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Browncoats Represent… Gamer Girl is in the house (well cabin)

(Currently dancing in my Mario Bros. T-shirt wearing my Evil Dead PJ bottoms)

Geek and Gamer girls
We’re unbelievable (Tri-force!)
We all know
That Han shot first (It’s a trap!)
No dubs
We want originals

TEAM UNICORN - my kind of girlz

Geek and Gamer girls (Level up!)
We’re undefeatable
Achievement Unlocked
Browncoats represent (Shiny!)
We aim to misbehave
(…just a tad from the lyrics of Team Unicorn’s Geek and Gamer Girls video following post)

My Growler man, Geoff at his band WeShouldDie'...

my growling man-beast, Geoff (his band WeShouldDie's last concert)

I woke up feeling a bit off… Geoff forgot to grab me water so I could wash up all the dishes, which honestly consist of two baking dishes, my KitchenAid mixing bowl and attachments and four cookie sheets. I really wanted to make the Rolo Cookies from My Baking Addiction someone pinned this morning,  since I have yet to make the Rolo Brownies they posted in June, which I found on another one of my crazed Pinning sessions over at Pinterest! (I only have one bag of Rolos I think Geoff may ate them, or the cat… I swear it wasn’t me!) Anyway being off, that is what I was talking about!

After being so dang busy, as many of you have noticed, with a book event/promotion/contest I realized I had nothing for today other than reminding everyone to go read the guest posts on with the For the Love of Love writing spectacular event I was graciously asked to submit a post for. Geoff had asked if he could write-up a blog post about bachelor cooking, since I totally blew it with dinner last night. Honestly I just felt like he could cook something. By 11 PM he still hadn’t so I just went to bed pretty upset. He ended up making food but he never did write-up the bog post I was really hoping would be waiting for me when I got up.

SO what is a girl to do today? Here is my TO DO LIST for during my first two cups of coffee

  • Check for anything here at that needs my attention
  • Check Twitter for any DM’s or Mentions I need to attend too (CHECK)
  • Approve any Triberr posts waiting for me plus G+, Like and Stumble them (CHECK)
  • Check all Facebook groups for anything that needs my immediate attention (CHECK and I keep checking!)
  • Check all mail and visit all blogs whose posts I received and share with everyone(CHECK)
  • See if there are any free Kindle books I want, download and organize on my Kindle (CHECK)
  • Update my calendar and sync it with my iPhone. (CHECK)
…..and all before I grab my third cup of coffee
Mass Effect: Redemption

Liara from the Mass Effect Series - GIRL POWER

You get the picture. If I seem less social this is why. I am really wrapped up in getting organized and staying on top of everything but let’s face it. I am the most disorganized crazed cabin dwelling lunatic at times! (I SWEAR I am working on it without resorting to Thorazine!) I am going to be part of the Novel Publicity Blog Tours. I love that I am able to add a fun way to review by doing author series with a recipe, review, interview and guest post, it was such a blast with Shannon Mayer ,  J.C. Andrijeski, Brian Holers and Coral Russell over the last couple of weeks, I plan to make it at least a once a week thing here even if there is not a Win With eBooks event going on! I also plan on doing  a lot of reviews over at Alaskan Dreams – a pocketful of snowflakes (which is where I share a lot of my poetry).



ANYWAY again I am feeling lost after actually being on top of things, posting every day to you guys, and doing all my duties all before my third cup of coffee which is why today I have said SCREW IT! I am playing the Demo for Mass Effect 3, going to nerf up my thief on Skyrim and get down and dirty with my PS3.

I have powered up on a pot of coffee, a BLT and have a bowl of popcorn, it is time to get Gamer Girl on everyone’s ass. So..pardon me as I kill some folks with Cerberus and then go slay some dragons because it is time for this girl to represent and play with shiny things… whats that I hear… SO SAY WE ALL!

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