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Anchihiiroo – by Jeremy Rodden (Sunday Shorts – No. 12)

Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Authors, Books, Cabin Cooking, Giveaways & Contests, Guest Posts, Indie Projects & Promotions, Poultry, Review & a Recipe, Reviews | 13 comments

Sunday Shorts – No. 12, plus a Guest Review and a Recipe!

Sunday Shorts is a fun and unique meme. The rules are easy, a short story, an anthology of short stories, a novella, or a quick weekend read that is also short on your wallet!

Please join us at our Goodreads Group and see whats on our shelf! Also please add your link below so everyone can easily hop from blog to blog and read your short! This is a brand new Meme that I hope will grow! If you do not have a blog, you can leave it in the comment section, add it to the group list, share it with your friends on Twitter, just use #sundayshorts when you share! Just remember to have fun!

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Speculation by E. Jorgenson – My Top Reads of 2012

Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Books, Giveaways & Contests, Indie Projects & Promotions, Novel Publicity, Reviews | 6 comments

Let me start by saying Speculation will probably be on my top 10 list at the end of this year, if not right at the top. I have gone back and re-read parts this week in preparation for this review for Novel Publicity Tours, though I really wanted to have a full in-depth read done with a pile of notes, a medical emergency prevented me from doing so. So based on my initial read of this book, of which I have a feeling even knowing how the question of will he chose what is in the envelope or the 10 million dollars I will read this many times in the years go come and follow this author forward in his career. Another great Novel Publicity find for me! Now my review!

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To Creep or Soar – Quote It Saturday – No.2

Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Authors, Fun, Poetry and Pros, Quote it Saturday, Writing | 9 comments

Quote It Saturday is hosted at Freda’s Voice.


Add as many quotes as you wish, from whom ever you wish. It can even be lyrics to a song.
Just tell us who it is. Anonymous welcome too.
Don’t forget to Link up at Freda’s site.


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From a Park Bench – Lynne Cantwell (Fourth-Wall Friday)

Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Authors, Books, Fourth-Wall Friday, Indie Projects & Promotions | 4 comments

Come sit next to me on my park bench here in the Mile High City of Denver, CO. I am eavesdropping on a conversation with Lynne Cantwell, author of the series The Pipe Woman Chronicles. It seems to just be getting interesting. Here (handing everyone a BLT) be stealthy make it look like we are having a bench picnic, I am betting this s going to be festive!

I should have been working, even though it was Sunday – lawyers pretty much don’t get
weekends off – but my best friend Shannon talked me into trying a new place at Belmar for
brunch. The food was only so-so, but the mimosas were stellar; still, I stopped at one, as I was
the designated driver.

After brunch, I had just dropped her off at her place in West Highland and was heading back to
my condo in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood when I felt a overwhelming urge to stop at Sloan’s

I groaned aloud. “Are you serious? It’s January, for God’s sake.” But the compulsion doubled
down, and I groaned again. “I can’t wait for all this woo-woo stuff to go away,” I muttered, as I
made the left off Sheridan onto West Byron Place.

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Awaken to Magic – Dreamwalker by Andrea Heltsley (Review)

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Books, Innovative Online Book Tours, Reviews | 5 comments


DREAMWALKER (Persephone’s League of Immortals) by Andrea Heltsley

Noel Kennedy lost her boyfriend, her job and he dignity all in one week. Then something happened and she began to dream of this stranger she had never met. She couldn’t resist the man of her dreams named Jared especially when she met him in real life. Entranced, she slowly unraveled a world she was meant to stay out of. Her life was not what she thought it was once a sexy Boone stepped into the mix and shook things up. Can she escape a life of servitude or immortality for a chance at love? 
Available Now
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Anatomy of an Angel by J Bennet

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Authors, Books, Giveaways & Contests, Guest Posts, Indie Projects & Promotions | 0 comments


Book Bloggers Collaborative

Join the Book Bloggers Collaborative as we celebrate the flight of an Angel *bouncing* yes I am silly but this is a fun book, enjoy a guest post from its author. A nice summer read for your day at the beach or over a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon.. but prepared for surprises! Below is a fun conversation about her adventures in writing!

“It’s a legitimate question,” my sister insisted over the phone.

“Is not,” I shot back.

“Well….if you don’t know the answer…”

“Of course I know,” I snapped at her. “It’s just…does it really matter?”

“It does to me. Maya doesn’t eat human food; she feeds off human auras, so… does she poop or not?”

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Cabin Goddess Interviews – David Nickle author of Rasputin’s Bastards

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Authors, Books, Indie Projects & Promotions, Interviews & Interviews with Recipes | 2 comments

I totally lucked out again with my good friend Jessica over at Jess Resides Here pointing me in the right direction. I had read her own interview of David Nickle back at the beginning of May and she knew I wanted to read the book, so she sent me the contact info for the publisher, Chizine.

I am all over anything involving Russia. The stories, mysteries and all the intrigue.. and this one has a twist! remember through the end of the Cold War, loved Ian Fleming books when I was a kid plus as you all know I also love horror stories and cultural myths. After reading the title and subsequently the synopsis. all these things drew me in!  Sit back with your tea and enjoy! I think I hit a home run with this great interview! Thanks for stopping by!

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Wordless Wednesday Crazy Cabin Montage

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Alaska Living, Bacon, Photos, Wordless Wednesday | 5 comments

What can I say it was a yummeh weekend! Despite the misquitos trying to eat me, losing my glasses, the heat and my coffee post dying; though am pretty the assassin was hired by the Cabala of Cats or the Toast who I made take the walk of shame, amazing new bacon recipes created, almost 900 pages read plus 29 hours spent making improvements to my data base and my blogging by learning some great new things (including the quick program gifting me with the below montage of festiveness! What can I say, oh ya this was suppose to be wordless

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Magic & Memories -Tricia Steward Shiu (‘Moa Book’ Tour plus Teaser Tuesdays)

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Books, Giveaways & Contests, Indie Projects & Promotions, Novel Publicity, Teaser Tuesdays | 1 comment

When I read the interview I was thrown back to some of my own memories, when I choose my teaser from the book I decided to use the little 777 game floating around. Funny, I found the best teaser ever on location 777 of my Kindle copy. I love books involving magic and being a witch myself I have to dispel my own belief system to enjoy many more. This maybe one I won’t have to dispel much, enjoyed what I have been able to read so far. Also below is an interesting author interview if you are interested along with a nice big rafflecopter giveaway. I know this is the second posting I have done with a blog tour I am on, but that happens to be what I am usually reading!

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Not for the faint of heart – Two Big Tools review KFC Pie (with a vlog cook-off response)

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Cabin Cooking, Gaming, Humor, Indie Projects & Promotions, Nerd Lovin', Poultry | 1 comment


OK this is what happens on my day off. I get to go online and play Lord of the Rings Online. We find these two cute little Hobbits running around playing their little instruments, being all deadly and sassy at the same time. We get together kill lots of dead things, etc. Yes I know that is redundant but with al the zombie things I promote, you get it.. ANYWAY … and lots epic songs of goodness! Plus a hobbit who steals, Sam would be proud, they did not even make us stop for second breakfast, so they deserve Pie! I mean YES PIE!

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