rylie Cruz #3)

by Rose Pressey (Goodreads Author)

A Match Made in Hell

Rylie Cruz loves playing matchmaker. She even does it full-time at her matchmaking service, Get a Mate. Since she’s a werewolf, she feels that gives her expertise when dealing with the paranormal crowd.

When Rylie’s best friend, Jennifer Matthews, asks her to set her up on a date, Rylie is hesitant. Jennifer hasn’t had luck in the dating department lately.

But when a good-lucking man shows up looking for a date, Rylie thinks Jennifer might be his perfect match. The date turns to hell though when Jennifer displays outrageous mood swings and a new shocking fashion sense.

When Jennifer disappears, Rylie fears the worst. Things get even stranger when a mysterious demon hunter shows up looking for Jennifer. He claims he wants to help Rylie find her friend. Rylie’s boyfriend, Jack Chandler, is trying to save Rylie from the demon hunter, but she isn’t sure she needs to be saved.

Rylie has to find her friend before it’s too late and Jennifer’s swooped off for a staycation in forever damnation.

  • Kindle Edition, 248 pages
  • Published September 24th 2012
Doubleheader Reviews- Rose Pressey & Her Paranormal Cozy Home-runs

The Ghoul Next Door (Larue Donavan #3)The Ghoul Next Door (Larue Donavan)Doubleheader Reviews- Rose Pressey & Her Paranormal Cozy Home-runs

by Rose Pressey


Just when Larue Donavan, top-notch psychic medium and bookstore owner, thought she’d gotten a vacation from ghostly visitors, her ghoul friends are back. All she wants is to run her bookstore and help a few lost souls cross over into the light, but what she gets is black witchcraft, demons, and Elvis Presley. Oh wait, she likes the Elvis part.

A reality show is in town and wants Larue to join their team. She accepts the job, but gets more than she bargained for when, on the first day, she’s thrown into a battle with dark forces. Larue has to deal with the demons lurking between this world and the next and even Elvis can’t help her with this fight. This specter may not be out for the client after all. Instead, this demon is all over Larue like a bad rash.The demon isn’t the only one longing for someone, though.

Larue’s relationship with Callahan Weiss is in jeopardy when his ex-girlfriend arrives in town and decides to introduce herself to Larue via snail mail… not just once, but many times. This girl is definitely stalker material. She’ll do anything to get to Callahan’s heart.

When it seems as if things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Larue, and everyone around her, realizes she isn’t acting normal–even her eye color has changed. This demon may be playing tricks. Larue must use every bit of spiritual energy she can muster to save herself. If she doesn’t outsmart the forces of evil, she may lose her sanity and possibly her soul.

Larue must banish this evil spirit back to hell with a little help from her ghoul friends… and Elvis.(less)

  • Kindle Edition, 280 pages
  • Published July 7th 2012

Doubleheader Reviews- Rose Pressey & Her Paranormal Cozy Home-runs


About the Author
Doubleheader Reviews- Rose Pressey & Her Paranormal Cozy Home-runs Rose enjoys writing quirky and fun novels with a paranormal twist. The paranormal has always captured her interest. The thought of finding answers to the unexplained fascinates her.

When she’s not writing about werewolves, vampires and every other supernatural creature, she loves eating cupcakes with sprinkles, reading, spending time with family, and listening to oldies from the fifties.

Rose lives in the beautiful commonwealth of Kentucky with her husband, son and two sassy Chihuahuas.


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  1. Rose Pressey is awesome! I haven’t read any of her fiction yet, but have collected a lot of it – but I loved her true ghost stories “My Haunted Family”.
    Show me some love!

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