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Santa’s Baby (Reindeer Watch at UAF)

Baby Reindeer at UAF Large Animal Facility by Alaskan Photographer
Shadoe Haffne

 2012 Calf Watch

Every year my Alma Mater University of Alaska helps Thee Fat Man out by helping birth the reindeer babies. As great as Rudolf is and the rest of the team are more of a showcase, let’s face it after a few centuries the simple fact is he has to have backup to make sure all you good boys and girls get your toys and fruit of the month club subscriptions. This year there has been 21 born so far! We live right down the road and I get to see them grow up to be big and strong!

Name Santa’s Reindeers this year! They need at least 21 so far!  Once a calf is tagged UAF’s Reindeer ResearchProgram, its information is entered into the database & the calf watch list is be updated. Calves will be named later in the summer by selecting names from this list. To add your name suggestions click here. I have named seven babies in the past, it is what we do to help Santa out each year. Wanna join in the fun? 

Today I’m taking part in Wordless Wednesday, hosted byCreate With Joy.  The Create With Joy picture for today is Tsunami her Lion King!. There are over 100 participants from around the world so head on over to see what other folks have on their Wordless Wednesday posts!


  1. I suggested some names then checked other suggested names. Someone suggested Jessica as a name for a male huh
    Show me some love!

  2. Wow, I went to U of Alaska at Fairbanks back in 1983 to 1984. Lived up there for three years. Thanks for sharing the pics. I miss seeing the wild life. :0

    • You are so very welcome. I can walk down and see them any time I want. We live off of Gold Hill so it is really nice to see them each time we drive to town or I go for a walk!

  3. Hello, I do not allow the use of my photos without credit, please remove the reindeer photo, or credit to my name, Shadoe Haffner. Thanks.

    • I had written the UAF Large Animal facilites and no one wrote me back. I could not find the name of the photographer, I truly apologize and am rectifying this immediately. I hope I can keep it up upon adding a photo credit. Is there a website I can link back for our images? So people can see your other work?

      • Thanks so much for getting back to me. 🙂 My name will be just fine under the photo if you can. If you want to add a link, it’s but just my name will do. I did not know UAF is using my photo. I looked for it, but can’t find it. If you know where it is on their maze of websites, please let me know.

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