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Where Did My Sun Go? (Wordless Wednesday – LINKY- #amreading)

I am looking back on last week when it was not raining like it is today, I was no sniffling from another summer cold, and I am not whining because no longer am I on vacation, however lame it was. At least I felt a little freedom! I want to be back out on my porch reading today, barefoot and in the sun!

 Where Did My Sun Go? (Wordless Wednesday - LINKY- #amreading)




Where Did My Sun Go? (Wordless Wednesday - LINKY- #amreading)

Today I’m taking part in Wordless Wednesday, hosted by Create With Joy.  Today I am sharing a small moment of magic via a magical Mr. Caterpillar. No mushrooms or hookah;s were involved, nor was  I eating cake or drinking anything I found labeled as such. Just having out on the porch Skyping with a friend and wow, there he was!

In the meantime head on over to see what other folks have on their Wordless Wednesday posts!

Where is your favorite reading spot?

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Where Did My Sun Go? (Wordless Wednesday - LINKY- #amreading)

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  1. I’d like to be there too.
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    • Gorgeous shot. I love the reflection! Looks like a very pretty place.
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  2. I love that photo! It really feels like a vacation. Mine is over too, but I try to take it with me every day. 🙂 Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my Tree of Life photo! It’s actually a Panama tree, from Central America. They are so striking! 🙂
    Show me some love!

  3. That is such a gorgeous pic!! It’s been too stinkin hot for me to enjoy being outside, though. In the fall!!!
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  4. I love this photo. That seems like a very peaceful place to read!
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  5. i love this pics..
    Show me some love!

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