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JOIN NOW – ZIASID – People Eating People – A World Better Off (Zombie Propaganda)

I’m a zombie.

You’re going to be a zombie.

They’re going to be zombies, too … they just don’t know it yet.

So, you say you’re a zombie, or rather, know that that’s the path that you’re going to treading for the future of your life. Well, have no fear; you’ve got another zombie near! And I’m here to help you transition to that state of deader living.

English: Zombie Walk POA 2007

We here at the Zombie Institute of Advanced Social Interaction and Deadification (ZIASID) are always glad to add more souls to our growing ranks. We know that life is tough sometimes (ok, most times) and that our wonderful zombie way of being is beginning to gain a broader and more horrific appeal across today’s social constructs.

Welcome to the Zombie side of things.

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Guess what we have to offer? No fear, no disease, no emotional disconnects that resonate down the years, constantly twisting the feelings that one may or may not keep bottled up for years. No vanity, no sense of “what am I doing with my life”? It all goes away. Simplicity itself. All those little troubles with messy living relations, those cascading concerns of critical brutality – all gone! Replaced with the ease of knowing that the zombie community will always accept you for what you are (a fellow zombie) as opposed to what you’re not (food).

Hanging out @ Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Join now, operators are always standing by, waiting to nom on your order and induct you into our glorious ranks. Heck, if you call now, we’ll even offer you a special assistance moment of defining perspicacity! We’ll throw in a flow, that you can wear in your hair!

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “What have I got to offer the great and glorious legions of the walking dead?”

Well, that’s simplicity itself. Everything, and nothing, both at the same time!

Everything, as quite frankly, the legions are always looking for more recruits, we encourage equal opportunities for advancement and inclusion from all living souls. The zombie ranks do not care one whit for skin colour, religious preferences, sexual orientations or any of a plethora of socio, political, economic or physical differentiations. Heck, we even open arm welcome the sick, the infirm and the hilariously deranged! All types of people are welcome to join the Zombie legions.

Zombie Walk in Edmonton

And, nothing at all! Also, quite frankly, in the end, you know and we know – everyone is going to be a part of the legion anyways. It’s only a matter of choice and who does the choosing. The living can voluntarily come and join our ranks, or they can be dragged kicking and screaming and mewling and clawing and shooting and running and sliding and hiding and flatulently the whole way. We don’t discriminate, as I’ve said above and will continually say until my final day. Zombies love everybody; we welcome them with open arms and with cold embrace. All members of the living society are souls that we would be glad to have joined to our fold.

So rally round now, come visit our camp, see how our legions are going to be victorious in the final battle, as once you go dead, you can never go back, well, except as a shambling, shuffling, rotten dog eared corpse … Which is fine be me!

Remember our motto:

ZIASID – People Eating People … a world better off!

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle



Zombie Zak, a (mostly) humble creature of the night, the dead and things best left with the Bright.  Though the godless hordes of the undead may be bustling and bursting about, he’ll be standing up tall, leading the shout.

Canadian born, in a town named Toronto; aged well, and now publishing pronto, his very first book, one hopes with enough hook.  Poetic, chaotic, cast about in measure and rhyme; many parts of humor and emotion and time.

Zombie Zak, the Shambler of the Night, the engineer of the bubblicious blight.  With a deadpan desire for total and complete global domination sincere, is attempting to compile something bouncy and maybe not all here.  His legions cover the planet from pole to pole, nothing mediocre you see, nothing quite so droll.


JOIN NOW - ZIASID - People Eating People - A World Better Off (Zombie Propaganda) Chaptered and Versed: Poetic and CursedJOIN NOW - ZIASID - People Eating People - A World Better Off (Zombie Propaganda), is splattered from the unwholesome mind of Zombie Zak in an attempt to distill from the world a moment in time, into something resembling verse and chaotic rhyme. Moments are what define us as a species, and each one carries its own weight and levity. Poetry, the emotional connect, either in its breadth or its brevity. Humor, an important part, in execution as much as in respect to the subject. It’s a tough world we “live” in (some less than others, some more-so), and every day gives way to something new, something fun or something dire, stretching down the turnpike of dismay. This plethora of poetic verse is a stretch both of the morbidly macabre and the absurdly discordant put in some form of place. We all approach our lives in many different ways, in many different attempts to make sense of the world around us. In no two people, lie the same collection of experiences that make one choose one path over the other. We are a polyglot of people as diverse as the stars in the night sky. As such, our words, when they shake, shall shoot down the Heavens and leave us with the beginnings of the Doom that lies in the mind, of a Zombie … … And whatever else you do or do not: Don’t forget to feed the zombies – we are especially fond of cookies and brains and bacon, oh my!


A Word From ZeeZak

Cookies and brains and bacon and zombies, oh my!  Forsooth and gadzooks, you’re all going to buy.  By word or rhythm or something unseen, I leave you with these words pretty, but unclean.  Wrap up your bubbles, your unkempt asides; for tonight, we read, imagination we ride!  Upon waves of rhythm and rhyme, the mood, the bright, the simple and sublime.

Step into my parlor, sayeth the spider to the fly …

PS: (’cause ZZ likes PS’s) He can be bribed with cookies; of this, there is no doubt.


 Also every Wednesday you can find him discussing about your brains, your comics and your cookies on the TMV Cafe channel – 9 PM EST EVERY WEDNESDAY!!

JOIN NOW - ZIASID - People Eating People - A World Better Off (Zombie Propaganda)

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  1. This degree of enthusiasm for recruiting seems short-sighted. Any zombie who used to hunt should recognize the necessity of game management. As you astutely point out, humans who become zombies cease to be food. How will you maintain your food source?

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