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Day 11 “Greed” (#BlogFlash2012 #Haiku No.9)

worlds of green & gold

seeps through cracks of innocence

turning pure hearts black

Day 11 "Greed" (#BlogFlash2012 #Haiku No.9)Black Ugly Haiku- Greed 


They say that if you give the biggest piece of cake to the one you are with you are truly in love because you know how to not be greedy… OK my Mamma taught me this one. I even give Geoff the good forks and knives when I set the dinner table. My children were taught early on to be mercenary but in doing so they learned also how to EARN their keep. They always shared their wealth by adding part of their earned income in the family jar. I saw it on Opera when I was pregnant with the first over 20 years ago and LOVED the idea! SURE I can teach them the value of wanting to earn money, but also the meaning of sharing. Each child also picks a charity to donate too. It is awesome! They do extra chores to earn funds for extra goodies and fun,  pay an allowance tax and enjoy that gifts of cash are exempt from the family tax just as it is with the federal  government for Mom! But little things can build up to cause us to be greedy in other ways. I try daily to battle this in everything I do and at times, even when it comes to my speech, I can be quite greedy and selfish!

What do you do on a daily basis to battle the urge to be greedy and selfish? What is your definition of greed?

#BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts

#BlogFlash2012 Challenge 30 days, 30 prompts, 30 posts. Every day there will be a different image/word prompt to inspire your writing, which could be anything from flash fiction to a real life anecdote.

I have chosen to do the majority as Haiku responses and 10×10 poems. I will spend no more than 15 minutes on either. (The 10×10 poems -10 minutes of writing with 5 minutes of editing, and  the Haiku’s done in under 5 minutes. This is my own personal challenge).

Follow on Twitter with #BlogFlash2012 – There’s also a Facebook page so you can follow along and swap links! 

Are you taking part in #blogflash2012? Where can I find yours? Please feel free to leave your link in the comments, I would LOVE to hook up and find out what everyone else is writing, doing and saying for the next 30 days!

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  1. I love the imagery in this, Kriss! A fantastic response to the prompt!
    Show me some love!

  2. Stunning, greed is such a dark word. Your use of ‘ugly’ haiku is very powerful x.
    Show me some love!

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