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Bobby Jay’s Conversation with a Lonely Chair (Fourth-Wall Friday & #OBSummer)

Summer is almost over and I am struck with the fact of how quickly it has come and gone. This is it, no more Summer Splash, but I have two more authors for a Doube Feature for my Fourth-Wall Friday.  Earlier today I had coffee and creme puffs with you while eavesdropping on P.G. Forte’s Return to OberonCheck out at the end of each post for the authors tour stops to find out more wonderful features for each author and their book!

Brrrrrr, It is starting to get nippy here in Alaska! Today I am thrilled to have some great children’s books that I plan on grabbing a few to donate to the Fiction Frolic Book Drive for All Hallow’s Read this year!

*adjusting my ear muffs and wrapping my scarf a bit tighter* I am trying to get comfortable but my own lonely chair is a wee bit cold. Gean Penny’s poor chair really is lonely, but at least Bobby Jay came to visit! Join me today, I will provide the Aztec Hot Chocolate and a warm blanket, oh OK I have some spare mittens. Let’s listen in!

Conversation with a Lonely Chair

Old favorites rebel against change. I have a favorite old pair of jeans (they would fit snugly now if I could get into them, but I refuse to let them go). I have favorite soaps, coffee mugs, and many other dear items that I will never throw out! I don’t know how many times I tell my husband, “No, that belonged to Mom, or Candy, or Jennelle, or Grandma.” I also have many memories that I retain of people long gone, a change that cannot rebel time. As I think of those people, I see the chair. Of course, reminiscence always seems to be interrupted by nuisance.

“So, I’m a stinky, old chair! Why pick me for this assignment?”

“You’re not a stinky, old chair! You have meaning.”

“Sure, yeah. You know, I don’t need this torture. I’ve been beat up enough! If that kid and that old lady sit on me one more time…”

“You’ll love it, just as you always have.”

“Easy for you to say. That kid… what’s his name? James? Why couldn’t you just write a story about him?”

“I did. He’s part of your story.”

“I don’t have any stories! These patches all over me have stories! And that’s another thing! If that old lady sticks me with a needle one more time …”

“She won’t. There’s no holes left to cover.”

“Yeah, but if she gives me to that kid, he’ll do it! I know he will.”

“Well, you don’t want your stuffing to fall out do you? Then where would you be?”

“Hmm… good point. I don’t want to end up there. Say, who is that kid anyway? Why’d you choose him?”

“Does it really matter? He loves you. Isn’t that enough of a reason to choose him?”

“Bah… what kid would love a smelly, old chair? Shows how smart that kid is!”

“To him, you’re grandpa. You remind him how much his grandpa loved him. You’re filled with good memories that he will always think about, and you smell like Grandpa. You aren’t smelly.”

“Well, maybe you’re right. So… what are you saying? I’m old?”

“Yeah, you’re old, but can I write your story?” Oh, gosh, here he comes! I really don’t want to deal with him right now. I was having a pleasant conversation with Chair.

“Who’s that kid?”

“Don’t pay any attention to him. That’s Bobby Jay … his story is already written, too. Go home, Bobby Jay.” That boy grinds my teeth like gears on an eighteen wheeler with a fresh driver

“Did you write your own story?” Bobby Jay plopped his rear end on Chair.

“Ouch!” a smothered reply.

“I wrote his story,” I corrected, lifting Bobby Jay from the chair.

“Thanks,” Chair croaked.

“Hey, don’t let her say that! She said she wrote my story, too, but really, I did! Don’t let her get away with that!”

“Kid, does it look like I have fingers?”

Bobby scanned Chair, “Oh, well, she may have written your story, but she didn’t write mine. I did!”

“Bobby Jay, I think I hear your mom calling you! You better leave now.”

“Oh, no! I hope my snake didn’t get out again!” Bobby Jay will be back. I know he will. He always comes around when I’m in a facetious mood.

“Hey,” Chair whispered, “Can you get rid of that kid?”

“He just left, Chair. Don’t worry; I won’t let him plop on you again.”

“No, I mean, “get rid of” that kid … you know …”

“Chair! I’m shocked! You don’t like Bobby Jay?”

“Not really. He’s not like my kid.”

“No… no he’s very different from James. Most grown ups don’t like Bobby Jay, but kids sure do. They think he’s funny!”  That’s why I created him, to make kids laugh.

“Well, he sure doesn’t make me laugh! Say, can you rub my heart, there. I think he left a bruise!”

A chuckle slips from my throat, “Oh, Chair. I will miss you.”

“What? Wait a minute! What do you mean by that? Where am I going? Hey! Hello?”

I told you I was going to be listening to a conversation with a chair! *GRIN* These are great First Easy Readers books!

Meet The Author

Gean Penny lives on a small farm in Texas with her husband, daughter and several animals. Gean has been writing poetry since the age of seven. She began her professional writing career with the publication of No More Stinkbugs!  Following her first easy reader book, she wrote and self published her first middle grade novel, Moon Thief.  With the publication of her first novel, she began her own publishing company, Projector Books Publishing.

Recently, the name of her company was changed to Gean Penny Books. Since Moon Thief, she has published two books in the Bobby Jay Series, one book in the Adventures of Runt and Arnold SeriesMaster Stinky Dances and a picture book in rhyme, The Lonely Chair.   All of her picture books are available on Kindle. See her young adult novels under the name P. G. Shriver.


The Lonely Chair

This book is a picture book, so page 9 in The Lonely Chair The Story is the beginning of the memories that Grandma and James share about Grandpa.

On page 9, Grandma tells the story about the first patch on Grandpa’s chair. This patch covers a hole made by a screwdriver that Grandpa left in his pocket when he came in to rest.

James, the narrator, does not move because he wants to hear these stories about Grandpa. He wants to spend this precious time with Grandma. Grandma sighs after telling this story, after remembering, and prepares to continue.

This page creates interest for the reader because of the story, the patch. Why is the narrator telling the reader about this? Why are they talking about Grandpa’s chair? Why is the chair patched?

  • 42 pages
  • Genre – Children’s Humor Book 
  • Rating – G 
  • More details about the book

Bobby Jay: Stick and Stack are Alive! (Volume 3)

Bobby Jay is a precocious character who misunderstands and is often misunderstood. Page 69 in Bobby Jay: Stick and Stack are Alive! contains an image that includes a very unhappy Bobby Jay sitting at his desk at school with Teacher, Principal and the Cafeteria Lady in the background. The little bit of writing above the image is dialogue between Teacher and Bobby Jay that clears up an early miscommunication about somebody taking Bobby Jay’s picture. Bobby Jay’s final statement on that page is “Finally, she got it!”

Images are important in children’s books. The fact that Bobby Jay has such a look on his face, and the three women are standing in the background having a conversation, allows the reader to conclude that the young boy is in trouble, but the reader does not know why.

The first person narration on this page, and throughout the book, makes Bobby Jay more realistic to young readers. Young readers identify more with the characters when the character tells the story. Bobby Jay and Teacher have their moments throughout the story, and that last statement on page 69 indicates a turning point in their relationship. Finally, she gets it! Finally, she understands him! Finally, she takes his side!

(Synopsis from ford99)

  •  96 pages
  • Genre – Children’s Humor Book
  • Rating – G
  • More details about the book

Bobby Jay: Stick and Stack are Alive! (Volume 3)

The Lonely Chair

If you’re and author interested in being featured for a Fourth-Wall Friday in 2013, please contact me at kristine.morton(at)!

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  1. Kriss,

    Thank you so much for visiting and “listening in” to our conversation! We enjoyed having you around the corner… This is a wonderful way to end my tour and this Splash has been a great experience for The Lonely Chair, Bobby Jay and I! Take care, and if I ever get to take that cruise to Alaska, maybe we can connect! It’s always been the first place on my travel plans. Have a wonderful holiday!

    Gean (P. G. Shriver)

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