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New DLC from Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack – Game ON!

Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Gaming, Nerd Lovin', Reviews | 1 comment

It is Friday and it is a new month. The month of my blogaversary. Two years ago I started this blog on an iPhone with no internet access just 3G. Now look at me! I’m a big girl now. Make sure you check out the Giveaway page, I will be having contests all summer and since I launched the first one two days ago we have almost hit the first step up to the big one. ANYWAY today I talk games. Geoff is headed to AZ for work and I will be making sure I do more then sit on my ass on the computer, I am going to sit on my ass at in front of the big TV and play video games! One I intend to play and kick some Reaper Ass in is Mass Effect 3.

MASS EFFECT 3 by Bioshock  Cabin Goddess Rating 5 MONSTER DRINKS!!! (ya a crazy rating but you will be needing the drinks so you can play straight through!)

Anyone else a huge fan of the Mass Effect series? I have yet to beat 3, but I have seen it done five times now by Geoff, my fiance. Heck I have not finished or even gotten halfway through Skyrim due to me getting hooked on book blogging. But I love Mass Effect and still watch my man play. Mass Effect is a Bioware title, it is a very PRETTY game to watch and worth every penny. Buy it NEW so you get all the access to all the great DLC.

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