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Not for the faint of heart – Two Big Tools review KFC Pie (with a vlog cook-off response)


OK this is what happens on my day off. I get to go online and play Lord of the Rings Online. We find these two cute little Hobbits running around playing their little instruments, being all deadly and sassy at the same time. We get together kill lots of dead things, etc. Yes I know that is redundant but with al the zombie things I promote, you get it.. ANYWAY … and lots epic songs of goodness! Plus a hobbit who steals, Sam would be proud, they did not even make us stop for second breakfast, so they deserve Pie! I mean YES PIE!

And I am a cook in game, yes big surprise I even made bacon today! FOOD, how can I not share it, and now I am challenged, I am an artisan cook, and this is very similar to my Southern Fried Chicken Pasties that made Geoff have a similar reaction to Sam in the video! I love these guys plus anyone who can make the ManBeast laugh this much in one sitting is all that and a bag of chips, even if they are soggy ones from KFC! I wanna go to New Zealand now! BUCKET LIST BABY!

So……. Two Big Tools, at the pie from KFC, reviewed it, used it for all it was worth, and then proceeded to one up and challenge themselves by making their own EPIC cook-off with Storm (the XY factor in this Epicness), Sam and Duncans version, I am voting for that mini pie of goodness, mine is a bit more fancy but oh no I can make their versions, I love the idea of Popcorn Chicken. I will have to get the recipe later *batting eyes* but I am pretty sure I can remake this… now GO DIP YOUR CHIPS BABY!

CHECK The S & D Show over at Two Big Tools, QUICK like a Hobbit on a Pony!  check them out over at YouTube!

OMG Geoff is laughing his ASS off! Now to make them in mini pie format.. PIE FOR YOU!

About Two Big Tools

Not for the faint of heart - Two Big Tools review KFC Pie (with a vlog cook-off response)

Sam and Duncan are Tools whose awesome (the original “oh my god my mind cannot handle this” sense, rather than the new bro “that’s totally awesome, dude!” sense) power is harnessed for comedy on a semi-regular basis!

Kind of like sex with someone who you’ve been with for ages – it’s awesome, but it doesn’t happen every day.

Find them at YouTube and Sam does Twitter apparently Duncan has Twitter related PTSD or just hates it!

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  1. I thought New Zealanders only fucked sheep. What do I know
    Show me some love!


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