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My Mr. Caterpillar Mayhaps is Magical…(Wordless Wednesday LINKY)

What a great Wordless Wednesday Gift I received! There are bad days, weeks and then there are great and magical moments. Today I had one of those purtiful magical moments at the cabin! As I had no caterpillars last year, this was a nice surprise. Apparently they know I need to be altered with the very least a smile. I love Alaska! My Mr. Caterpillar as also a lackadaisical guru who helps me figure out how to control the imaginative world … at least he did this morning. Plus he is so fuzzy and cute! 

My Mr. Caterpillar Mayhaps is Magical...(Wordless Wednesday LINKY)




My Mr. Caterpillar Mayhaps is Magical...(Wordless Wednesday LINKY)

Today I’m taking part in Wordless Wednesday, hosted by Create With Joy.  Today I am sharing a small moment of magic via a magical Mr. Caterpillar. No mushrooms or hookah;s were involved, nor was  I eating cake or drinking anything I found labeled as such. Just having out on the porch Skyping with a friend and wow, there he was!

In the meantime head on over to see what other folks have on their Wordless Wednesday posts!

What natural and magical moments have you had this week? Share yours with the LINKY! 

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My Mr. Caterpillar Mayhaps is Magical...(Wordless Wednesday LINKY)

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  1. Beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing with Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy… enjoy your vacation! 🙂
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  2. They are so cool because you know they change into something so different.
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  3. Caterpillars are natures way of giving us hope I think.
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  4. How cute. He’s so FUZZY!! ^.^

    ? aquariann
    Featured Photo: Canna Lily

  5. I love caterpillars and this one is so pretty…. great shot
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  6. Here in Maine we have poisonous caterpillars for brown tail moths. The hairs are barbed and toxic. The rash is gawdawful. They look like that one, so I am shuddering. Other than that, Alaska sounds interesting. Someday…

  7. Love the close-up picture!! I haven’t seen a lot of caterpillars here, either. Happy Wordless Wednesday!!

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