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Where Did My Sun Go? (Wordless Wednesday – LINKY- #amreading)

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Alaska Living, Fun, Photos, Reading, Wordless Wednesday | 6 comments

I am looking back on last week when it was not raining like it is today, I was no sniffling from another summer cold, and I am not whining because no longer am I on vacation, however lame it was. At least I felt a little freedom! I want to be back out on my porch reading today, barefoot and in the sun!

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Day 7 “Sunsets” (#BlogFlash2012)

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Alaska Living, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 5 comments

When the wood is in the wheelbarrow

And the order has been filled

Leaving wet cavities in the grey snow


My hands and feet have lapsed

Into painful sleep

My eyes blurred

By fictions of a shadow world


The evening star

Poised alone in the still, black night,

Faintly flickers, and

I am warm.


Sunset’s in Alaska are best served in Winter time….

We have no sunsets in Alaska right now, and no this is not a 10×10 poem. Though it SORT of gets dark around 10:30 the moon is already up, and it never gets pitch black till much later. It is worse closer to the solstice in June where we have NO sunsets because the sun bounces but never sets in the horizon. But hey, this is what summer time it is like in the Interior! If you are working outside and are not paying attention for the 2 minutes you get to see the sky change. You get nothing. Fall is when we have amazing sunsets and in the winter? When we have Sunrise happen and an hour later sunset, the sky bleeds those two amazing things together it is like someone sweeping a paintbrush from one side of the sky to the other. Pretty cool! So when I think of Sunsets I think of winter time here, hence why my imagery is winter time! I am putting this poem in my “to be worked on” pile. It needs a lot but I still followed my challenge of only working on it for 10 minutes with five minutes of editing.

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