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“I remember where I was when” – From the Moon Landing to Doctor Who

Season Seven has started!!

A Cabin Goddess Commentary and Review of the Premier of Season 7

I remember where I was when it started….

"I remember where I was when" - From the Moon Landing to Doctor Who

Moon Landing Hoax

Moon Landing Hoax (Photo credit: J (

Some day in the future, when my grandkids are strewn around the living room as I sit sub-vocalizing my blog post for the next day it will pop up as it always has during family gatherings… “Where were you when…” We gather our memories and pair them with scents, tastes, feelings, and settings. We categorize these important things in our lives that we start this sentence with. My parent’s say “I remember where I was when man landed on the moon!” Well the whole hoax that is, silly people, man did not really land on the moon, it was all shot in Hollywood!. But what does this have to do with Doctor Who? Hold onto your fez, I am getting to that!

In all seriousness, my parents remember the moon landing, they also remember, as I do too, where they were when we landed on Mars (on my fat ass with a computer in my lap reading it live on the internet while debating the importance of professional editing in books…)  I remember really important and life changing moments such as where I was when the second plane hit the towers. Clutching my seven-year old who woke up with a bad dream, eating frozen Yoplait Pops, strawberry flavor while the bowl of dry Cheerios crashed the floor. We saw it live.. we were on a soon to be locked down MI focused Army base in AZ. It turned into an apocalyptic like atmosphere for the next week, I have multiple memory triggers surrounding that “I remember where I was when.. ” moment My earliest “I remember where I was when…” I was sitting in my dad’s lap,  Nixon was giving his resignation speech. Yes I was VERY young but I clearly remember my father saying “Pay attention, because one day you can say ‘I remember where I was when….” I can see his flapping the sign he basically trademarked to symbolize victory, to bad it was used to also show himself out the door…the irony never left me.

Mars on top, Tatooine on bottom.

Mars on top – 2012, Tatooine on bottom -1977

For us pop culture buffs and media-philes like me we say “I remember standing in line with my Dad to watch Star Wars IV” I do, I remember smelling the popcorn, and the sweet stench of Icee‘s. Turns out that my Mars memory and that are pretty parallel. I remember EVERYTHING about that night.

I have a lot of memories, and though I have watched all of the Doctor Who specials, I have to say that I can finally state “I remember where I was and what I was doing when Doctor Who Season 7 started.” I was all alone in my living room, the cat was playing with my pony tale, I had just removed my reheated pizza from the oven and had the home theatre system set at about 70% volume. My rope lights were vibrating and I swear I felt like I was there, on the planet with Rory, Amy and The Doctor! We ended last season with so much left unanswered I have literally been checking once a week and watching each teaser, reading each article and stalking each blog online for new tidbits. Am I a fangirl? OH HELL YES! I love Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, I enjoyed the Ninth and  and Tenth too, but Matt, he is my favorite in the new series.

Parting of Ways - Ninth Doctor removes the time vortex energy from Rose by kissing her and saving her life

Parting of Ways

Oh I know many of you are going, “What? David was the BOMB! Matt is too dark… and the show is not as fun…” WAIT, did anyone even watch Season 1?  Christopher Eccleston is amazingly dark and melancholy, ending with the theme of Bad Wolf being introduced which end up “infecting” all of the Doctor Who Universe. For crying out loud he martyred his current incarnation of the Renegade Time Lord by kissing Rose to remove the time vortex energy, saving her life! The whole season is sprinkled with trials and tests delving into the original series formulas of what worked then to see what would work now so it was back and forth and brooding.

David Tennant came aboard and as much as the next five years were, even the most terrifying episodes were full of adventure and festiveness. (Going to agree with a comment here “BLINK” was the most amazing and by far the BEST and one of the most terrifying episodes in the series for me) It was to much to the other side of the coin. They were almost to happy, and we got lulled into that feeling until…the last season when it became apparent things were no longer going to be “up”. This was many of my friends big turn off to the series, for me it was just starting to get interesting. We all have darkness within us and he is the renegade Doctor and without adding spoilers a-plenty, Sweeties, I have to say it was about damn time!

(Let me say before I go further I love the David Tennant years. I was so disappointed and almost did not bother watching the next season when I saw that he was no longer going to be playing the Doctor, thankfully the cliffhanger the writers come up with sucked me in…  then the Eleventh Doctor appears! “I’ll be back in 5 minutes” became my catch phrase around school and the house. I never showed up on time, so it fit!)

Bow Ties are Cool

As I mentioned it started back during the last season with the Tenth Doctor with our introduction to River Song in “Silence in the Library“. That episode really was frightening. I remember where I was when I watched this. I had a season pass to the show with iTunes, and was able to download it right after it showed on West coast. I was at school so I saved it to watch later and ended up not watching it till a week later when I was sick in bed with a fever. Mistake one, thinking Doctor Who was light enough to watch while feverish. I had nightmares. I can repeat this for about 40% of the rest of the shows till the end of next season, which about killed me. The Battle of Demon’s Run at the end of the 1st part of Season 6 was mind-boggling and depressing.

"I remember where I was when" - From the Moon Landing to Doctor Who

But let’s talk about Season 7: So there I was munching on Pizza, the bloody phone kept ringing, I kept getting PM’s from Facebook which even though my computer was closed my dang phone (which had to stay on) kept “yelling” at me and I finally said “screw it” and changed my voice-mail to state “DO NOT DISTURB ME, I AM WATCHING DOCTOR WHO“. (My ring tones vary from Doctor Who, Charlies Angels, The Lonely Island and Zombie Attack; that one is just for Jessica because she and I share a level of zombie love that meets with no others).

"I remember where I was when" - From the Moon Landing to Doctor Who This episode was yet another in surprising turns involving the Daleks. (which btw I love that my spell-check knows how to spell) The show started off great but quickly turned into one of the most disappointing premiers yet. Moffat has come at us before with new enemies in a brilliant fashion. We have seen him grow as a writer in the show, but the Daleks are a legacy enemy, and he has never handled one with an episode of this magnitude yet, and this required him to be all over them and also twisting it be yet again helping the enemy side. I was engrossed and hoping I was going to be wrong, but there were no surprises, not even the characters came out strong. Rory was limper than usual, Amy (whom I think is one of the best companions) was whinier than usual and The Doctor just didn’t pop! Suffice it to say it had potential to be GREAT, it had a chance to have some great side adventures, but nothing was followed through, there was to much being squeezed into one place and again and instead of using his talent for making old things new again, Moffat just left it and us hanging most precariously.

It would have worked perhaps in the middle of the season but not for a premier. I liked it, heck I loved it but I am a Whovian, a Doctor Who elitist snob and so for me a show I rate over all as a 10, this episode rated a 6 from within. I gave it 3 stars on Amazon and 6 stars over at IMBD. Just by look at the synopsis by BBC –

Kidnapped by his oldest foe, the Doctor is forced on an impossible mission – to a place even the Daleks are too terrified to enter…. the Asylum. A planetary prison confining the most terrifying and insane of their kind, the Doctor and the Ponds must find an escape route. But with Amy and Rory’s relationship in meltdown, and an army of mad Daleks closing in, it is up to the Doctor to save their lives, as well as the Pond’s marriage. Written by BBC America

So would I suggest watching it? By all means, but there better be some more dark, mind boggling, breath catching shows that bring me nightmares and excitement and hope all at the same time, because this one gave me a moment of hope, right when it started only to slide me downhill to offering the popcorn to the cat, clipping my fingernails and texting a few people back and even becoming a little bit bored in the middle.

Till next week my bow tie and fez are back on their shelf and I am back to reading and working on my new PR company, and dreaming about being able to sub-vocalize my bog posts, because that may just by cooler than bow ties. Oh and that Pizza? Watch for it this week, I displayed me making it on Facebook but will be sharing the recipe in the next couple of days. Ta!

(Image Source of Bow Ties are Cool Typography by~xXBloodRedAndBlackRo

So do you remember where you were when…..?

Share you stories, I would love to hear, be it a movie, a world event, or something more personal.

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  1. A lot of people remember when JFK died as I do. I was in my room watching As The World Turns when the news of his being shot and then later the news of his death came on CBS. But, I also remember actually seeing JFK when he was running for President. We went to the mall – I think it was Cederbrook (out side of Philadelphia) and I went to listen to a man speaking – it was John F. Kennedy – I could see his red hair above the crowd. I am so glad I went with my parents that day.

    • That is amazing! Sad and amazing, wow! Thanks Rachelle!

  2. Wow, what a neat post! I have a notoriously bad memory – even when I was young people would comment on something that happened maybe a year or so earlier and they’d get a blank look from me. But I do remember where I was when the 2nd plane hit – I had got to work late that day, not having any idea what was going on after a party night the night before with my current sideline guy, and as I walked to the door of the ADQ Corporate offices the woman who ran our travel department was outside smoking and she asked me if I’d see the news or been listening to the radio. Well, of course not – I had on some CDs in my car and had basically got up and come in to work, even though I was late. And she told me…

    The rest of the day – it was so hard. I remember standing in the conference room watching on the TV as the first tower fell… and then trying to get some work done, but – and of course, the company being a very understanding one, after a couple more hours they sent us all home. One of my friends didn’t want to be alone, so she came to my place and we watched CNN for the rest of the day.

    Another thing I remember is when the spaceshuttle exploded in 1986. My mom bought all the newspapers and had me save them.

    When I think of grandchildren, I actually envy people who had kids. Not having any children, I’ll be old and alone. Oh, well… maybe I’ll die and be eaten by my cats and cause a huge scandal someday! Bright side! 🙂
    Show me some love!

    • ROFLMAO your cats sure look like they can eat you alive! WOOHOOO oh and dead! Ya I remember the spaceshuttle but it did not impact me that much. I was in college and was to busy partying at the time!

  3. I also like Matt Smith’s Doctor, but have felt the writing hasn’t been as strong as the previous two doctors. Plus Smith’s version is a little too frantic, even silly at times, though his silliness has made for some of the funniest moments in Doctor Who EVER. But I have trouble understanding the dialogue when he gets going too fast. Amy Pond has been the real hook for me, this series. She’s the strongest companion character since Rose.

    As for memories, the first landing on Mars was the most surreal morning of my life. I gave birth to my second daughter just an hour or two before and was giving her first feeding as we watched the first pictures on Mars. I thought, “What an interesting world you’re going to have…”

    Then, of course, 9-11 happened, and interesting took on darker connotations. I saw that live, too, on Good Morning America. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The world seemed like a gray, dying place for at least a week after that. I don’t think I’ve ever fully recovered.

  4. For the record, the 10th Doctor will always be mine. It’s his theme that plays as my ring tone and his sonic screwdriver that graces my collection. “Blink” is the single best hour of television ever. I will stand by that and defend it to the death.

    But I do like Matt Smith’s Doctor and have mostly enjoyed Moffat’s tenure. And I have to agree with you about this here season opener. I wanted so much more than they gave us. It was decidedly small and meh. I wanted to like it but my desire could not match the reality that it never followed through on the best parts of it, namely the ship full of zombie Dalek-humanoids. They had the potential to be really scary and drive the story, but all we got was another batch of ineffective Daleks not doing much of anything really…not scary at all.

    I hope for more this season, but Moffat may lose me. At least he still delivers on “Sherlock”.

  5. I do remember where I was on 9/11 when the planes hit. Even though I’m in Canada, I’m right near the border and we get American TV. I was in high school and heard other kids talking about it then went home for lunch and my mom filled me in.

    My brother loves Doctor Who although I’ve never seen an episode. I was as excited as you are though when Charmed was new on DVD, I love that show!

  6. When 9/11 happened I was taking a college English class. My ex husband actually came to the college to let me know. I was floored over something so horrible happening so close to home. Even if it was several hundred miles away from Kentucky. The president of the small college actually dismissed classes for the rest of the day for people to check on any family members that were in the area.
    Okay Kriss, do this mean we are getting old with ‘Remember When’?

  7. Great post. I have so many I remember when’s. Right now, I remember when I was in the stadium the first time President Obama was campaigning. My children and now ex-husband were with me and my 5 year old son was sooo excited to see “Bawak Obama”. The crowd was electric with democracy. There is no other description for what was present in that crowd. My mom likened it to what she felt in the crowd with Martin Luther King Jr., or President John F Kennedy. There was not a person there that was not connected to the next person by the desire to know that democracy; to live it; to embrace it – and the shared belief that President elect Barack Obama was the key to providing it. I remember when…
    Show me some love!

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