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Bobby Jay’s Conversation with a Lonely Chair (Fourth-Wall Friday & #OBSummer)

Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Authors, Books, Fourth-Wall Friday, Guest Posts, Indie Projects & Promotions | 1 comment

Summer is almost over and I am struck with the fact of how quickly it has come and gone. This is it, no more Summer Splash, but I have two more authors for a Doube Feature for my Fourth-Wall Friday.  Earlier today I had coffee and creme puffs with you while eavesdropping on P.G. Forte’s Return to OberonCheck out at the end of each post for the authors tour stops to find out more wonderful features for each author and their book!

Brrrrrr, It is starting to get nippy here in Alaska! Today I am thrilled to have some great children’s books that I plan on grabbing a few to donate to the Fiction Frolic Book Drive for All Hallow’s Read this year!

*adjusting my ear muffs and wrapping my scarf a bit tighter* I am trying to get comfortable but my own lonely chair is a wee bit cold. Gean Penny’s poor chair really is lonely, but at least Bobby Jay came to visit! Join me today, I will provide the Aztec Hot Chocolate and a warm blanket, oh OK I have some spare mittens. Let’s listen in!

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Return to Oberon (Fourth-Wall Friday & #OBSummer)

Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Authors, Books, Fourth-Wall Friday, Guest Posts, Indie Projects & Promotions | 2 comments

Summer is almost over and I am struck with the fact of how quickly it has come and gone. This is it, no more Summer Splash, but I have two more authors for a Double Feature for my Fourth-Wall Friday.  I am going to start off with some magic and mystery in Oberon, CA and later today listen to a conversation with a chair!! Check out at the end of each post for the authors tour stops to find out more wonderful features for each author and their book! 


Before the snow flies in Alaska I needed to feel some sand beneath my toes and plus I heard the Crone’s Nest makes killer creampuffs and Biscotti so hear I am! Hurry, go order your coffee and come back to the table!  I am over here, tucked in the corner with 2 creampuffs and 4 different biscotti’s and my triple soy pumpkin spice latte. I was tipped off of a homecoming of sorts today in Oberon and I wanted to make sure I got a good seat for what should prove to be an interesting conversation… oh maybe I should have gotten the single shot and only two biscotti’s. Going to have to walk it off on the beach later…..

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The Book of Em…Emlyn Chand, That is! (Q & A)

Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Authors, Books, Indie Projects & Promotions, Novel Publicity, Reading, Reviews | 3 comments

Today I am thrilled to have Emlyn Chand at the Cabin to talk a bit about herself. Which is really hard to do, she is usually talking about her books, her writing, her projects and her birds.. wait her dogs… but her? This is a hard one to nail down! Plus she is so lovely and energetic and all over place… just like a bird…. I adore her, her writing and I am really excited because I am going to be reading her latest one Torn Together this weekend, which is not a children’s or a YA book but woman’s lit!

Getting her to settle down after her trek through the woods was a bit hard,  but well worth the try! I have a pint of chocolate ice cream and a pound of Miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and I separated all the red M&M’s in their own bowl. So, I think I will be able to keep her sitting long enough to have all relevant topics covered … unless someone sends another really funny photo on Facebook or Ducky starts eating my books!


If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?

Past. I’m too worried going to the future would ruin life for me. I mean, what if humanity’s destroyed itself? Then how do you keep living in your present time knowing doom and gloom is on its way? One ticket back in time please!

If you were a superhero what would your name be?

HyperSpeed—because that’s how I live my life. If I want to get something done, I get it done. Okay, I procrastinate *a little bit* on Facebook. Okay, a lot a bit, but I still do manage to get a crazy amount accomplished. I’ve been asked more than once whether (a) I have a clone army or (b) I ever sleep. HyperSpeed to the rescue. Zoooom!

If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

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Dust to Blood (#OBSummer Splash Tour Review & a Recipe)

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Books, Indie Projects & Promotions, Reading, Reviews | 6 comments

Today I am honored to to have Tonya Cannariato and her premier book, Dust to Blood on my blog.  I was given this book the day it came out. It was another one of those books I have been wanting to read for months. When I saw it being offered as a book in this tour, I jumped as quick as I could and got on the schedule!

Chicago-based researcher Anne Crosby is traveling to Russia to investigate the hidden past of nine orphans who share an unusual bond–dust for blood. On her intriguing journey through post-Soviet Union Russia, she discovers a secret power buried in the country’s history and sought by the newly reborn KGB, which is determined to regain ascendancy.

Secret dungeons, dragons, and her research associates’ KGB connections have Anne looking over her shoulder at every turn. That doesn’t prevent her from indulging in a bit of matchmaking in the midst of frantic adventures chasing down old secrets, rescuing a 15-year-old girl who is more than she seems, and running from rogue KGB agents.As Anne and her entourage dig deeper into the ancient mysteries, she learns nothing is what it appears. Her life is forever transformed by her search for the true history of these Red Slaves.

Amazon Kindle & Smashwords

Genre - Paranormal (PG13)


I became curious even further about this book after reading her entries for the A to Z Challenge in April on her blog! For B she shared her personal Borscht recipe, which she has graciously allowed me to post here for you. Since our adventure starts off in Moscow and continues a tromp through historical Russia it is a more than appropriate dish to pair with the book. If you never have had Borscht, you are missing out. Tonya’s recipe (following the review) is just one variety of this classic Russian delicacy is well worth trying.

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Celebrating Womanhood

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Cabin Commentary, News | 0 comments


Celebrating Womanhood September 16th Event!

Celebrating Womanhood is an Event Hosted by Living, Learning, and Loving Life, Cabin Goddess, CrazyLadyx5, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dave, Tea With Dee, alchemyofscrawl, and Retro Housewife Goes Green.

For one day, we want to drown out negativity and celebrate the beauty and pride of women.

These days it seems that some people want us to be ashamed of being women. They want us to believe that we’re less: less intelligent, less important, less human. There is so much negativity out there. For one day, we want to flood the internet with positive messages about women. On September 16, 2012 we’re going to write positive blog posts about women, and we invite you to join us.

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Melynda’s Labor Day #Blogfest & Book Fair (8/28 – 9-5)

Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Books, Giveaways & Contests, Indie Projects & Promotions | 1 comment

Wayman publishing has teamed up

with over thirty phenomenal authors

to bring you a Labor Day weekend #Blogfest & Book Fair Event!

For three amazing days

–September 2-3-4—

you can download several

of the featured Wayman

e-books for FREE.

. . . And . . .

You can download many other books

to entertain you in the days ahead.

. . . And . . .

Enter to win $200.00 CASH or physical books

by outstanding authors such as
Valerie Bowen,
Adrienne deWolfe,
Peter Thomas Senese,
Lucy Swing,
Kara Tollman.

Wayman Publishing  and our other hosts who’ve helped organize this giveaway (voiceBoks, Linkie’s Contest LinkiesMommy Blog Designs, and Terri’s Little Haventhanks you for all your help and participation! 

In honor of Melynda Fleurywho has bravely been fighting diabetes and almost
completely lost her eyesightWayman Publishing is also donating 5% profit from
select physical book sales to the American Diabetes Association.

We hope you’ll enjoy shopping for three whole days

at our Labor Day #Blogfest & Book Fair.

Discover new authors and their stories!

I am really happy being part of this #Blogfest & Book Fair Event! Diabetes is one of the fasted growing diseases plaguing all ages. Childhood onset diabetes is one of the scariest things our wee ones have to deal with and it can be debilitating as it is one of the things that is bankrupting our health care industry. Prevention for adulthood onset is an uphill battle and is a life sentence of  grief. As a person who is losing her eyesight daily I can imagine how horrible this it is for Melynda. eBooks have been a goddess-send for me because I am able to adjust the font size so all books are available for me. Please take just 10 minutes of your time to enter. And please tweet it out using the button below!
Join us for the Ultimate #Blogfest Book Fair! Unlimited downloads, cash, & a brand new blog design!… via @akmamma

— Cabin Goddess (@AKMamma) August 25, 2012


How to participate:

Everyone who enters is a winner, but 2 will win a little bit more. 1 person will be awarded a free pre-made design of their choice from Mommy Blog Designs and 1 will be award a Paypal Cash Prize of $200.

Each person will get a chance to enter as many points as they wish. But remember, the more entry points you gain, the higher your likelihood is of winning. Only 10 minutes of your time will get you closer to winning a really awesome prize!


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It’s a Pinazon Party! (a pinterest delight)

Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Cabin Cooking, Fun, Giveaways & Contests, Photos | 1 comment

Pinazon Giveaway – $60 Amazon 8/27-9/10

Today myself and a group of 10 others who became friends via the Summer Blogathon have been working on learning ways to network and share our content with more people.  and even make new friends. I think you will really enjoy the variety of pin-able goodies you will  find! I certainly I have spent more than a few hours on these great ladies boards! 

Those of you who already are on Pinterest and who have boards, those who are finding the next amazing recipe to pin or adding to your shoe festish board, more DIY household and crafting tips, and evning using it as your wedding planner (I am guilty of this), know the addiction and power of Pinterest. I love this site, I know it has gotten a lot of flack because of the legalese in their TOS, but in the last few months they have made a lot of changes and it has become a powerful tool for bloggers, especially book bloggers. Businesses are even jumping onboard and using it as a marketing launch base! Just go to and type in Pinterest and see what comes up! 

I always try to produce a highly visual post so there is usually an image. I now find myself making sure there is an image to pin! There are special plug-ins, toolbar buttons, even Shareaholic and have gotten in on the game! It is not just for pinning recipes and shoes anymore. But I love pinning the photos of my recipes and my Alaskan Photos too! Being a book blogger I am able to share my favorite covers and reviews and even some of the GREAT artwork from within some of the books! (CONTINUE for a Chance to WIN!) 

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You don’t owe me a thing! Why? Because it’s a Labor of Love

Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Authors, Books, Cabin Commentary, Guest Posts, Indie Projects & Promotions, Reading, Reviews, Writing | 28 comments


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Pavarti Tyler’s Festive Four & More – Up For Grabs! (#indieexchange)

Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Authors, Books, Indie Projects & Promotions, The Indie Exchange | 0 comments

The Indie Exchange and Pavarti Tyler Summer Giveaway!

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Earth to Darlene Jones (Fourth-Wall Friday & #OBSummer)

Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Authors, Books, Fourth-Wall Friday, Guest Posts, Indie Projects & Promotions | 2 comments

Summer is almost over and I am struck with the fact of how quickly it has come and gone. Orange Berry Tours Summer Splash is on for just one more week! I have a late night Fourth-Wall Friday for you tonight, I hope you enjoy! I will be sharing more authors for the last week of the Event. Check out  Darlene Jones books (below) on tour during the Summer Splash and also a list all her tour stops! 

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